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Friday, February 10, 2023

Ideas for bathroom decor

7 Unique and Creative Bathroom Inspiration Ideas

Looking for some fresh and inspiring ideas to revamp your bathroom? Look no further than this collection of unique and creative bathroom inspiration ideas.

Mad About the House

So I have bathrooms on the brain today... sounds like a personal problem Cara.... don't I know it.  You see, when we moved here, we kept our original 1950's bathrooms, only removing the carpet of course, because, gross!  Who wants carpet in a bathroom?  Certainly not me.

I find it so interesting that someone would think it was a good idea to put carpet in a bathroom in the first place.  We removed the carpet from both bathrooms and had it replaced before we even moved in.  I felt that strongly about it.

We decided on marble floors in both baths and I have been so happy with it until a problem occurred.  We had someone making a repair in the upstairs bath when I was downstairs and heard a loud BANG!  I recall being on the phone with my mother and saying to her, I hope he did not crack my floors dropping whatever he just dropped.

He and I were the only two people in our home, and mom was of course on the phone with me.  It was so loud, she even heard it on her side of the call.  At the time, I did not say anything since he was coming back the following day.  

After he left, I went up and looked over our bathroom and noticed a lovely crack in the floor right in front of the bathtub were he had been working.  There were also chips along the crack.  I told my husband what had happened and he contacted the person who had been changing out our leaky faucet.  

He came to our home the following day with two employees, his phone for recording, and indicated he did not crack our floors, in fact, he indicated he never dropped anything... really?  I heard the BOOM from downstairs since I was sitting in our dining room right under where he was working when this happened.

Of course, he did not take responsibility and he became quite belligerent.  Since I was home by myself and wasn't sure what to do, I let him complete the work, which might I add, he tacked on another $600 to our bill... at the time I was not aware they are not allowed to charge more than $50 on a original quote.

Do you see how I am sharing this experience so you do not find yourself in a similar situation?  I was so upset.  He even cashed our check before he would even complete the work that day since he had been accused of cracking our floor.  Talk about getting the short end of the stick.  Oh, I know I did.  

To top everything off, he began removing our 1950's tile since he thought they were hideous... okay, so he did not come out with those exact words, but it was more like, you need to hire a contractor and good luck with that to remodel this bathroom since no one calls people back these days.  I replied with, well, you do not purchase an older home to put all new items into it, or at least we did not.  We purchased this home for it's charm, and I quite like this bath as it is.

I have learned over the years I need to bite my tongue.  If I do not, then I can get quite expressive in the heat of the moment, and I had to keep my professional composure, but what I really wanted to do was tell him where to go.  

Moving right along...

Bringing me to why I am thinking about bathrooms.  With the removed tile and his "fix" for that, and cracked marble tile... we need a refresh in our bathroom.  Something I did not really want to do, but am finding we will need to do.

The above photo is not a vintage marble sink, in fact, it is a sink by Corian Dupont.  I find it quite lovely, do you?  When we go through with another update in our bathroom, I have found we will need to do a bit more this time around than we did before.  

All of that buttery yellow plastic tile of the 1950's will need to be removed from the walls.  Which makes me wonder what we should replace it with?

Since we live in a cottage, I am thinking board and batten walls would be quite appropriate once the yellow tiles of the 1950's will need to be removed.  I am still so sorry to see them go.  

I do wish we could have black doors throughout our home as pictured above, but I tried, and our home is just too dark.  We need light and bright around here.  I would like to add trim to our doors and perhaps paint them an ivory to lighten things up around here.

Have you noticed I seem to be attracted to those darker tones, more moody here lately?  I love brass fixtures with dark backgrounds, but our bath is narrow, and I am not sure how the dark colors would fair.  I certainly do not want to make our bathroom look more narrow.  

Western Living

I do not see wallpaper going up in our bath again since we were so eager to remove all of the wallpaper when we first purchased our home.  I do love the look of furniture when cabinets are typical in a home though.  

