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Sunday, January 23, 2022

Inspiration for kitchen design

Searching for inspiration for kitchen design?  We are excited to share with you our inspiration for kitchen design with you today.  

I am searching ideas for our kitchen now.  We are finally getting serious about starting the kitchen.  With that being said, who knows how long it will take me to actually make the decisions.

Oh the ideas and how they all run through my mind!  I am giddy like a school girl thinking about the possibilities.  

I have many ideas clunking around in this ole' brain of mine, but that is a curse for me too.  I know I want a unique kitchen, nothing like the everyday standard kitchen most commonly found.  I am quirky and I want my kitchen to reflect that.

We spend a lot of time in the kitchen, so why not make it a place you actually want to be?  I want it to have character, aging pieces, lots of storage is very important to me too.  

We have purchased a few pieces we want to use in our kitchen, and then there were a set of lead glass windows my sister gave me that I want to use as well.  I know just how I plan to use those and have that portion all figured out.  

I wish the rest of the kitchen would fall into place.  Some of the other ideas have been much easier for me to visualize, and others not so much.  There is a kitchen that provided me with a lot of inspiration by Ally Mahon on Vintage Rehab.  

That kitchen spoke to me.  I loved all of the custom touches she put in this kitchen.  Somehow I came across photos of the home when it went on the market, and I saved those photos of the kitchen for my stash.  Photos sourced below from Zillow.com when the home was for sale.   


The cabinet above the dishwasher was actually a lead glass window that became the cabinet door.  I am not usually one for open shelving in a kitchen, but I really liked the small shelves above.  I have enough treasures to display on shelves like this...  you don't say Cara?  

I am also quite fond of the shelves going all the way to the ceiling.  I would love to have cabinets that go to the ceiling in some areas of our kichen.  The kitchen island was underwhelming for me, but they were working with a really tight budget.  

I find the tighter the budget, the more creative you need to be, and for me, those are usually the things I like most in life.  I am not one for ordinary, and I love to think outside the box. 


I have mentioned before I am a fan of furniture, not necessarily cabinets as we expect to see in a kitchen.  This kitchen had it in spades. 

The cabinet above the refrigerator was another lead glass window.  I am planning something similar in our kitchen with the set gifted to me by my sister.  

Eclectic kitchen

I am searching for cabinets like you see above.  This is unique to me... and large drawers are a big plus.  Do you know how much you can put in large drawers?  

We have pull out drawers in our current kitchen set up, but the drawers are shallow, and things fall out all of the time... so annoying.  While anyone can throw together a kitchen, we plan to take our time and figure it all out (hopefully).  

There are some things we just know that we want.  We want to move the sink to under one of the windows.  We know we want an island.  I even think I like the idea of a pull out table so you can eat in the kitchen, and then slide back into the island when you are finished.  We even have the stools for our kitchen picked out.  We saw them several years ago in Amish Country while visiting for the day.

We want a range hood.  We have so many ideas for range hoods, oh my!  I have several saved, but no decisions have been made.  Below are some of the ones we really like.

Range hood


Range hood

As you can see, we lean towards a certain style, but I cannot make up my mind for sure on any of them.  

We have begun making purchases and stowing them in our basement.  We have the faucet picked out and the sink.  We have decided on a large single sink for the kitchen.  No more trying to wash those large pans in the sink.  We also have corbels in our stash, and legs for our kitchen island. 

Range hood Range hood

As you can see, we have a lot of decisions to make ahead of us.  Do you know through all of this, I still want to keep my backsplash?  Call me crazy, but when I love something, I am not one to let it go so easily.  That backsplash was something I wanted.  When you cannot find what you have in mind, make it happen yourself and we did just that!  

If Mr. VS would have had his way, he would have had custom tiles made, but I took the easier and more frugal way to get what I wanted.

We have a long and winding road ahead of us, but I am looking forward to making new decisions and exploring what we can find.  I have plans for a cabinet on wheels which I think will be very unique.  I have it all mapped out in my mind.  Too bad I am not a wood worker so I would know if it will work!  

I am the creator, and Mr. VS says he is the logistics.  He has mentioned a time or two I have gotten us in some real pickles around here.  I like to think all of our projects have worked out.  Hope you have a wonderful week!  

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  1. Wow, you have a lot of very pretty plans for your kitchen. I love the dreaming part of the project. I don't love the construction part though! Haha! Can't wait to see your plan come to life!

    1. Thank you Kim, the dreaming part gets me into trouble because I have to many ideas and no way to make them all happen and go together. I am having fun searching out ideas though!

  2. Great inspiration. I love the copper hoods. We have remodeled our kitchen twice.

    1. Thank you Linda! We have never remodeled a kitchen so we are slow going and do not want to make mistakes! There are so many ideas out there so it is hard to decide!