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About VSG

Hello, welcome to Vintage Style Gal!  Do you ever have the feeling you should have been born in a different era?  Well you are in the right place, I feel the same way.  I am vintage all the way when it comes to decorating our home.

My husband and I are just two regular working folks who purchased our cozy "English Lady" nearly 8 years ago.  We knew she would be a work in progress when we purchased our home, but felt we were up to the task.  

Wow, what a task she has become.  One project turns into three or four.  When you start uncovering, more projects pop up.  An older home is "like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get." 

I have always loved older homes, but it took some convincing with Mr. VS, he just saw a lot of work.  I wanted something I knew would be well built, had character, and was surrounded by other older homes.  No cookie cutter homes in this neighborhood.  Good thing I was able to convert him to being an old home lover like myself!  

Our cozy cottage had wallpaper and carpet in EVERY room, yep, kitchen and bathrooms included!  How lovely, huh?  The carpet is still in the kitchen as we save and work on designing our kitchen.  Thankfully, we were able to have the bathrooms rehabbed before we moved in.  

I enjoy working on projects and dreaming up unique things around here.  I have always marched to the beat of a different drum and love that our home reflects our quirky personalities, having a curated look.  I just cannot wait for that kitchen to become a part of the mix.   

I like what I call "Fancy Pants" items.  I scour the internet, homes for sale, and magazines searching for ideas.  I enjoy studying houses looking at all of the details and love put into those older homes.  I then take those ideas along with my own thrown in and try to replicate some of these things I see on a tiny budget because I am a frugal gal too.  Who isn't in this day and age?   

Don't get me wrong, I like to splurge, but I am looking forward to retirement so I like my pennies in my pocket, not someone else's.  Plus, decorating our home on a small budget is like a game for me, one I intend on winning.  I am competitive like that, but only with myself.  I could care less what others have in their homes.  I just know what I like.  I love a challenge and figuring out how to get high end looks while spending next to nothing for those looks.         

I smile to myself when someone tells me that they love something in my home that I have reinvented.  I enjoy sharing costs of items that you would think cost a lot, or more than what I have in them.  It's all a part of that game I play with myself in spending little to zero money.  

Decorating and creating recipes is my way to destress in life.  I started this blog in the midst of covid because I was pretty down.  I had always followed many blogs in the past, but had no idea if anyone would want to hear my voice or see my style.  I love that you are here and following along with me.  Thank you for that!

We like to share stories about our German Shepherd Beagle who was supposed to be a Lab Mastiff mix.  He really keeps things moving around here!  

I dabble in the kitchen making up my own gluten free recipes, and of course sharing them all with you.  Becoming gluten free is more difficult than one would think, but I hope my recipes help someone who finds themselves in the middle of life about to throw their hands up because they are unsure what to eat.  I was there several years back before gluten free became more main stream.  

We are just marching to the beat of our own drum, making this life the best we can with what we have.  We have the attitude you can make anything happen if you just give it a shot and a little hard work thrown in.   

Here we are on our wedding day. A rainy December day many years ago, we both are snow lovers and had hoped it would grace us with it's presence... but ended up with ice and slush.  No worries, it didn't prevent us from enjoying "our day".   

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