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Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Time-saving solution: No sew pillows

Time-saving solution: No sew pillows

No sew pillows are quick and easy to make, saving time compared to traditional sewing methods.  This is ideal for busy individuals who want to add a personal touch to their home decor without investing too much time.  

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Ah, we all have that one friend, don't we?  The friend with the wild and wacky ideas.  The friend who leaves you scratching your head wondering, "Where on earth does she come up with this stuff?  Is she from another dimension"?  Well, guess what?  I'm that friend.  The one who does things that make you question my sanity and wonder about the origin of my ideas.  Brace yourself for a ride into the realm of my quirky mind!   

Let's get down to business and talk about... drumroll please.... no sew pillows!  I know, I know, another no sew pillow?  But trust me, this one is like nothing you've seen before.  Prepare to be blown away by this ridiculously easy no sew pillow that will make you question why you never thought of it yourself.  And the best part?  The stuffing I use might make you think what on earth is she doing now?    

I was on the hunt for bolster pillows, searching for something specific to spruce up our bedroom.  I had a pin-stripe in mind, and of course, I was not finding what I was searching for.  As luck would have it, one day I was leisurely strolling through a local thrift store... I turned a corner, eyeing vases and such, I stumbled upon a rack of mens suits priced at a mere $6.99 each.  

Hmmm... I pondered, wonder how many of these they sell?  Then, my gaze locked onto a pin-striped suit, and in that instant a bolt of inspiration struck me like a fashion-forward lightening bolt.  Bolster pillow, baby!  Those suits ceased to exist in my mind; all I saw were fabulous DIY pillow possibilities.  

No sew bolster pillows
Pants from suit 

With a wicked grin, I swiftly wielded my scissors, amputating the legs of those pants.  Let me tell you, they transformed into a pair of Daisy Dukes faster than you can say "fashion faux pas."  Oh, the irony!  

Yep, I see the lint from my white sweater all over them too, but I am ignoring it for now, can't you?  

Fold in half with crease down front of pants, cut legs off closest to the top of leg

Leg cut from pants

Tie off leg with ribbon at bottom of pant leg to create the end of bolster pillow

The grand transformation continues!  Once I triumphantly snipped off the legs, I whipped out my trusty black and white striped ribbon, the Jack-of-all-trades in my craft arsenal, and tied off one end of the "no sew pillow."  But oh, the stuffing dilemma!  Fear not, my friends, for creativity knows no bounds in my quirky universe.  

In a stroke of genius, I turned to an outdated sweater, a faithful companion from years gone by. Folding it in half, I layered the sleeves over the fold, ready for the ultimate transformation.  With a determined gleam in my eye, I began rolling that sweater like a champ, creating my very own homemade stuffing.  You won't believe this, but I ended up using not one, but three sweaters in total!  Talk about lumpy creativity at its finest.  

Old, outdated sweater will be used for filling of pillow

Roll sweater to create pillow form

Those lumps were simply not up to my discerning standards.  So, I had a eureka moment and decided to remove the sweaters from the pillow-to-be and placed them snugly inside a pillowcase.  Oh, the wonders of smoothness!  It was like a spa day for my easy no sew pillow, ironing out every wrinkle and imperfection.  

Oh how I felt the relief... the plan worked like a charm, viola!  For a mere pittance of money and a boatload of resourceful ingenuity, I proudly present to you my very own pin-striped bolster pillow, the elusive treasure I've been hunting down all this time.

Ta da, we have a bolster pillow, the no sew way!

No more guessing how many yards of fabric do I need for a bolster pillow?  No worries of what are bolster pillows filled with, or even what is the measurement of a bolster pillow?  Everything is already taken care of for you with this approach, thank goodness since I cannot sew to save my life!  

But hey, here's a little secret I'll let you in on: even though my sewing skills may be nonexistent, I have an uncanny knack for finding ways to bring my ideas to life.  I'm the queen of making things happen, and you can be too - just follow the glorious path of the no sew pillow!  Who needs a needle and thread when you can embrace a world of creativity without ever touching a sewing machine?  I'm all about turning my dreams into reality, are you?  Join me, and let's conquer this crafty world one no sew pillow at a time! 

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  1. Your creativity never ceases to amaze me! I would not have thought to use sweaters inside the pillow! Love that it's no sew!

    1. I am a bit quirky Donna, but once I turn on the creative side of my brain, it doesn't stop. I see things laying around the house, and I think how can I use this some place else? Those pillows (I made two, but only showed the one) are firm using those sweaters. I was happy to be able to use them for something else since I haven't worn them in years.

  2. What a clever idea this is! and leave it to you to come up with this no sew idea. I may just be able to make this oen happen. My sewing machine died on me and I am desperate for a new one. This is such a brilliant way to upcyle pants as well. Thanks for sharing this darling idea.

    1. I wish I would have learned a long time ago to sew, but I did not and so now I figure out ways to get the things I want without the skill I should have. I come from a long line of sewers, I even have a few myself, but I never take the time to figure it all out. We kept finding them at auction, and I kept picking them up. Maybe one of these days someone will take the time to teach this old gal a new trick. LOL.

  3. Such a cute and creative idea! I wouldn't have thought of stuffing it with sweaters. Thank you for linking up with Tell It To Me Tuesday, I hope to see you again this week!

    1. It just came to me when I walked into the laundry room and saw a few old sweaters laying there in a pile. I thought why not reuse them? So I have all sorts of ideas now to reuse clothing around here.

  4. This is so perfect for me! I got a sewing machine last year, but I've only made like 6 things with it lol! I'll be featuring your genius idea on tomorrow's Crafty Creators. Thanks for sharing & hope to see you there!
    Niki | Life as a LEO Wife

    1. I have a sewing machine, and yet I still have not learned how to use the darn thing. I have a feeling I will be terrible so I keep putting it off and so I am not reminded of the waste of money. Don't you love the way I think about these things? teehee... Thank you for featuring this project Niki! I appreciate it.