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Tuesday, July 13, 2021

English cottage with garden

Searching for landscaping ideas for a cottage?  We share with you today a unique idea for your flower beds or garden.

What do you grow in your garden?  Big beautiful blooming flowers?  The ever dreaded weeds that seem to have found a home here?  Or large lush bushes trimmed to perfection?  

Well, here at Vintage Style Gal, we do things a little differently... I planted stones.  Yep, you read that right, stones...  I am a dreaded gardener, nothing like the rest of my family.  My talents and interests seem to be more of the inside variety. 

These stones came off of a fence that was over 120 years old.  I found them at an online auction awhile back and decided I had to have them.  The listing indicated the fence had been hit and the finials had been stored in a barn since the accident.  When I saw them, I fell in love and knew they would be perfect in our flower beds.  Mr. Vintage and I dug holes and put the pedestals in the dirt.    

To prove I am not the best at keeping the yard up to par, you can see we have dead patches of grass, some weeds, and boxwoods in need of a trim, but we have blooming hydrangeas!  That is like the major plus here this summer!  You can see we had a wet, rainy Sunday morning, but that did not stop me from popping outside after the rain fell to snap a few pics.  Things were a bit wet, but I have found pulling weeds is also easier when the ground is damp.  

I recall as a little girl being drug to green houses, and while it seemed we did this every day of the summer, I am sure it was only a few days a year... ask my inner child that question and she will totally tell you we lived at the greenhouse.  I am chuckling to myself as I share this with you thinking about it from a 5 year old's perspective.

Going to the greenhouse for me was like going to the dentist for some.  I hated when my mother would say, ok, we are going to buy flowers.  I would grumble, and think to myself why do I have to go?  Of course, we were not allowed to stay home alone so off we went to the greenhouse in tow...

Maybe all of those dreaded hot, humid trips to the greenhouse did me in?  One will never know, maybe it is why I have a black thumb... but do you know this year has been my year?  For whatever reason, all of my flowers in the front of our home are blooming and that has never happened in all of the time we have lived here.

I kept thinking I will get to them one day, but you know life gets busy... I promised to always keep things real on a blog if I ever started one.  You see, I followed blogs for many, many years, and I was always like wow, their home is so perfect... and while I do believe there are folks out there somewhere who have perfect homes, it is not me.  I can only show you what I have here and I will show you the good, bad, and ugly.  Speaking of, do you see our faded flag and it is a bit skewed... I see I missed that when snapping a photo.

I have always been honest to a fault, and sometimes have been called blunt a time or two.  My momma told me never to lie, so I took it to the extreme and promised to keep things real. You will see my flower beds are not perfect, I have weeds growing in them, but I do not mind sharing them with you because life is just not perfect no matter which way you want to spin it.

I wish I had the time to clean them out weekly... I am too busy working my day job, crafting, writing this blog, working on projects around our home, cleaning up the other home, and then the real life stuff that happens... a grandmother who has aged out of her home, she is 98 years old, a mom who is taking care of her and needs a break every now and then... the list goes on, you know how life gets in the way of the fun stuff.

So when I finally decided to take the leap and create a blog of my very own, I knew I would always share it all with you.  In the past, there were times when I would look at other blogs and begin to feel bad about my own home... thinking it was not good enough to share with others... then covid happened and I was like suck it up buttercup!  You got this... just do it!

People's homes are not perfect, you see what they want you to see.  I then began to notice things when I took a closer look and I decided not to feel bad that our home is not completely renovated.  We are working on it and have done a lot of work here, and we will continue to do so until all of the major projects are taken care of.  Can I tell you I am so looking forward to that day... too bad I cannot wiggle my nose like Bewitched and it would all be complete, if only... 

I decided to not let the flaws of my home hold me back in sharing her with you all.  We are proud of what we have done here and I hope you are also proud of your home as well.  If you have a dream like I did, just do it!  I took the plunge, started doing research, have met some wonderful ladies through this experience and have been enjoying the ride of home repair while sharing what I learn along the way.  

We have stones, hydrangeas, boxwoods, overgrown hostas that were supposed to stay on the small side along our walkway, and one skewed, faded flag... what do you have in your gardens or flower beds?  Are they in pristine condition?  If so, can you head my way?  Chuckling to myself, because you have no idea how serious I am!  😉  You may notice there have been some changes on the exterior if you have looked at our About VSG page, you will see those changes.  

So as I tend to do, the long way around... I bring you back to the exterior of our home and the updates we have made to this English lady... she is brighter and seems to be happier with our blooming flowers and the updates we have made.  I will tell you about my experience tomorrow with some of these changes.  You will probably get a good laugh and a few surprises!  

Thank you so much for following along with us in our journey.  We appreciate each and every one of you who read our blog.  We really do enjoy sharing with you all.  Until tomorrow when you learn about the changes we made to our exterior.           

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