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Thursday, May 6, 2021

What I have in my cart

Enjoy shopping online?  Check out what we have in our cart... do you see any projects coming up soon?

You all know how I love to shop!  I went searching online for my next project.  I found this lovely wallpaper...

I love it... doesn't it scream cottage?  To me, it will be fitting for a cozy cottage needing a little pick me up in a spot I want to make over.... I am looking forward to getting started on this one.  Hmmm... I wonder what I will come up with?

I have mentioned before, the wallpaper of today is so much better than the one of yesteryear... peel and stick is so noncommittal... you do not need to leave it up for years if you do not want to, it peels off and you can try something new when you are ready to do so.  Also... the prices of peel and stick can be really affordable!  Have you seen some of the prices of wallpaper?  I was in shock... not in a good way either.  Have you looked at all of the patterns available?  There is something for everyone!  I enjoy giving those cheery patterns a home here because they brighten my day when I look at them.  

I am a firm believer you need to be happy at home... if you are not happy at home, where are you happy?  Some enjoy traveling, but once the trip is over, it is back to home... and the daily grind of life.  For me, I want to be happy everyday where I spend the most time and would rather sink my money into our home.  I joked when we first purchased our home that we bought the "money pit".  Do you recall the movie with Tom Hanks?  Our home was not really that bad when we bought it, just pretty outdated, but it is getting "Cara" touches throughout so I think she is starting to feel pretty again.     

Check out this stencil.... I have a project in mind to do with this... it will definitely be trial and error, but you know that has never deterred me from trying something new!  

When you want to try something new, start small so you can get your sea legs to move on to the bigger projects.  I am going to take my own advice and start small with this stencil.  My little ole' project will hopefully make over a piece I started so many years ago and never got around to finishing.  I get so excited about working on my ideas and then sharing with y'all... yep, it makes my day.  Do you know when I started this little ole' blog I told Mr. Vintage if I inspired one person, just one person, then my work here was done!  I am so glad you have stuck by my side and I am happy to see there is more than one person who is following along these days.    

And here is some clay we are planning to do something with... Gee... I wonder what we could have planned?  This one is all Mr. Vintage, it was his idea so I will let him explain it when we do this one!  We have a lot of upcoming projects and we have something on the side we are working on too.  I can never seem to focus on just one thing... I wish I could, it would make life easier for us.  Once the side project is done, I can focus and relax a little... I will share more when we are ready.  



I have been searching for a vintage radio to put on the counter in our kitchen.  I would like for it to have Bluetooth so I can play music on it while I am working in the kitchen.  I have been spending a lot of time in there making up new recipes to share with you and playing a little Doris Day as I bake and cook is so relaxing.  I am sure you are not surprised to find I am a lover of older tunes too since I am vintage through and through.

When Mr. Vintage and I started dating he set me up with an iTunes account and a gift card and said the sky is the limit... at first I was torn, I had no idea what songs to download... and then, something happened, I thought about what made me happy and so I began a collection of my favorite songs... I do not think my music is what he had in mind when he set me up, but he chuckled at what my playlists consisted of... Frank Sinatra, Doris Day, Louis Armstrong, Billie Holiday... you get the idea.  

When CD's were first out, you had to purchase the entire CD in order to get that one song you wanted, I was a commitment phobe.  I did not want to commit to a CD unless I knew I would like the entire thing.  How awesome is it you can purchase that one song now that makes your heart sing?  I chuckle as I write this since I am showing my age a bit here... oh well, hubby tells me all of the time, you cannot stop it.  

The old fashioned radio above has good reviews... but then so does the one below.  I thought I found one, but then I noticed it was tiny, I mean itty bitty... I do not want something that is HUGE, but I'd like to have one that does have a presence on the counter.  The tiny one I decided just was not the look I was going for.

Decisions, decisions... I wonder what I will come up with?  Are you looking forward to seeing more projects around our home?  Searching for anything in particular?  Once it warms up, I would like to get outside and make over our patio.  It needs it, and our patio furniture could use a makeover too.  Good thing I am up to the task... 
Do you use crafting to relax?  How about painting?  I was amazed how relaxing it was to just sit and paint... finding the time is what I have trouble with these days.  Creating higher end looks while spending pennies on the dollar is kind of one of my super powers... I look at it like a game... do you know I am super competitive, but not in the way one would think.  I am competitive with myself... always trying to be creative, and improving our home while spending the least amount of money as possible.  Hubby calls it cheap, I call it frugal.  My backsplash is probably one of my most proud moments when it comes to being thrifty... who can object on spending $15, talk about getting bang for your buck!  You can also see where $1.00 will get you in my home, a frame and or perhaps even a table?  You just never know what you will find here... I do love my steals and deals... and creative heart sprinkling all sorts of goodness around!      

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  1. Oh gosh, how this post speaks to me!! I LOVE the wallpaper. Wow, it's outstanding. I also LOVE vintage tunes. My mom was singer on Broadway way back in the 50s and sang with the Ray Conniff singers. My girls are singers and songwriters and even though they sing modern pop songs, they also enjoy those same classics. Lastly...years ago, we pulled an old vintage radio table out of the trash. We had it for years, and then we threw it out!! We can't even believe we did that now...shortsighted for sure. Ugh!

    1. No no Kim! I hate it when I throw something out that I then regret! I have been told for many years I am an old soul... I was more in tune with my grandparents era... probably why we always got along so well. I had been looking at wallpaper, I even purchased some and then they canceled the order... I think this one was meant to be, it just jumped out at me when I went searching again! That is so awesome your daughters get to do what they love! I cannot carry a tune, but I sure enjoy singing my heart out when a good song is playing! I love that your mom was a singer too! Great voices must run in the family.... what great stories to share, thank you so much for sharing! I love to hear people's stories... I used to work as a Job Developer several years ago and I loved hearing about people's lives. I have always found it so fascinating listening and seeing how others have lived, and the story of them... we all have a story to tell, and I am someone who loves to hear them all.