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If you have followed for any length of time, you know I love pieces with some age to them.  Sometimes it is impossible to find those pieces, so I turn to the internet to help me out to find pieces... and boy, have I found some great finds for you.  Many are similar to items in my home and others are the exact pieces I have purchased for my home.    

I love to share so I hope you get some ideas or find exactly what you are looking for!  I am what my husband calls a shop-a-holic... I really do enjoy the hunt, especially when I have something specific in mind and I will not settle until I find it!  Hope you enjoy these items I have put together for you.  Check back often since I plan to update this page with more finds and categories.  When you click on the picture, you be taken directly to the link of that item you are interested in.

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Faux flowers






It's all about the Details


Peanut's Picks (can you say spoiled pooch)

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