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Thursday, March 3, 2022

Meatloaf recipe gravy

Searching meatloaf recipe gravy?  We are excited to share a unique meatloaf recipe gravy with you today.  

My mom made a pretty scrumptious meatloaf that I have been thinking about lately from my childhood.  Not a meatloaf fan?  This one just may convert you.

Since I am wheat free these days (and have been for many years), I can no longer make her version, so I decided to try my own version and see what happened.  

I picked up the absolute BEST gluten free bagels recently which also just so happen to be vegan.  Now you may be thinking to yourself, what does a bagel have to do with a meatloaf recipe Cara?  Let me explain this bagel first and I will get to the good part in a minute.  

These bagels have the sesame seeds on top and resemble the ones you see in New York, but they are THIN.  Occasionally, I like to try new things and I decided to give this bagel a try.  Boy, am I glad I tried it, they are delicious!  The maker is O'Doughs.

When I took the first bite of this bagel, I was like yum... my tastebuds were in overdrive, and I thought huh, so this is what gluten free is supposed to taste like?  I have been missing out then!  

I picked up on a hint of onion, maybe a touch of garlic, and was pleasantly, yet happily surprised how yummy they truly were!  Then I took a turn down memory lane and decided huh... wonder if I can make some substitutions and use a bagel in my meatloaf recipe?

Well, let's give it the old college try and see what happens...

Meatloaf Recipe Gravy

What you will need:

What to do:

  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees 
  • Chop up onion and set aside
  • Toast bagel first, then place bagel in KitchenAid food processor and chop up, I did not grind it down to bread crumbs, just chopped up for the most part
  • Add seasonings to the bagel and give it a few more pulses to mix all of this lovely goodness together 
  • In large bowl, add onion, bagel and seasoning mixture, ground beef, and egg
  • I just got in there with my hands and mixed it all up by hand.  Not my usual way of mixing meatloaf together, I like to use my KitchenAid mixer, but I was short on time.  
  • Pour mixture into baking dish and create a round meatloaf, or log whatever kind of baking dish you use
  • Pour cream of mushroom soup over the meatloaf mixture which makes a gravy for the meatloaf all rolled into one
  • Bake for 35-40 minutes depending on your oven and the thickness of your meatloaf.  Mine was not as thick using a round glass baking dish.

Now, for you folks who are not gluten free, I have a bonus for you!  When my mom would make this dish, she would cut up her onion, and mix in with the egg and ground beef.  She would make 1 box of Stove Top per the instructions.  Then she would roll out her meatloaf to about 1/2 inch thick, add the Stove Top mixture to the top, and then roll it into a pretty log.  It would be placed into a loaf pan and then she would pour the cream of mushroom soup over it and bake it about an hour in the oven at 350 degrees.

When I was a kid it was my most favorite meal ever!  I used to get so excited when she would say we were having meatloaf roll for dinner!  We would usually have mashed potatoes and green beans with it too.  I brought a little old school back and we had green beans with our meatloaf tonight.  

Too much work?  If you are anything like me, you may be thinking who has time for all of that noise, right?  Well, I perfected this dinner with my basic throw it all together approach I so love!  

TIP: I came up with a deconstructed meatloaf that I made before I found wheat and I did not get along.  Want the Easy Cara Version?  Oh good, I love to share recipes!

I would open the Stove Top dressing and put all of the above ingredients, minus the cream of mushroom soup into the mixing bowl, and let the mixer do it's job.  Then I would form a meatloaf and pour the soup over it and bake it.  Done, and done!  How easy is that?  No more taking 20 minutes to prep, because why?  Prep is not my favorite thing!  

Do you know I would not even make the Stove Top before I would mix the ingredients together, between the juices of your meat, the onion, and soup, it would cook down the stuffin'.  Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!    

How did I get from a bagel to meatloaf?  I have no idea, sometimes you would be amazed how I get from point A to point B on most days.  My brain never stops, and keeps whirling around thinking up new recipes, projects, etc... all of the time.  Some days I see a bagel, and other days I see a meatloaf... potato, patato... the brain is a mighty force if we just let it go some days and let it be it's creative self.  

I know a few of you have questioned why there have not been projects lately, and the truth is I have been under the weather for a bit so I am taking it easy until I can get back into full swing Cara mode where I can go full speed ahead.    

We have some really awesome ideas and projects to get started on (hopefully sooner rather than later), we will just be moving a little slower than expected or my usual speed.  We apologize, it isn't what we expected either.  

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Guess you never know unless you try!   

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