I do think we will keep our current cabinets though.  They are well made, and the small cabinet matches my dressing table in our bath.  Countertop changes are in our future though.  I can assure you of that, and I am thinking perhaps a wood counter would be just perfect for the dressing table.  

I also plan to keep our 1950's medicine cabinet.  I love it!  It is huge, and has sliding mirror doors on it.  I can store so many things in that cabinet.  Have you tried to find one lately?  I had a friend who was searching high and low for one, and could only find mirrors.  Personally, no mirrors will be found in our baths.  Medicine cabinets all the way!  I still need to our our ole gal a paint job though, it's on the list, you know, the never ending list of things to do when it comes to owning a home.

Unless of course, you are one of those people who has everything completed and are quite satisfied with your home to which my hat is off to you.  I think I will forever be fussing with our home, it gives me something to do, and I am actually one of those people who finds I fidget when I am not busy doing something.  It drives my husband crazy!  He says it is like a live wire under me and a current flowing through me.  Teehee

Toulmin Cabinetry

We actually do not have any overhead lighting by the bathtub.  We have sconces on either side of our medicine cabinet.  I painted them some time ago since I did not care for the gold highlighting on them from once upon a time.  

We could add tall trim as our baseboard since we currently have marble, and maybe a chair rail.  I can tell you once those wall tiles are removed, the glue on the walls will be the next issue to think about.  So then we need to think about new tile on the walls?  Perhaps a subway tile?  Or do we want to go a different route?  Perhaps a beadboard?  Or do I circle back to our board and batten?  I may quite like that idea.

I quite liked the bath in The Castle episodes from Chip and Joanna Gains, so unlike her typical styles.  I was never into the farmhouse esthetic, but I found I quite liked many things she did in this home.  Talk about an expense with all of the millwork required for these walls.  Maybe I need to invest into some more woodworking tools and get this show on the road to lovely paneled walls?  

Just in case you wanted to see more of this bath.  I like the small marble tiles on the floor.  I do think smaller tiles are in our future in our bathroom... along with a dark grout as I originally asked for and was told I did not want.  Well, I do believe I am the paying customer, but know I did not get what I requested.  An older home would have dark grout which is why I asked for it in the beginning.   

No cottage bath would be complete without a bit of beadboard.  So many things to think about and consider when thinking of rehabbing a bathroom.  Did today provide you with a bit of inspiration?  I sure hope so.  I love to peruse photos to get inspiration.  I just never quite know where it will come from.  Oh, and I am crushing on the window above this lovely brass mirror too.  

I am curious which project will make it across the finish line first, the kitchen or the bath?  I only wish I could do the work myself and call it done since finding a contractor in our area is not an easy feat.  Now where is that handy man I so desperately need?

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  1. When it comes to the bathroom I like bright colors, not necessarily white, cream and definitely not grey ( I hate grey ). the reason being and especially if you don't have a window like myself, I want to be able to see what I'm doing and making sure everything is getting cleaned whether it is myself or the room. I also have never been a fan of sinks without some kind of cabinet. You can never have enough storage lol. As far as grout goes definitely darker the better it is so much easier to clean and you don't get that pinkish tint over time that you just can't get rid of short of re-grouting again. I do like the idea of the board and batten I've always thought it gave personality to a room, any room. But I would definitely want tile around the bath/ shower for easier cleaning. When i had to re-do my shower I put in big block square white tile with the black grout and it looks stunning. It was also cost effective since you use less tile.

    1. Simiti, I have to agree, I have never had dark and moody in our home, but I love it in other's homes. I enjoy giving inspiration to others while I figure out what to do with our home too. I love the look of a dark grout, it reminds me of days gone by, but when our contractor installed our floors, they ignored my request. I was pretty upset, and his response was, you do not walk dark grout. Well, if I did not want it, I would not have asked for it. I long for the board and batten to be on our walls... maybe it will make an appearance here one day, hopefully sooner rather than later. Enjoy your day!