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Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Ground Beef and Broccoli Recipe

One-Pan Ground Beef and Broccoli Skillet Recipe

This ground beef and broccoli skillet recipe is perfect for busy weeknights. With just one pan, you can have a delicious and healthy meal on the table in no time.

Ground Beef and Broccoli Recipe

The other night I was going through the freezer and I found one lonely package of ground beef.  I thought oh, I need to use this right away, I am guessing it has been in here a while since we are only eating ground turkey now.

I wasn't really sure where I wanted to go with this dish, only that onion is a must for me, so I began with what was comfortable and familiar to me.  Ground beef and chopped onion... into the skillet they went.  Then I began putting a one-pan recipe together in my mind, and thinking to myself, oh, this is going to be so good, plus an easy recipe!

You see, I love broccoli, but one of us in this household is not particularly fond of it so I have to put it into dishes in order to get it eaten around here.  I have read up on broccoli lately and it is so good for us.  I have found when you do not really care for something, but know it is good for you then you need to figure out a way so that you can find enjoyment somehow in the dishes that are not at the top of your list.  

Ground Beef and Broccoli

Ground Beef and Broccoli Recipe 

What you will need:
  1. 1 lb ground beef
  2. 1 pkg frozen bite size broccoli flowerets, thawed
  3. 1 green pepper, chopped
  4. 1 onion, chopped
  5. 1 1/2 t garlic powder
  6. 2 t ground cumin
  7. 1 t dried oregano 
  8. 2 T chili powder
  9. 1 can Rotel
  10. 1 can black beans

Easy Ground Beef and Broccoli Recipe

What you need to do:
  • Remove ground beef from package, place into skillet on medium heat
  • Add onion
  • Cook until ground beef is no longer pink
  • Add in broccoli and spices 
  • Mix well
  • Add Rotel & black beans
  • Let cook until broccoli is tender
  • Stir well
  • Serve

If you are someone who doesn't like vegetables, then doctor them up with things that you do like.  I love garlic, so sometimes I add a lot of garlic to my vegetables.  It just gives them the flavor I am so drawn to.  

Add real butter, it is not really bad for you in moderation.  You can toss your vegetables in real butter for a bit of added flavor.   

Sprinkle a bit of cheese & melt it over them, again, in moderation is the key.  Find ways to incorporate veggies into your dishes so you and everyone in your family benefit from the wonderful ways broccoli and other veggies can benefit our bodies.  My husband added cheese to his plate and thought it was delicious.  I did not add cheese to the entire dish since I thought it was pretty good without it.    

I recently read that broccoli helps in boosting the immune system, I need that boost in immunity so I have been sprinkling it into our dishes here lately.  It can't hurt, right?  I will take all of the help I can find in this area at this point.

Low GI Ground Beef and Broccoli

For those of you who are new here I will explain why this is.  Two years ago I received a vaccine that I had an adverse reaction to.  My immune system plummeted causing me to become very ill.  A long story short, I went to many specialists, none of which agreed on the cause.

Thirteen months after I received the vaccine, a medical professional finally said your immune system was changed by the vaccine.  She explained to me that while vaccines to meant to change our immune systems, the reason we seek them out in the first place, to protect us from disease, I seemed to be the oddball of the crowd ending up with an immune system that was nearly wiped out.

I began with aches in my joints, all of them.  I lost my voice which unfortunately has not come back.  I had difficulty in breathing, which progressively became worse until I could not walk across a room without gasping for breath.  I was having allergic reactions to every medication they were prescribing.  I was a mess, it was scary, and I felt like I was getting no where fast.

My road began with injections which are to increase my immunity and since I finally went into having severe asthma, I had to also begin receiving injections for it too.  A year later, I have my good days, and bad days.  My immune system is still not up to par, but hope one day it will be.  I may need to continue to receive injections for the rest of my life, but if it keeps me stable, then sometimes you have to do what you have to do in order to keep going.

I had to walk away from a job I enjoyed, but then I would more than likely not be here, writing this blog sharing home decor, crafts, my made up recipes, and stories of our Wonder Pup, Bentley.   Those kiddos sure do an awesome job of getting us through one day to the next.  If you have not read about his shenanigans, I highly encourage you to do so.  He is one ornery, loving pup that we would be lost without, that is for sure.

Let us know if you give this easy weeknight dinner recipe a try, and what you think.  I love hearing from you.



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Ground Beef and Broccoli Recipe

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  1. Your recipe sounds good. I am anxious to give it a try soon. Enjoy reading your blog. Mykela

    1. Thank you Mykela and thank you for your kind words! I hope you like it, I thought it was delicious. Let me know what you think. You comments keep me going and creating new recipes and crafts and sharing. I always feel so uplifted when I read a comment like yours. Thank you, thank you!

  2. Cara,
    Happy Easter!!
    Thanks so much for all your visits and for your kind words!!! I hope you had a lovely Easter!!

    1. Thank you so much Debbie. I hope you had a nice Easter as well. I enjoy visiting you every week, I never know what I will find next with your creativity. :)