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Sunday, May 22, 2022

Cheap art for wall

Searching cheap art for wall?  We have an idea that will allow you to have cheap art for wall where you can display a painting for under $10!  

Painting of poppies in a field

If you are visiting from Arts & Classy, welcome!  We are so excited to have you here!  We enjoy vintage finds, sharing projects, recipes, and as you can see we have been working on art for our walls too.  I am not too shy to share our home with you...  the good, the bad, and the ugly... so pull up a seat, and enjoy your stay.  We would love to see more of you here at VSG.  Did you know you can follow along with us on social media, or email?  Sign up, and we will come straight to your inbox when we have new posts.  Thank you, we appreciate each and every one of you visiting.

Have you noticed in decor lately we are finding paintings being displayed in homes?  I do not think it ever stopped, but I am seeing gallery walls of paintings.  I do love a good painting, but have you looked at the prices of these lovely pieces?  Too rich for my blood, that is for sure!

I was always attracted to dark impressionism and watercolor impressionism for some reason.  Landscapes are my favorite too.  I enjoy seeing fields of flowers... visualizing myself laying in those fields, watching the clouds move about in the clear sky...  seeing shapes take form in the clouds and laughing to myself as childhood memories come flooding back to me doing that very same thing as a child.     

Such a dreamer... I am glad that much as not changed in life for me.  Well, paintings Cara... yes, let's talk about cheap art for our walls!  

Cheap art for wall

In the spirit of being, let's say frugal... let me share with you how I was able to display this painting in our bathroom for only $9.99!  Yep, you read that right, a bit less than $10.00, and it is a REAL painting to boot!

I will have to say a bit of work went into this share, but it was so worth it!  

Do you know I do not hang random art on our walls.  If you have not noticed, that is ok, but I do not like to hang pictures on our walls of people I do not know.  My mother was always a collector of art with two girls in each of the paintings.  The reason?  She had two girls herself and was always drawn to those sorts of paintings and art.

Me?  Personally, I thought it was creepy having art on the walls of folks I had no idea who they were.  Of course, this is just me and one of my idiosyncrasies.  We all know I find certain things peculiar in life and just will not conform.  Does that make me a rule breaker?  Who knows... I am just me.

So one day perusing Amazon, I came across paint by numbers paintings, they have thousands, seriously!  What better way to have a real painting in our home other than for me to do it myself?  I was so pleased thinking I could have a field of poppies hanging on our wall for under $10.00!

Paint by numbers

If you have never looked at a paint by numbers for adults, I suggest you get an idea of what you will be getting yourself into.  There is so much fine detail that goes into them.  Who knew, right?  

That is our to be painting of the poppies all growing so haphazardly in our lovely field where I would love to plop down and spend some time pondering the meaning of life.   No, I doubt I would choose that actual topic, I would say it would be more about what I can do with the 17 piano legs in my basement, but that is for another day.

I was dumbfounded when I began my first paint by number kit.  When it came, I thought how will I ever finish?  Do you know I still have those birds to complete?  I need to get that one finished, but now?  I am so addicted to these paint by number sets that I already ordered another one!   

I enjoy seeing the painting come to life with each stroke of my paintbrush, filling in each and every one of those numbers.  When I first began, I thought this is going to be a long process, will I become bored with it?  I kept at it a little bit most everyday, and actually looked forward to my painting time.  It is not so overwhelming when you take them on in this manner.

My last paint by numbers that I worked on, I thought I needed to sit down and complete it all in one go.  I think that was why I was so quickly derailed in finishing it.  No, take your time, savor the success you will feel as you are working through the painting and then see your end result.  

I thought we could use a pop of color in our home, and honestly when I picked this one up, my initial thought was to display it in our dining room, but then I decided I had tired of a picture from our wedding in our bath and thought this was the perfect amount of color the bathroom needed.  Let's liven things up a bit since we all know I stray from color on most days.

Wedding photo I changed out, do you see how I stored the pic behind the new painting, it keeps the photo in tip top shape, and I do not need to find another place to store it!

Not sure why, but I have always stayed away from color.  Do you know when I was a teenager I wanted black walls in my bedroom, of course that was nixed right away, and I ended up with white walls, and roses stenciled on the walls.  What a far cry from those highly desired black walls, wouldn't you say?

FIY, for those of you who are parents, do not ask your children what they want in their room unless you really plan to follow through with their request.  I was dumbfounded as a middle schooler when I was asked what I wanted, and then ended up with the complete opposite of what I had asked for.  Still makes me chuckle when I think back to that time in my life.

Framed and ready to hang

The paint by number kit was something I found to be a nice way to work off stress.  I had to focus on the task at hand so other thoughts floated from my brain allowing me this only task to work on.  That was so nice... and freeing too.  I highly recommend it.  

I did need to get my reading glasses out to be able to see some of the teeny tiny areas I needed to paint.  The wonderful thing?  Paint brushes are supplied and I received three different brushes, and just like Goldilocks, I was able to find the perfect brush for me while I painted.  

Paints are also provided of course and each pot is numbered to correlate with the number on your painting.  I found one of my pots dried out, I compromised and used another color of pink in those areas.  It ended up working out fine.  

Some of the poppy painting I had to paint over the actual number several times to try to cover the lines and numbers.  I am not having that issue with the new painting.  I cannot wait to see this one completed.  Don't worry, with the new paint by number I received most recently, I checked all of the pots and they are fine, not a one dried out.  This paint seems to have better coverage too so I found that pleasing and less doubling up of paint over the printed numbers. 

What do you think about hanging cheap art for your walls?  Will you try a paint by number painting?  I am kind of in love with the idea of not spending a lot, it is something I have made, it's an actual painting, and I am enjoying the pops of color in our bathroom as a bonus.  I love it when a plan comes together, even if it is by accident.  

I reused the frame so no other cost went into this project which is a huge bonus!  My goodness, the price of well, everything has risen so high, it has become kind of sad.  

I can honestly say this will not deter us from having the home we love though.  I am pretty frugal, when it comes to most things in life.  We are actually tossing around the idea of having a series of projects where we reuse things around our home and show how items you may consider throwing out, may be something you want to hold on to to be used elsewhere in your home.  Let us know if this is something you may be interested in.  I really enjoy getting creative.  Have a wonderful week!   

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