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Sunday, February 13, 2022

Unique pink kitchen ideas

Searching for pink kitchen ideas?  We are so excited to share with you some unique pink kitchen's in celebration of Valentine's Day!

Happy Galentine's Day to each and every one of you!  I reshared a Valentine post yesterday on Facebook from last year.  If you missed it, you can click to read it here.  

I thought pink sprinkled in a post was ideal for this lovely day.  We are not ones to get all mushy faced over the holiday around the cottage.  Sometimes I am girly and other times, I just am not.  I have found lately while perusing pink kitchens that I kind of like some of the ones I see.  With that being said, I cannot say we will have a pink kitchen in our future, but it fun to seek out possibilities.  All I know is that I want a cottage style kitchen, and I do not want your run of the mill, everyday kitchen.

Wow, I have gotten so far thinking about kitchens this year, huh?  I am sorry to say, that is not the case at all in the ultimate quest for our perfect kitchen, but I do have some inspiration for you to take a look at in spirit of the Valentine holiday.

Photo sourced from Facebook: The Little Village Tea House

What do you think about all of the pink sprinkled throughout this kitchen?  I kind of love it.  It is not too much, and if you tire of it, you can remove the small bits of pink.  Well, other than the pink fridge, but who does not love a pink fridge?  Wait, what did you say?  You are not a lover of pink?  Well, by the end of this post maybe, just maybe we will be able to convert you!   

Ok, so maybe not everyone loves pink, but I can totally see this kitchen in our own home, it has the cottage, retro vibe I am kind of searching for.  I am also a fan of the cabinet doors under the sink.  You can change out the curtain any ole' time you want.  

When I was 18 years old and dreaming up a home, I always envisioned black and white tile floors.  My tastes have changed since I was that young, green eyed gal all those years ago, but I am not hating that floor either.  Mr. VS?  Absolutely hates it, we have already discussed flooring and he said absolutely not on black and white tiled floors.  

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, I will give him that one...  what does marriage teach us?  There is always give and take, and I can give on the flooring for his sake.  I will also tell you I love penny tiles in a kitchen, but he is not fond of that either.  I may need to keep working on him for our kitchen remodel so I can get a bit of vintage in there some how though.  

Open floor plan pink kitchen
Photo sourced from: Wren Kitchens

I find the soft pink tile in a herringbone pattern behind the range to be quite subtle.  The pink stools bring more pink into the room, but this pink in the kitchen is not in your face or over the top.  This kitchen offers a different take on "pink in the kitchen" than some of the other ones I had the pleasure of looking at.  

I like to offer variety so you can get ideas for your own home.  I can see this kitchen working in many different homes.  It has a traditional feel with the subway tile, but the herringbone pattern offers a new look than traditional subway tile all lined up in a row.

Pink kitchen island
Photo sourced from: Masterclass Kitchens

What do you think about a pink island?  I actually really like this kitchen.  The pink softens up the black cabinets.  I like the way everything is hidden behind the cabinet doors.  I like shelves in some kitchens, but honestly, I do not like to see items out on shelves, it is kind of distracting for me.  

Do you see how the sink is in a different room?  The sink seems to be where the mess usually is, so that is nice to know it is hidden and not out for everyone to see, but it may get tiring walking from one room to the other while baking.  I am just in love with that kitchen island in soft pink though.  Hey hubby, if you are reading, how about a pink island?  

Retro pink and aqua kitchen
Photo sourced from: At home with Ashley

This sweet kitchen combines all of my favorite retro colors together.  I am especially in love with the fish scale pattern backsplash.  

If I were to purchase new appliances I think I would go with retro appliances in our kitchen.  For now, we are stuck with our stainless steel range.  I can also tell you that we have the original range in our basement so we have back up too!  Can you believe it is stainless too?

Many debates happened in this home over that range.  Thankfully, it is still in the basement and awaiting it's return to our kitchen (maybe one of these days).  It still works, and we all know the items from the past last longer than what we purchase these days.  

I couldn't resist sharing this pink kitchen with y'all.  I actually like how large the hood vent is.  I am not sure if I want one that big, but we are looking at 42" range hoods.  

When I looked at this photo, I thought what is old is new again.  Stainless fridge, hood vent, dishwasher, and oven.  Funny how we always seem to come full circle in design.  The flooring has also made a come back since I have recently seen this type of flooring being used where you can create your own patterns on the floor.  This kitchen would have been in style when our home was built.  I just wish I could have seen our kitchen in it's original plan.    

Well, what are your thoughts on pink in the kitchen?  I really think I like it; it was kind of fun dreaming up new kitchens for our pink holiday.  Hope you enjoyed and maybe was a bit inspired for Galentine's Day.  Who says we can't change the name of the holiday?  We can do whatever makes us happy around here.    

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