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Sunday, January 30, 2022

150 E Main St APT 306, Columbus, OH 43215

Searching for a condo located in German Village, Columbus Ohio?  We have a gem to share with you today in a historic building.   

150 E Main St APT 306, Columbus, OH 43215
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Would you believe me if I told you this is located in historic German Village in Columbus, Ohio?  I know, I was actually surprised when it came up in my search too.  

My dear friend Sarah would have loved this building!  She always wanted to live in a building like this close to neighbors, in the city with the nightlife at her finger tips.  I could never understand her fascination, but when I saw this building, I knew I had to share it with you because of her.

I do love historic buildings, no surprise there, a home in a cozy small town is totally my style.  I guess you could have called Sarah and I the city mouse and the country mouse.  Me being the country bumpkin of course, and Sarah loving the city.

She always wanted to go to Columbus any chance we got... concerts, shopping, new restaurants, it did not matter to her as long as she was getting to enjoy and experience something new.  I would go along with her every now and then, but I much preferred the slower pace of life.  I am not one for a lot of people, or traffic.  Do not even get me started on traffic in Columbus during rush hour!  

If only we could have more conversations, I miss talking to her and our movie nights in our comfy clothes where we would never actually get to watch the movie we had intended to watch because we were too busy chatting it up about life.  We could spend a whole evening together, and then the next day talk for hours on end on the phone.

Her parents would ask her didn't you just spend all evening with Cara?  She would respond yes, but we have a lot to talk about.  We never ran out of conversation.  Do you have a friend like that?  No matter how much time you spend with, or talk to that person, you just never run out of things to say to them?  It was always like that for us.

The Hartman

I can see Sarah getting her mail at the mail boxes... sometimes she was an introvert, and other times, she was chatty.  I can imagine her chatting it up with a neighbor while they both would get their mail...  talking about the newest movie release, store to shop, or the weather.

Kitchen in historic condo building

I never tire of seeing those exposed brick walls in any home.  I also love those exposed beams in the ceiling and exposed wood ceilings too.  The kitchen is a little modern for me, but I am not hating that backsplash.  I could see this kitchen being sufficient for a single guy or gal, or even a couple.  

There appears to be plenty of counter space to make Christmas cookies, or to have friends over for the game.  I can see those counters filled with appetizers and refreshments for a night in, watching a movie with friends or family.

Living space in historic condo

Some people do not like exposed heating and cooling ducts, but you may be surprised to find I actually like them.  Something about an industrial vibe that attracts me to them.  Between those, the ceilings, and exposed brick, it is like the perfect trifecta of design all in one space.   

Bedroom in condo in historic building

The bedroom looks pretty spacious which I found pleasantly surprising... and more exposed brick.  What a plus!  


I did not even really think about laundry facilities, but I am happy to see it is available in this condo.  We actually had a unit in our home like that when we moved here.  Can you believe it was in the kitchen?  Yeah, it was one of the first things to go too!

Which reminds me of the mouse we then got in our home.  I freaked out!  When we had the washer disconnected, the vent had also been run out to our patio and we never thought about the vent needing to be closed off.  Yep, we got a mouse in through the vent.  Food for thought in case you ever run into moving your dryer vent in a home... make sure you close off the dryer vent!  


This closet space may not be enough for me.  I think I would have to add some more hanging space and shelves.  I can tell you Sarah would have laughed and said not even half of her wardrobe would fit in here.


The bath is a little bland, but when you are selling, it is best to allow the buyer to be able to visualize their things in the space.  I can see adding some vintage touches in this bath and making it your own.

Hartman Building Gate 1898

This condo also comes with one assigned parking spot, and is located at 150 E Main St Apt 306 Columbus, Ohio 43215, priced at $184,900 and is 690 square feet.  

The Hartman Loft Building was originally a hotel built in 1898 by Dr. Samuel B. Hartman.  The hotel was built as an extension to patient rooms for the surgical hotel next door.  This hotel has been many things over the years, but was made into condominiums in 2005.  What an interesting history for this building.  Being a historic building, I am glad to see it is still standing today and offering 60 homes on it's interior. Imagine what this building could tell us if those walls could talk.

Sarah would have loved living in the heart of it all and close to shopping.  She once mentioned I may have $32.00 in my bank account, but I look good after a day of shopping.  Makes me laugh when I think back to our 20's before she became a mother, and before she was married.  She had wanted to live in a building similar to this one right across the street from a shopping mall.  She thought it was the best of both worlds.  

I knew when I saw this building, I would share this one with you with Sarah in mind.  It's been over ten years since I've heard her voice; I sure miss those conversations, movies, shopping excursions, and just getting to be our silly selves. 

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