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Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Faux Chocolate Easter Bunny

Create You Own Faux Chocolate Easter Bunnies from Dollar Tree Supplies

Are you tired of the same old boring Easter decorations year after year? Spice things up with these faux chocolate bunnies made from Dollar Tree ceramics! 

Recently I was taking a trip down memory lane and thought about Easter as a child growing up in our household.  My mother could have been Martha Stewart in her day.  She made chocolate rabbits for our baskets, and decorated her home so unlike most homes during that time period.  She is a unique & creative soul that is for sure.  I am happy to say, I got my decorating bug from her.    

My sister and I would receive a chocolate Easter bunny every year that looked something like this in our basket.  Of course, ours were not three feet tall!  My, oh my, what to do with all of that chocolate?  I am convinced we would have been sick, but how much fun would it have been to see one this large?  

Sometimes our bunnies were a solid brown and other times she would make different colors of chocolate to "paint" the eyes, and bows around their necks, and sometimes there were even white chocolate bunnies.  I think it was whatever struck her fancy that year is what we would receive.  She had so many candy molds, molds for every season since she made the chocolates she gave us each year.  

Our mom created Easter cakes which consisted of a bunny sitting a top a bed of grass.  Of course the grass involved coconut, colored with green food coloring.  When she would make this cake, the rabbit was always white, and jelly beans would be seen hidden in the blades of grass to convey Easter eggs.  Do you get the idea of how holidays were celebrated when we were younger?  

I know, who has time?  Ahh... another time in life when women stayed home with the kiddos.  I think she loved doing those things for "the kids" every year.  Truth be told, she wishes she had grandchildren so she could continue to do these things.  What she ended up with was what we call grandpups.  


Ahh, don't you think they look good enough to eat?  Want to make your own?  Check out how we made our own Faux Chocolate Easter Bunnies for Easter this year.

What you will need:
  1. 1 can Rust-Oleum American Accents Satin Espresso Spray Paint
  2. Rabbit figurine (I found mine at Family Dollar in the Easter section)

What you will need to do:
  • Clean the rabbit figurine from any dust or dirt with a wet rag
  • Wait for bunny to dry (I know it is so hard, just ask me!)
  • Place in well ventilated area and spray paint in short spurts about 8 inches away from our future chocolate Easter bunny
  • Let dry
  • I went back and added another coat since I found some missed areas the first time around
  • Round two of drying
  • Now you can display them as is, or you can choose to paint your bows and whatnot a pastel color to add a bit more color and charm
  • Display however you choose

Here is what my wascally wabbits looked like before I got started.  Plain Jane, white ceramic, but so darn cute, and innocent looking, right?  I wonder if they plan to give me any problems like Bugs Bunny did to Elmer Fudd?  Let's hope not.

Voila!  You now have a delicious-looking decoration that's sure to fool even the biggest chocoholic. Just make sure no one takes a bite out of them, they may be in for a real surprise!   

I am choosing to put our faux chocolate bunnies on our mantel.  I enjoyed decorating our mantel for St. Patrick's Day so much this year, I decided an Easter display was in order this spring.

I will be sticking with items only from the dollar store for this display and items I already own.  I find y'all love those ideas the best, and I have to agree.  When you are working with low budget items, it makes you think outside the square box.  The bunnies were $1.25 a piece, what a steal, right?  I am not even sure I could have found them at a thrift store at this price. 

Just so you know, you do not need glass to give these bunnies a try.  Mine were ceramic and once they were painted with the satin spray paint, they shined up just fine.  I had wondered if I would need to apply a coat of Mod Podge spray over them, but nope, not needed at all.  They are that perfect waxy look of a chocolate bunny ready to be devoured.   

Do you know our mother hid our Easter baskets well into our late 20's?  Yes, it almost became comical.  Every year she would have us over for Easter dinner, and say okay, now go find your baskets!

My sister and I would groan and say we are too old for this!  She would simply reply, humor me and laugh to herself.  We even began getting baskets for the pups.  Now, we are too old for this sort of thing, and since there are no grandchildren, the holidays are not always as fun as they were once upon a time.  

It's okay, we find ways to entertain each other.  Coloring?  Yep... we color together at the kitchen table.  Sometimes we work on a craft together, and other times we just sit and enjoy each others company.  Discuss what is happening in our lives, and other times we reminiscence about those days when mom would hide our baskets even well past entering adulthood.  Do you enjoy thinking back to days gone by?  

I thought these kiddos looked pretty cute displayed on our dining room table, but ultimately they will be in our living room once I completely give our mantel an overhaul.  I find sometimes I work on projects, and then the holiday sneaks up on me, and I forget to share some of my fun projects with you.  I wanted to make sure you knew how you too can make your own faux chocolate Easter bunnies for your home.  I could see these displayed well past Easter too, can't you?  

I am working on another project for Easter that I will be sharing with our mantel for spring so keep an eye out for more Easter ideas.  Hope you enjoy your week, March is just flying by! 


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  1. Oh, my. They look so real! Makes me wanna take a bite :) Thanks so much for linking up at #AThemedLinkup 144 for Spring Crafts and D├ęcor. Shared.

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  3. These are the cutest bunnies ever! I am always amazed at what a can of spray paint can do! Great transformation!!

    1. Thank you so much! I considered a pink bow around the neck, but I went with the less is more approach on this one.

  4. Your "chocolate" bunnies are adorable! And it was fun hearing about Easters as you were growing up! Smiles, Linda at Paper Seedlings

    1. Thank you Linda. Those simple projects are my favorite kind to work on and share.

  5. These are so darling! I need to do this. :) Pinning. Visiting from Grammy's Grid link party.

    1. Thank you Jennifer, I enjoy sharing those easy projects. Thank you for stopping by today!