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Saturday, February 27, 2021

Ooh la la, jewelry for your curtains

Searching for ideas on curtain tie backs?  Here is a very simple idea you can use to elevate your bedroom today.  

Wow!  Can you believe we have already been together for 101 posts??  Who knew when Covid hit I would finally start a blog?  I have followed blogs for YEARS!  I always secretly wanted to start one, but I thought who would be interested in what I have to say?  Well, as it turns out, my followers keep increasing daily, I get comments, and emails from you all, you message me through Facebook and Hometalk and I reply to each and every one of you!  I enjoy the questions, how I did a project, where did I find something in my home, and the love you share with me.  I really do appreciate you!  I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Ok, so I was so super excited to share with you an idea that popped up in this brain of mine and I got myself excited and you excited to know what it was about... I was beginning to sweat it since the brooches did not arrive Thursday, nor on Friday, and I promised this post for Saturday... can you believe they showed up today after 4:00?  I wanted to scream, FINALLY!!  Now I can show off this awesome idea I had!

Again with the fancy pants I so love... I enjoy perusing the internet looking at anything and everything that strikes my fancy.  I get excited about ideas big and small, it doesn't matter to me.  I just enjoy being creative and I love being challenged to stay with a budget...  when I saw these brooches, it was like an ah ha moment for me!  I was like OHHH JEWELRY FOR MY CURTAINS!!!  I ordered them straight away and counted down the minutes until they arrived!

Stacked books, mercury glass candle with brooch on books

Do you see this exquisite brooch?  I do love a good brooch... me being a vintage lover and all, I also occasionally wear them in my everyday life.  I love dramatic items and I especially love sparkly things... if you would like to snatch one up for yourself, you can find it here.  

Large brooch on curtain tie back

You see, I had this idea I would use the brooches to tie back my curtains... I never wanted the permanent tie backs drilled into my walls.  We have velvet curtains and I would push them off to the side and they would work their way back, allowing very little light into our bedroom.... and then I saw this brooch and I was like OH PERFECT!!!  That is what I am going to use them for!  So I added four matching brooches to my cart and secretly cursed the mail service for my wait waited patiently for them to arrive.

Vintage glass lamp with stacked books, mercury glass candle, picture on nightstand

Yep, there is Mr. Vintage and I in our engagement pictures.  Do you love the lamp my sister got me one year for Christmas?  And yes, I have doilies...  My sister asked if I was a 90 year old woman who uses doilies?  I said well, they do protect my furniture and they add a little something to our furniture.  I like pretty ones, not ugly ones... give me a break.  She still makes fun of me for it, but that is ok.  I am me and she is she... you can see I do not let much deter me in what I want!

Picture on nightstand, and lamp with lampshade

Here are links to similar mercury glass candles.

Antique Glass lamp with hanging crystals

If you like a little sparkle in your bedroom, I have included links for lamps for you.  

Vintage glass lamp, picture, stacked books, jewelry

I also found some similar picture frames.

Gray velvet curtains, mercury glass candle on nightstand, glass lamp

Do you not think the brooches just add that extra pizazz?  I quite love them!  

Grey velvet curtains, picture frame, seashell jewelry box, photo of dog

As you can see, our dogs mean a lot to us and there are photographs of them through our home.  I miss that peanut so much!  He was with me 15 years!  The lamp?  A $15.00 find at At Home, including the shade, it was all white and I pulled out my trusty Rub-n-Buff and went to town creating a new lamp.  The picture?  I used left over wallpaper from our bedroom closet project.  The seashell jewelry box?  A gift from a loved one who is no longer with us which I will always have showcased in our bedroom.    

Gray velvet curtain with brooch on tie back

Do you not love the way the sparkle looks against the velvet curtains?  It really is the small things in life that make me happiest!  Are you like that?  The small things that add up to being the big things in life... 

Lamp on side table with seashell jewelry box

Lamp on side table, with velvet curtains

Hmm.. my picture is a little off center, oh well, you know me, I will keep it real for you...

French chairs with antique table

This little antique table came from Mr. Vintage's family home.  You know how I love to mix and match, the chairs are French Provincial.  

Glass candlestick on antique table

Another wedding picture of Mr. Vintage and I, do you see the sparkle on the frame?  Here is a link if you are searching for a similar frame.  The glass candlestick has a Christmas ornament in it.  I really do buy them for displaying around our home... they are always sparkly and fit the bill of being that little bit of something extra I like to add to our home.  

French chairs with antique table with gold lamp

Velvet curtains with tie backs, French chairs, and antique table

Do you see how short our ceilings are on the second story?  So short... I would love to obtain more information about our home.  Being 71 years old, you would never think it would have two walk in closets in the upstairs bedrooms... they even put tall trim around the closet floor.  Those little details always fascinate me about older homes.  Who lived here?  What was their social status?  Our home is built out of limestone, apparently the home next door was also built from Indiana limestone and by the same builder.  Our home has siding along the back and the home next door has stucco on the back.  The home next door looks like a castle and then we have our cozy cottage.  I love a neighborhood where all of the homes look different.    

Velvet curtains and sheers

I am a total nerd when it comes to decorating... I am still smiling from ear to ear knowing this project turned out just how I wanted it to.  

Antique table, gray velvet curtains with swanky tie backs

Charcoal gray curtains with diamond tie backs and night stand with stacked books

Well, what do you think?  Was it worth the wait?  Do you see yourself trying this out in your home?  Do you enjoy adding that little extra something to your home?      

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