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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Online Auctions Estate Sales

Unveiling Hidden Treasures: A Journey Through Online Auctions and Sentimental Finds

Explore a unique thrifting journey filled with online estate auctions, sentimental discoveries, and the joy of turning overlooked items into cherished treasures.

When Rachel of Antiqued Journey invited me to join her and MaryJo of Master Pieces of My Life for their Thrifted Finds Volume 17 post, I was thrilled!  Due to health issues, my thrifting takes a unique form, but no fear, I find my thrifty fix in a different way.  

Thrifted Home Decor

Take a detour and explore Rachel's finds on An Antiqued Journey for some festive Christmas thrifts.  Her knack for discovering unique items adds a cozy touch to her home.  

Vintage Milk Glass

Don't miss a detour over to MaryJo's world at Master Pieces of my Life where the enchanting Christmas finds meet the artistry of vignette royalty (when I see silver, that is where my mind wanders off to).  Explore the magic of unique treasures and discover the allure of festive displays that transform ordinary items into holiday masterpieces. 

Thrifted Silver Christmas Decor

Did you know incredible deals await at online auctions?  Absolutely!  

My husband and I regularly explore local online auctions, unearthing gems for our home.  Case in point, this 1950's vintage Kromex Chrome and Pressed Glass Lazy Susan Relish Tray, a find from an online estate auction.  Surprisingly, it didn't sell initially - can you believe no one bid on it?  

Thrifted Christmas

Building relationships with auctioneers or estate liquidators can lead to great opportunities.  Sometimes, unsold items can be obtained at deeply discounted prices or even for free.  I for one, love a good deal, don't you? 

This lazy susan found a new home with me for free. Initially puzzled about where to place this sizable piece, inspiration struck, and I eagerly created the perfect vignette for our Christmas dining room table. In fact, many of the pieces included in this display were also local auction finds. As they say, one man's trash is another man's treasure!

Next up, a General Electric Dual Speaker AM/FM Radio from 1960. Remarkably, it still works! Tuning in to stations is part of the fun, and at $6, how could I resist adding this historical piece to our kitchen? 

Vintage radio

For newcomers, my decorating style is sentimental, often centered around family mementos. I enjoy decorating with those precious finds from the past.  Exploring local online auctions reveals grouped items, much like in-person auctions. I favor lots since they offer several items at a good price.

However, bidding can get competitive, and it's easy to lose track of items in a fast-paced online auction. I purchased a lot of salt and pepper shakers from my grandmother's estate auction. Her collection was inherited from her mother, my great-grandmother, which I believe adds a personal touch to our home. I simply could not let these items leave our family so they all found a home here with us and the pup.

Antique milk glass shaker

This shaker lost it's mate long ago, but I have to say I still love it!  She is looking a bit aged, with dark spots, I simply cannot remove.  I have tried soaking, using a brush, they are stuck!  This particular shaker was found in her garage amongst other goodies, just waiting to be discovered and brought to our home.

After a little digging, I found this shaker was made by Consolidated Glass Company in the Blooming Wild Rose pattern and is an antique.  The "dirt" I thought I could not remove is in fact "cold paint".  Learning something new, I found it often wears off with washing and use since it is not fired to the glass.    

Including the shaker above, the remainder of the items I am sharing today were all purchased within the same lot.  I paid $17 for my loot, which I thought was a steal.  If you ask me, sometimes you cannot put a price tag on memories.    

1930's flask

Is this little guy not the cutest ever?  I actually do not recall ever seeing this one at Grandma's house, but he was part of the lot, and so he found a home with us too.  I researched his origins, and this cutie pie is a Schafer & Vater Dog Hip Flask from the 1930's, a delightful addition despite my teetotaler grandparents. It actually made me chuckle to find a flask amongst their possessions.   

JFK salt-n-pepper shakers

JKF and Jackie Kennedy salt and pepper shakers also made their way home.  My mom recalled a trip to Washington D.C. as a little girl, and believes these salt and pepper shakers were a memento of the trip.  


These unique Vintage Moriage Dragonware Salt & Pepper Shakers were an interesting addition to the lot.  Turns out Great-Grandma had quite the collection, an entire china cabinet filled to the brim of nothing but salt-n-pepper shakers.  What a collection that would have been to see!   

And the salt-n-pepper shakers that got this party started are below.  

Memories flooded back with these dachshund salt and pepper shakers, recalling my childhood fascination with their whimsical design. Despite never playing with them then (but you know I totally wanted to!), they've now become cherished additions to my collection.

Isn't this little guy the cutest? These treasures now grace our china cabinet, a delightful sight when spending time in the dining room. If you're considering exploring local online auctions, be prepared for the thrill of bidding and the joy of uncovering sentimental pieces for your home. If you are unsure how to locate online auctions in your area, visit Auction Zip so you too can find the treasures of yesteryear along with me.

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  1. I love this Cara! I’m a sentimental decorator too. Thanks for joining us today friend. XO- MaryJo

    1. Thank you for having me. I always seem to be drawn to those items from the past, especially the ones that remind me of childhood.

  2. Amazing treasures you have added to your collections, Cara!! how special to have many of your grandmother's prized vintage items. That shaker is just gorgeous!! Thanks so much for joining us this month!!

    1. Thank you for inviting me Rachel. I wish I had a set of the shaker, but that single gal is now living in her third generation so I am happy to have the one. I am looking forward to sharing more items I recently found soon.

  3. Hello Cara! I have never participated in an online auction, but sounds like fun! I'm so glad you were able to keep some of your families cherished items! I can totally relate to keeping sentimental family items too! Love the vignette you created for your dining room table! Take care my friend!

    1. Thank you Donna, I highly recommend online auctions. We have a few in our area, and we find items for our home all of the time. The majority of our unique items come from them. Being sentimental can be rough (I never want to get rid of anything), but I wouldn't have it any other way.