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Friday, June 21, 2024

Upcycle Trash + 11 Ways to Style it in Your Home

Upcycled Magic: Transform a Lemonade Canister into Stunning Home Decor

Discover the magic of upcycling with this DIY project! Transform a pink lemonade canister into stunning home decor using foam air dry clay and simple materials. Get inspired to give your trash a second life with creative, eco-friendly ideas. Read more for step-by-step instructions and styling tips.

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Ever wonder how to give your trash a second life? 

I do every time I'm about to toss something. Instead of throwing it away, I set it aside, pondering its potential. Today, we're transforming a lonely pink lemonade canister into a beautiful and unique home decor piece.

My Upcycling Journey

I cannot honestly tell you what my first upcycling project was. I began upcycling before it was a thing. As I have shared before, I see things differently than others do. 

For instance, one of my more recent upcycles, an ordinary used air filter. Some see trash, I saw something beautiful. If you like to prevent items from heading to the landfill, then take a looksee. 

Don't worry if upcycling ideas don't come immediately. 

Sometimes, like me, it takes a few days to envision a new purpose for an item. However, a little pressure can be a good thing! Knowing my husband isn't a fan of clutter on the counter motivates me to get creative quickly.

Why Upcycle?

While some might find it strange, I see upcycling as a way to save items from landfills and create one-of-a-kind home decor for our home. I'm sure you know by now, I am not your average cookie-cutter type of gal, nor do I like that sort of decor for our home. I like unique home decor, and I am always on the lookout for my next project piece to upcycle. 

Look at it this way: this pink lemonade canister was passed on to me with the challenge to see what I could make of it. I think those who donate potential upcycle materials to me get a kick out of seeing their "trash" transformed here! I always try to come up with very unique ideas for my donated to me pile. 

In case you missed the last lemonade canister, it ended up as a hanging planter, you can read about it's transformation if you like.

Let’s Get Started: Lemonade Canister Makeover


  1. 1 piece of discarded trash, a pink lemonade canister
  2. 1 clay trim mold, cake trim molds will also work 
  3. Foam Air Dry Clay
  4. Elmer's School Glue
  5. Cornstarch
  6. Small Paint Brush

Alternative Materials:

  • Coffee cans
  • Plastic coffee cans
  • large tin cans
  • Plastic cans
  • Glass jars
  • Pringle cans


  • Prep the Mold: For easy removal of the clay later, dust your trim mold generously with cornstarch. I use a paint brush to ensure I am able to get into all of the nooks and crannies of the mold.
  • Mold the Clay: Press the foam clay into the mold using your fingers, ensuring all crevices are filled. I then smooth my hand over the top to ensure the clay will have a smooth surface for attaching to my project piece. 
  • Apply Clay to Canister: Remove the clay from the mold and apply glue to its back (you can use regular Elmer's school glue, that is what I used on this project). Carefully place the molded clay onto the bottom of the canister, pressing it gently to adhere. Avoid pressing too firmly, as the wet clay can lose its design detail.
  • Repeat and Cover: Continue adding clay rings around the canister, moving the pattern slightly each time to avoid visible lined up seams. You might need a small piece to complete the final circle; don't worry about perfect alignment, imperfections add to the handmade charm.


  • The clay can be left white or painted. I haven't decided yet! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. 
  • The first piece required glue, but subsequent clay pieces adhered naturally to each other. Be mindful when placing them since once the foam air dry clay touches another piece of clay, it is difficult to pull up without tearing the clay. I found myself in this situation a few times.
  • I used a different trim mold for the top of the canister to finish it off. The original trim molding was too thick to finish the top.
Apply cornstarch to trim cake mold

Press foam air dry clay into trim cake mold

Use elmer's school glue to adhere trim molding to canister

Apply first piece of trim mold to the bottom of the canister,

Trim mold applied to canister exterior in rows with staggering seams

Finished canister with molding from top to bottom

Ideas for Styling:

  1. Add faux flowers to create a DIY planter
  2. Use the canister as a utensil holder in the kitchen, I am loving this in our own kitchen
  3. Store paint brushes (I think this is where my canister is destined)
  4. Store hair ties, brushes, or other accessories
  5. Store soaps in plain sight with a pretty storage container 
  6. Make-up storage 
  7. Detergent container in the laundry room
  8. Beautiful vase on the mantel 
  9. If you are a crafter, this could hold a multitude of crafting supplies
  10. Corral all of your clothes pins in one place, I need to take my own advice on this one!
  11. Use it for outdoor picnics by creating a silverware holder for the table, how upscale indeed

Lemonade canister upcycled into white decorative mantel vase with roses and greenery styled beside flameless candles

Upcycled canister into decorative vase with roses, on top of rolltop desk

Questions you May Have:

  • How long does it take for foam air dry clay to dry?
Approximately 24-48 hours. It has been my experience that the longer I allow foam air dry clay to dry, the more it hardens. When I made the decorative bells, I found the longer time had passed, the stronger they became.  

  • Can I use other air dry clays? 

Yes, other types of air-dry clay can work, but foam air dry clay is lightweight and easy to mold.
Upcycled canister turned into utensil holder on kitchen counter beside white milk glass hobnail salt and pepper shakers
You can learn more about our $15 backsplash 

I have found recently how much I enjoy working with foam air-dry clay and how it really elevates my crafting. I love detail, but items with detail work can be so expensive when bought retail. Why not do it yourself and keep costs low?

Getting creative and giving trash a new lease on life as treasures really makes me smile.  

This upcycled canister will likely find many uses in my home before settling into its perfect spot. While the paintbrush holder idea is still appealing, considering its versatility, it might be a bit too fancy for my craft room!

Would you save this canister from the landfill? I'm always curious if my upcycling projects inspire others. Let me know in the comments!

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Upcycled canister styled on fireplace mantel



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  1. Hi Cara! Love this trash to treasure DIY! It turned out so pretty! Molds are so amazing to work with! You would never know it was a lemonade canister and you styled it so well!

    1. Thank you Donna! I am searching for new molds to try, I am loving all of the project ideas they spark. I think to myself, there is so much to upcycle! I cannot stop, lol! I think I am addicted to upcycling everything in our house.