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Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Dollar Tree Mirror

Transforming a Dollar Store Tray into a Vintage Inspired Mirror / DIY Home Decor

Discover the whimsical journey of turning a humble Dollar Store silver tray into a stunning vintage-inspired mirror.  Follow our step-by-step DIY guide and learn how to add a touch of elegance to your home decor.  Explore creative techniques, materials, and humorous anecdotes in this engaging home improvement project. 

mirror in dollar tree

Once upon a Dollar Tree adventure, I found myself hunting for inspiration in the most unlikely of places.  You know how it goes - the best ideas tend to sneak up on you when you least expect them.  So, there I was, casually perusing the shelves when I stumbled upon a silver serving tray.  As I gazed upon it, a series of thoughts swirled through my mind like a summer breeze. 

First, I couldn't help but admire the intricate band encircling the tray.  It had that vintage charm that instantly caught my eye.  But then, oh my dears, came the moment of truth - I saw my reflection.  And let's just say, it wasn't a pretty sight.  Those summer days had bestowed upon me a pair of raccoon eyes that even a seasoned makeup artist would find challenging to tackle.  Blame it on the sweltering heat or perhaps the wrestling match I had just endured with Bentley at his vet appointment - either way, I was in need of some serious rejuvenation.

With a tissue in hand, I embarked on a journey of transformation.  As I wiped away the evidence of my raccoon-like adventures, a spark of inspiration ignited within me.  I knew precisely what I wanted to do with that silver platter - turn it into a vintage-inspired mirror.  I could practically hear folks gasping in disbelief, "A silver plastic tray into a mirror?  Is she mad?"  Fear not, my friends, for I shall reveal the magical process shortly.    

Gather round, here is what you will need:  

  1. Dollar Tree Silver Platter
  2. White Paint with a dash of Baby Powder mixed in
  3. Paint color of your choice 
  4. Hot glue 
  5. Glue gun
  6. Twine, or string of pearls (your choice for hanging)

I began by selecting a paint color.  Narragansett Green was on standby, initially intended for our doors - but fate would have it, it proved a tad too dark for our cozy cottage.  So, I decided to grace accent pieces throughout our humble abode with its presence.  

diy dollar tree mirror tray

dollar store mirror ideas

The platter's rim received a coat of white craft paint, mixed with a smidgen of baby powder for that extra grip.  Once it dried, I added the Narragansett Green.  Two coats of green later, I stood back and marveled at what had become - behold, a mirror!  

diy dollar tree mirror ideas

dollar store mirrors diy

The creative soul within me whispered that it needed a little something extra.  Enter antique gold rub-n-buff, coming to the rescue like a gallant knight.  A touch of this enchanting gold transformed the inside ring, and voila, our vintage-inspired mirror was complete!  

Now, here's where the adventure took a comical twist.  I initially thought I could outsmart gravity with duct tape, using it to secure a string of pearls as a hanger.  But oh, that sneaky string of pearls had other plans.  It slipped through the duct tape like a mischievous magician's trick, leaving me baffled and slightly amused many times over.  

dollar tree diy mirror projects

dollar tree diy glam wall mirror

In a moment of desperation, I turned to the unlikely hero - hot glue.  I admit, I had reservations about its impact on the front of the platter, given the hear factor.  Yet, I bravely forged ahead.  To my surprise, it held like a champion, adorning our dining room wall without a hitch.   

So, what do you think my dears?  Would you ever guess that this piece of elegance started life as a humble $1.25 platter from Dollar Tree?  I'm crossing my fingers for a resounding "No!" as it graces the wall above my treasured vintage rose painting, a $5.00 find at a barn sale.  

diy dollar tree mirror projects

This, my friends marks the completion of a long, winding wall-decor journey.  Sometimes, I'll tinker with our home's walls until they sing in harmony with my design sensibilities.  Other times, they remain incomplete, patiently waiting for the perfect piece to waltz into their lives.  

I confess, there are moments when I yearn for stability in our decor.  After all, constantly switching things up can be a bit exhausting.  I'm currently in that "less is more" state of mind, ready to streamline our living space.  Simplicity, it turns out, makes cleaning a breeze.  

So, tell me, do you ever feel that way too, or are you a decor chameleon, always seeking the next transformation?  For now, I'll relish in the satisfaction of a completed wall, cherishing the newfound serenity it brings to our home.  Come back, I have a few more tricks up my sleeve with this fancy pants tray.  😉

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Dollar Tree Mirror



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  1. I'm always amazed at the creativity of so many people, especially when it comes to these Dollar Tree items. This is no exception!

    1. Thank you so much Donna! I am always impressed with those Dollar Tree projects too! The internet is truly full of so much inspiration. I thank you on this mirror, it was kind of funny how it all came together, but I enjoyed working on it, and now seeing it hanging on our dining room wall. I am looking forward to making more items with these trays, I have a few more tricks up my sleeve.

  2. Cara, I must say that you have done an outstanding job. The fact that you were able to transform a $1.25 platter into a beautiful vintage-inspired mirror is truly amazing. Thank you for taking the time to share this creation with us at the Crazy Little Love Birds link party #6. I am looking forward to seeing more of your wonderful creations!

    1. Thank you so much Stephanie, I was so happy to come up with a project using that Dollar Tree serving tray. I chuckle when I walk by it in the dining room, especially when I think of all the times I picked it up off the floor.


  3. Nope, I'd never guess it was a dollar store tray! Fabulous transformation, Cara. Now tell me more about this baby powder trick...

    1. Thank you Ann! I was aiming for vintage inspired, somewhat high end meets Dollar Tree cost. LOL. You can mix baby powder into your craft paints, and it will act as a chalk paint. I cannot say I do any real measuring, I just add it slowly, and mix well, and once I have the consistency I am looking for, then I paint with it. I was late to the chalk paint table, like usual, and just use what I have on hand. I will say, if you try this, it has wonderful coverage. Let me know if you give it a try!

  4. Cara, you did an amazing job with this Dollar Tree find and it fits just perfectly over your beautiful picture. I love the added touch of the rub and buff, that stuff really is gold.

    1. Thank you so much Wendy! I love rub-n-buff, it is the best stuff on earth when it comes to aging items and adding dimension to projects. I think this wall will stay as it is for a while now.

  5. Hi Cara! I would have never guessed that this is a Dollar Tree tray! Fabulous transformation! Rub-n-Buff is so fun to use! Take care, Donna

    1. Thank you Donna! I was so pleased with how it turned out. I actually kind of surprised myself!

  6. Amazing!!!! That's so incredible. It's amazing what paint can do, isn't it?! Thanks so much for sharing at Home Imagined this week!!

    1. Thank you Rachel, I was tickled with how it turned out. I am keeping it on the wall all year long since I love it so much!