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Friday, May 31, 2024

Thrifty Finds

Treasures Unearthed: My Latest Barn Sale Haul

Score unique home decor at barn sales! See how I transformed my latest finds into beautiful & budget-friendly treasures!

vintage linens

Here's a video showcasing some of my recent barn sale finds in their original as found condition!

Barn sales are a treasure trove for unique home decor pieces, and this time was no exception! I found so many amazing goodies, and today I'm excited to share how I've styled them in my home.

Embroidered Tablecloth Transformation

One of my favorite finds was a square vintage tablecloth with delicate butterfly embroidery for just $2.00. While butterflies aren't usually my jam, the scalloped edges and beautiful stitching won me over. 

I wasn't sure how I'd use the embroidered tablecloth at first, but for that price, I knew my barn sale finds had potential. After some brainstorming, I decided to use it as repurposed decor, filler in a wall vase I got from the same barn sale last year. 

vintage tablecloth

The vase originally held fresh pine which smelled divine, but I prefer a less messy solution, and once Christmas was over, well... it was time to say goodbye to the DIY vase filler. 

The embroidered tablecloth added a touch of texture and softness to the vase, which I then filled with white tulips, a pearl necklace, rolled vintage wallpaper, and a brass fold-up ruler, all of my favorite vintage home decor pieces.


DIY vase filler

Architectural Salvage Gets a New Home

Another fantastic find was a piece of architectural salvage for a mere $15.00. What luck I was having with my barn sale decor, don't you think?

Initially, I envisioned it incorporated into our headboard project (still in the works!), but I decided to hang it in our foyer hallway instead. This lucky gal was grabbing all of the unique architectural salvage decor pieces she could find. 

Wood carving salvage
It is so difficult to take good photos of hallways, the carving on this piece is impeccable 

Clock with a Chiming Memory & Changes to our Entryway

The beautiful vintage clock gracing the foyer is a gift from a dear friend. I love the comforting chime of the Ave Maria on the hour. 

All of the home decor items seen below were added to our clock wall. The half round table was in our dining roomhalf round table was in our dining room for many years, but I decided change is what I was seeking once I began taking stock of my new vintage finds.   

Architectural salvage

Revamping a Thrift Store Lamp

I also snagged a lamp base for just $5.00, even though it lacked a shade. This lamp makeover was a hit in my book once I had it completed. 

The price was too good to pass up on this vintage lamp, and I figured I could always buy a lamp kit if it did not work. Thankfully, my ever-handy husband replaced the old wiring for me. I am so glad I did not have to do this DIY lamp wiring project on my own. 

The hunt for the perfect lampshade continued at the next barn sale, where I found a deconstructed vintage lampshade for $10.00. My husband thought it a bit pricey, but I loved the potential for a DIY lamp project! 

DIY lampshade makeover

I wrapped the frame in coiled craft wire from Dollar General, and let me tell you, my fingers were definitely sore by the time I finished! 

But the final result for my DIY lampshade makeover was well worth the effort. I like to think it fits perfectly with the rest of my vintage home decor in our entryway. Would you agree?

DIY lamp project
I plan to purchase an Edison bulb for this lamp to better suit our vintage decor

A Passion for Roses

This adorable vintage creamer with delicate rose paintings couldn't be resisted, especially at a price of just $3.00. As a self-proclaimed rose enthusiast, I can't help but snatch up anything rose-themed! 

Rose Decor

The spools and bobbins, those beloved vintage sewing notions, were another charming find, with the bobbins at $4 each and the green thread spool at $7.95. I find sewing supplies as decor a fresh touch in our home.

Vintage Sewing Supplies

The spinning wheel peeking into the picture is part of another DIY project I'll be sharing soon – stay tuned for more vintage finds from our basement and garage discoveries! 

Fan with Fond Memories

This vintage fan holds a special place in my heart that I purchased from my grandmother's auction last year for $6.00. A family heirloom, belonging to my grandparents, as it resided in their vacation home. 

I have vivid childhood memories of sitting in front of it to cool down after a day spent by the water. Do you have those items that hold sentimental value to you? I could not let this fan go, since I knew it would go well with my vintage home decor perfectly no matter where it was placed. 

Family Heirloom Vintage Decor

The fan initially resided in our spare bedroom, but as our home evolves, it found a new home atop the china cabinet in the dining room. 

Free Tip: Repurposed furniture and home accents can be moved around for new looks without spending money. I love free, don't you? 

Adding Touches of Lace

A beautiful vintage lace curtain for just $2.00 also found its way into the dining room. 

Floral Arrangement

While I originally envisioned it as a table runner, it ended up nestled amongst a basket overflowing with roses - my favorite floral arrangements, adding a touch of delicate charm. 

A Treasure Trove of Books

This stack of vintage books was another steal at $1.00 each. I should have grabbed more since they were such affordable finds, but sadly, they were all gone when I went back for them. Lesson learned: seize the deal when you see it! 

Decorating with vintage books

Finally, a recent thrift store find deserves a mention – a hand-stitched Lord's Prayer framed handkerchief for a mere $1.99. The intricate needlework on this vintage textile was simply too beautiful to leave behind! 

The Finishing Touch

I added a touch of white wax to the frame for a more aged look, complementing the existing patina without obscuring the lovely wood. 

This piece is a wonderful reminder of the hidden treasures waiting to be discovered at barn sales and thrift stores. With a little creativity, these vintage decor finds can be transformed into beautiful and meaningful additions to your home.

Vintage Textiles

And here's how the new look to our entryway turned out with all of my vintage finds and repurposed vintage decor.

Cottage Entryway

My husband's grandfather made the desk for him so he had a place to do his school work. The piece was in our kitchen, and now is the star in our foyer. The size is perfect for the space, and suites all of our vintage barn and thrift store finds flawlessly. 

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your bags and hit the next barn sale or thrift store adventure! You never know what unique gems you might unearth.

P.S. Do you have any favorite barn sale or thrift store finds? Share them in the comments below!

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  1. You found so many amazing treasures at great prices! I love architectural salvage too! That rose creamer is so precious! Here's to more sales and thrifting this summer!

    1. Thank you Donna, I was pleased as punch with my finds. Those architectural salvage pieces always grab my attention when I see them out.

  2. Great finds, Cara! I can't choose a favorite but you've inspired me. I have a wall vase that hasn't been 'speaking to me' at all. But after seeing yours, my wheels are turning. Thank you!

    1. I am so happy to have inspired you Ann! That wall vase was a difficult one for me too... Christmastime it is perfect, but the rest of the year I struggled to use it. I was so happy to find the tablecloth and was surprised to find it would fill the wall vase perfectly.