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Sunday, January 24, 2021

How to make an easy Valentine's Day project

I wanted to make something for Valentine's Day, but I was ready for an easy project today.  This is probably the easiest thing I have ever made!  


I went shopping in the attic and found another set of these candle holders I currently have in the dining room.  

Then comes the fun stuff... miniature pom poms, of course!  If you have little ones, you can task them with the chore of separating the pom pom colors you wish to use.  😉

I thought about what I wanted out of this project.  At first, I was going to add miniature candles on top of the pom poms, but then I decided to go a different route.

Were you expecting my twinkle lights?  I love them in everything of course!  I hid the battery pack down in the pom poms and kept adding pom poms and layering the lights throughout.  

Notice my table runner has pom poms on it too?  Can't tell I really like them can you?  It's the small things in life that make me happy.  They remind me of being a kid and creating crafts with them.  

Finally got the dining room cleared off, that painting will take forever and I need another work space other than the dining room table, it really junks up the house always working on projects in the dining room!  

I was not ready to let go of my little red truck (similar one found here)... so it stuck around with the mercury glass trees.  It works for me, for now... 

Well, another project in the books, you could really do this for any holiday and see how easy it is?  I could even see this at a baby shower (all pink or all blue) for a game, guess how many pom poms are in the candle holders!  That is what I call double duty!  Looks cute and serves a purpose.   Red, green, and white at Christmas, and pastels in spring, dark colors in the fall... the best part is that it is a low cost project too.  I already had the lights, candle holders, and recently ordered the pom poms for another project I would like to try, but decided to pull these colors out for Valentine's Day.   

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