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Tuesday, March 28, 2023

DIY Spring Mantel Decor Ideas

Easy and Affordable DIY Spring Mantel Decor Ideas

Looking for some inspiration to spruce up your mantel for spring? Check out these DIY decor ideas that won't break the bank.

This year, more than any other year when I think back, I have been patiently awaiting spring.  It is a rare occurrence for me to want to see warmer weather because when it is cold outside things are not growing, and my allergies are much better in colder climates.  

I guess all of the blah of winter kind of got to me this year.  I was ready to see pink, and white, and blush, and soft teals.  I could not wait to get my peonies out, and see the transformation that is spring in our dining room.  I think that is actually my favorite room to decorate in our home which coincidentally enough is not the room I am sharing today. 

After I worked on our mantel for St. Patrick's Day, I knew I wanted to create new spring mantel decorating ideas to share with you.  I decided I would use items from Dollar Tree, and items I already had around our house.  I love when I push myself to be really creative using budget friendly pieces along with my existing decor.

There are those cutie pie faux chocolate Easter bunnies on the mantel.  I really like the way they turned out.  Then I picked up carrots from Dollar Tree which I tied twine around the carrot tops and attached them together with the twine.  I placed them in with the lamb's ear I so love, and white tulips, perfect spring floral options.  Those tulips are so realistic looking.  I have them in a few different colors now, and they do not disappoint that is for sure.  

I added a few small moss covered bunnies to our Easter mantel decor.  I thought the small stature was so adorable.  

The birds were removed from a winter piece my mother-in-law had.  I knew I wanted birds mixed in with our spring mantel arrangement, but I could not find what I was searching for, until I went to the basement that is.  

Bentley and I were down there checking out what treasures we had hidden down there and I found the birds.  I thought oh, here is exactly what I have been looking for!  I added a few sprigs of eucalyptus leaves and a rose to our hobnail planter and then plunked those birds down in each planter and said oh, how stinkin' cute are they?  They are pretty old, but that doesn't make me love them any less.

On each side of our mantel I added moss covered bunnies to the top of a vintage metal flower frog.  They fit on there so perfectly which made me so happy nestled in with our spring home decor.  Do you see the silhouette of our bunnies along the back of our mantel?  Dollar Tree table runners!  Grab a few and you too can decorate your mantel with bunny table runners for Easter.  

There are those carrots that I attached together with a bit of twine and looped them around our candles.  I have had the hobnail candlesticks for many, many years.  I am a collector of Fenton, the milk glass pieces are my favorite.  

When I began thinking about spring fireplace mantel ideas, I kept seeing in my mind's eye bunnies sitting all along the back of the mantel.  I thought how on earth am I going to do that one?  Well, I looked at Dollar Tree's site and I found it right away.  They are only 36" long so I needed two to complete our mantel, but you cannot beat $1.25 a piece for the completed look.

Our mirror is the same one I typically have on our mantel.  I move it as little as possible due to it's age.  It's an oldie, but goodie.  The mirror part is beginning to lose it's shine, but that just gives it life glitter if you ask me.  You know, I have it in my hair too these days, if anyone asks you, it is graying hair, or those signs of aging we never like to speak of, nope, life glitter!   A friend recently shared that one with me, and I liked it so much, I have been saying it.  

Those darn birds make me smile.  Now that I found them, I am thinking they will be able to be used all over our home now.  

Do you see how simple and budget friendly it is to shop at Dollar Tree, while incorporating items you already have around your home to create a fabulous spring mantel?  

There we go, all together now.  Our friends from the forest appear to be perfectly at home perched on our spring-y mantel now, don't you think?  I think this might be my favorite spring mantel to date.  


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  1. Cara,
    Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by and for all your kind comments!! Love how you styled the mantel for easter!! Very pretty!!
    Happy April!

    1. So happy you are joining us this week Deb, I cannot believe April is here! Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Such cute decor for Spring! Those faux chocolate bunnies are just adorable.

    1. Thank you so much Rachel. I enjoyed putting this mantel together and those bunnies just made my day once they were completed.