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Thursday, February 2, 2023

Wall Art Decoration Ideas

Make Amazing Wall Art with Unique Dish Towels

Get creative! Add a splash of DIY style to your home by making your own wall art out of dish towels. Find out how!

Once upon a time there was a gal who loved vintage style, but was working with a nonexistent budget, yet at the same time was in the mind set of how to make your home look expensive for less.  She became quite frugal when it came to decorating her home and learned how to obtain the home that she loved dearly, spending little to no money on décor.    

I am glad to see some things never change about me, the gal I describe was my single, unattached self who needed renter friendly home decor.  I am still a frugal loving home decorator who is still in love with those vintage finds, for pennies on the dollar while making our home look like it has been decorated with expensive finds.  Literally... I am sure some would call me cheap, and others frugal, but I prefer eclectic.  

If you have been with us for any length of time then you have seen many parts of our home.  Remember when I said I call the attic my own personal field of dreams?  Well, I went a rummaging around in there a few weeks ago when hubby was taking a vacation from work.  My husband offered to help take down the Christmas decorations and I absolutely was not turning down the help.  

It took forever for me to get everything up and decorated, and I was not looking forward to the task of taking it all back down... plus walking into the attic and figuring out how I was going to make it all fit back inside.  

You see, he is a much better organizer than I am.  I am telling you, he could have an organizing business, he is that good.  I put items in totes, and sometimes I need to either not use the lid (what is the point of using a tote), or put less in them.  Him?  Oh, he does this magic where he makes it all fit nice and neat with the lid fitting snuggly on top.  See why I was not turning down help?

Then when you see a small portion of our attic you may also realize there were more issues than just putting items inside totes.  Exhibit A found below... 

You may see some familiar items above... Yes, you see this is a small portion of our attic.  It is like a T.  At the front of the attic, there is like a hallway then in the middle of the T, the attic shoots off.  I can stand up perfectly fine in our attic.  Hubby?  Not so much.  Ok, he can stand in certain sections of it, but I fit perfectly under the eaves.  No shame in my game, I'm a shortie.  

He may have groaned a bit when he walked into the attic.  You see, he is rarely in there so this mess?  YEP, you got it.  All mine... myyy mess.  Sometimes I get in a hurry, and sometimes I cannot figure out where to put items.  I need a better organization system.  

Only I got lucky, and my husband went in and organized it for me.  Now all of the Christmas or most of it anyway is in the top of the T part of our attic.  Do you even recognize the same space?

Remember all of the junk from the above photo?  Still all there and in the same part of the attic.  He is just really that good.  He put many items in the big box you see at the top left, and he shoved it way up into the eaves.  I may need to move a Christmas tree to get to the box, but Christmas items are in it so I do not need to get into that box until next year.  Lucky gal, huh?

Now you may be wondering when I am going to get to the good stuff?

That would be about now.  

So you see there are a lot of items in our attic... no, really Cara?  And I may not really ever get rid of things.  I just never know when I will fall in love with something again.  As I was rooting around in the attic, I stumbled across a few pieces of art I made in my single gal days, see below...

If any of you are from Ohio, you may recall Value City... oh my goodness, I think that place was why I was broke throughout my 20's.  I never walked out without something in my hands, actually there were usually multiple somethings.  

One glorious day I walked out of there with decorative hand towels, with the intent of making art for my walls.  You see, those decorative hand towels would never be near dirty hands, or cleaning up spills, or getting bleach spilled on them.  No siree, these hand towels were made to be framed, and art for this gal's walls.

As you can see, that is exactly what I did all those years ago with those lovely hand towels too.  Mind you that was long before I read blogs, or even knew they existed.  Actually, who knows if they did then?  Okay, so they did exist, I just looked it up and the first one was written in 1994... so yes, blogs existed, I am not thaaaat old.  Tee hee.

I may not have the tutorial or photos of how to make these towel art pictures to hang on your walls, but I can sure tell you how to frame a towel so you too can have cheap art to hang.  Who doesn't love beautiful items adorning their walls?  I sure do, but I am just not crazy about the price tags of said beauty.

I can tell you I picked up these towels for $1.99 a piece.  I found one stuffed in a drawer in a different print and the price tag was still attached!  I recall picking them all up in the same day so I knew I paid very little for each one.  I was able to get two prints out of one towel since each towel has a different print on each side when folded over.    

All I did to create these masterpieces was cut the towel in half, literally, that was it, and place them inside these frames I had picked up one summer many moons ago at a yard sale.  I found the frames for $1.00 a piece!  What a steal!

I recall that summer so vividly... my cousin and I hit up all sorts of yard sales that summer.  It was a lot of fun and I found many frames during that time.  A lot of them are still with me today and you have seen them displayed in many different ways in our home.  

I recall the lady had doilies framed inside each one, a matching set.  She kept going on and on about how the doilies were her grandmothers'.  At the time, I wondered why are you getting rid of them if you are so attached?  She had $1.00 on each frame with doily, it is not like I was going to ask for a lower price, so I paid her and kept going on to the next yard sale find of the day. 

You know I really miss yard sales.  I hope to get out to a few this summer, one gal's trash is another gal's treasure, so bring on the yard sales!

What do you think?  Are they not lovely and full of so much detail?  Who knew you could have so much detail in a hand towel?  This hallway is such a pain to try to photograph, but at least the second round of photos were so much better than the first!   If you are thinking to yourself, this is good?  Then you would have fallen over with the first round.  😉

Not too shabby for $4.00 total for two pieces of art for our walls, am I right?  I absolutely love creating items like this for our home because remember, I'm cheap, teehee.  I thought since I do not have red in our decor anymore I would not be able to use them again, but then I had the wonderful idea of hanging them in our hallway.  Hallways like to feel pretty too... and now they do!  

Are you rethinking hand towels the next time you go shopping now?  I sure hope so, you just never know what you can create until you really delve into your creativity.    

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  1. What a fabulous idea to make pictures out of towels! I would never have thought of it! Thanks for the inspiration! Now I'll be on the look-out for pretty tea towels!

    1. Happy you found something new here. Making pictures for our walls is something I enjoy doing, especially when I find a steal like this one.

  2. Love this idea! I framed some dish towels awhile back too...loved how they looked! Great post!

    1. Thank you Karin. I enjoy creating wall art out of different items around our home, makes for more interesting conversations when folks come to visit. ;)

  3. How pretty, looks nice! Thanks so much for linking up at the #UnlimitedLinkParty 101. Shared.

    1. Thanks Dee, I love using items in unique ways around our home.