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Monday, July 19, 2021

How to paint a metal lamp base

Searching for how to paint a metal lamp base?  Here we show you how to paint a metal lamp base using spray paint.

You may be asking yourself can I paint a metal lamp base?  We are here to share yes, you can paint a metal lamp base.  It is a very simple process, you can even spray paint a metal lamp base for a very simple project makeover.    

Painted lamp


  1. You will need to clean the lamp from any dirt or dust.  I cleaned this lamp with Mrs. Myer's All Purpose Cleaner.
  2. Tape off the top of your lamp to prevent paint from getting into the electrical parts.  I had planned to use Frog Tape, but could not locate it so I improvised with a baggie my plantains came in this morning.
  3. I removed the decorative piece at the top that holds the shade in place and put the lamp in the painting box I used for our bowling ball.
  4. Then I placed the lamp in the box to keep my mess contained and began spray painting the lamp with white spray paint.
  5. I went back for a second coat on the lamp and flipped the decorative piece over to paint the other side.


 Can you believe Mr. Vintage wanted to throw away this lamp?  It was brass and green.  Now can you believe I started painting before I remembered I had not taken a before picture?  I was kind of excited to make over this lamp.

My mom asked if my husband could repair a lamp for her and I thought why not give her a new lamp.  Well, it is old... it was at Mr. Vintage's childhood home, but I knew I could do something with it, and then it would be new again!  Those are my favorite projects.

The green was looking very 90's to me... I think this is why I do not care for much color in our home.  When I do my daily thing of looking at homes, I can typically tell when a home was built or remodeled just looking at the colors schemes.

I also grew up in a home where color was everywhere.  I think that is why black, white, and gray, are kind of my go to's.  They are neutrals and go with everything.  If I choose to add color, then it is usually in pillows or small items so if I tire of them then I do not need to spend a lot of money making things over all of the time.

After the lamp was painted white I thought it looked cute, but I wasn't sure if my mom would like it just plain old white.  She gravitates toward blue and white for most everything.  At one point, her entire home was in this color scheme.       


Do you know when I was in 7th grade I got to move upstairs and have my own bedroom and bathroom?  Actually, the entire second floor was mine!  When I was asked what color I wanted my room, I asked for black walls!  I laugh about that now... oh the mind of a 12 year old... do you know what I ended up with?  White walls with roses stenciled on the walls over the bed.  Not what I asked for, but probably a better choice. 

So I took the metal lamp over to mom's house to give to her.  I tried to remove a lamp shade she purchased at Longaberger many years ago from the existing lamp that is not working.  Do you know neither of us could get the shade off of the lamp?  I am not sure how, but it was like whoever put the shade on there had put a screw through the top to secure it.  When we removed the finial, we thought it would just come off, but it would not!  She went searching in the garage for another shade she had.

When she pulled it out, I was like huh... she says to me, I know you will figure out what to do with it.  I said ok, I will figure it out.  When I jumped back in the car, Mr. Vintage says to me, I thought we were getting rid of this lamp, not bringing it come with us and a shade too.

I explained to him the lamp being here was temporary... and I had to come up on how to make over the shade.  He said good luck with that, how about buy her a new one.  I said nope, I will figure out something.  If you stick around, I will show you what I came up with for the lampshade tomorrow.  Sorry, I have to finish it tonight... here is a sneak peak with what I started with.

Are you with Mr. Vintage and wondering what in the world I am doing, that perhaps I have lost my mind?  You may be right, but let's hope it turns out.  Until tomorrow... have a wonderful day!  

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  1. These are great tips! I just love thrifting for lamps and redoing them!!!

    1. Thank you Faith and Farmhouse. We enjoy making over items too! We love a good challenge!