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Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Low Carb Pizza Crust

Discover the Benefits of Making Low Carb Pizza Crusts 

Don't miss out on your favorite food! Unlock the world of low carb pizza crusts and discover how you can enjoy classic pizza while sticking to a healthy lifestyle. 

Who said you can't have pizza just because you're following a low-carb lifestyle? Make sure your cravings don't get the best of you, and try this easy recipe for low-carb pizza crust! Perfect as an alternative to more calorie-packed options, this delicious pizza crust is going to satisfy your craving for all the fantastic flavors pizza has to offer.

I had this thought that kept niggling the back of my brain about making my own pizza crust.  Of course, I have made the cauliflower crusts, and I have to tell you, they are a lot of work, especially if you decide to use a ricer to get that cauliflower perfectly smashed.  

I could not seem to let go of this thought I had and so I decided no time like the present to give this recipe a shot.  On Friday when we typically have pizza night, I decided to try my own special pizza crust.  Friday night sets the mood for the rest of the weekend, right?    

My sis came over, and she gave it a try.  I did not even have to twist her arm, what luck!  She tentatively took a bite, and I held my breath.  My typical taste tester was busy doing guy things, and we were busy chatting it up in the dining room.  She smiled, and I thought oh no, she doesn't like it.  It was one of those smiles you get that are small, like I really do not want to hurt your feelings, but this sucks!   

Well guess what?  She commented that is actually pretty good, not exactly what I was expecting, but it was good.  She does not like green peppers, but got one by accident in her bite.  She said she did not even hate that part.  Whew!  So, I said ground turkey for pizza crust?  Heck YES!  

Understand the Nutritional Value of Low Carb Crusts.

While undeniably a diverse and incredibly tasty food, pizza can often be laden with carbs. Low carb pizza crusts provide an alternative that is much lighter on carbohydrates and other undesirable elements without sacrificing taste. By opting for this variety of pizza crust, you can still create your favorite dishes while avoiding excess calories, gluten, and grains - all while sticking to a healthy diet.

Low GI, GF Pizza Crust

What you will need:
  1. 1 lb ground turkey
  2. 1 cup shredded cheese
  3. 1 egg
  4. 1 t garlic powder
  5. 1 t onion powder
  6. 1 t oregano
  7. 1/2 t garlic salt
  8. 1 can tomato sauce (8 oz size, but I only used half of the can, use per your own preference)
  9. Red onion, sliced
  10. Green pepper sliced
  11. 1 c shredded cheese

What you need to do:
  • In mixer, mix ground turkey, shredded cheese, egg, and spices.  do not over mix, just make sure all of the ingredients are evenly dispursed
  • Form crust on silicon baking sheet, I kept my crust to about 1/2 inch and formed it into a rectangle 
  • Bake at 350 degrees for 40 minutes or until golden brown
  • Remove from oven
  • Add tomato sauce and toppings to your liking
  • Place back into oven and bake for an addition 20 minutes
  • Remove, let cool a bit, and serve 
Bake in a 9x13 dish to prevent run over into the bottom of your oven.  See above.  

My oh my, did I have a mess when I made this pizza.  Do you see above how the cheese and moisture from the crust leached out all over the pan.  Well, that is not all it did, it went over the side and down into my perfectly clean oven.  I do everything in my power to keep a clean oven so I was pretty disappointed when I learned it did not stay on the pan.  Next time I make this dish, I will be using a fully enclosed 9x13 dish.

Learn How to Make Different Types of Low Carb Pizza Crusts.

Making low carb pizza crusts is an easy way to enjoy classic pizza without compromising on flavor or texture. Although there are some pre-made and frozen options available, it’s simple and more cost effective to make your own with a few basic ingredients like ground nuts and cheese. With the right combination, you can create different types of low carb crusts that suit different taste preferences – from cauliflower crusts to almond flour bases and even our keto version made from ground turkey.

The crust was firm, I was able to hold it like a piece of pizza which was nice.  When I have made homemade cauliflower crusts, I have not been able to do that and I always need to eat it with a fork.  It was really tasty too.  I would have put mushrooms on our pizza, but they were bad when I went to get them out of the refrigerator.  

Has anyone else experienced their veggies going bad so quickly?  I have had to throw away the mushrooms, a few green peppers, and two sweet potatoes recently.  I was really sad about the sweet potatoes since they are my favorite.  

Understand Some Health Benefits of Eating Low Carb Pizza Crusts Instead. 

Eating low carb pizza crusts compared to traditional pizza is a great way to reduce carb intake and get the most out of your food. The advantage of opting for low-carb options is that you are likely to feel fuller for longer, as well as getting fewer calories per slice than if you had chosen regular pizza. Furthermore, evidence suggests that eating a moderate amount of foods high in protein and fat can actually bolster satiety and lead to better weight management.

I have to say, I am not missing many of the foods I used to consume.  I have been gluten free for years, but adding low GI into the mix has challenged me to step outside my norm.  This ground turkey crust was a delight, and I will be making it again, I can assure you of that!  Remember, you can put your favorite toppings on, I just went for simple with my green peppers and onion, my two favorite toppings when it comes to pizza.  Let us know if you give this one a try.  



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