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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Unique decor for home

Searching unique décor for home?  We are super excited to share a unique decor for home piece with you today!  Not your average décor, that is for sure!  

"Vintage map holder"
Photo taken from Hope Timber Facebook page

Are you aware of all of the fabulous things you can find online?  Most of you out there are probably already aware, and thinking Cara, you can't tell us anything we did not already know.  I think Covid did it for some, and others may have already been an online "junkie" like me, but oh my goodness... the unique items you can find! 

Sometimes knowing where to look is the hard part.  I scour online shops on Etsy, I look at local shop's Facebook pages, I still look at Craigs List, and even Ebay too, and I even sometimes find an item I think I absolutely must have by searching Pinterest.  I get ideas, and then I burn the internet down searching out these items that are on my must have list.  You just never know where your next perfect piece will come from, especially around here.

Then... there are those times when I am not even searching an item out and it lands in my lap... kerplunk... and I wonder to myself what on earth will I do with this item?  How can I repurpose it?  Where will it go?  Why am I even considering this piece?

WWII shell canister turned vase

Can you tell I talk to myself a lot... it has become a thing.  The internal chats with myself about our home and how I can bring the most unique finds into our home.  Why?  Because that is who I am, not your ordinary cookie cutter, that is for sure... I like to think outside the box, skew the lines a bit, blur them other times, mix all the paints together and see what I can come up with.  It makes me happy when I can recreate something for our home.

And today?

WWII shell canister with cherry blossoms

I have a shell canister from WWII to share with you today.  Do you recall the WWII artillery basket I shared last week?  Well, this canister unbeknownst to me at the time of purchase would have gone perfectly into that basket.  The shell canister was labeled "vintage map holder".  

At the time, I was not sure what I was going to do with a vintage map holder, but I thought hmm... a unique find and for $10.00 I can come up with something to do with it.  I actually am quite fond of old maps so I thought I may do something along those lines with it.


And then?  

When I researched the basket I found my map holder was not that at all, it was a shell canister.  I know I am like a broken record when I tell you that anything pertaining to WWII reminds me of my grandfather, but this did.  That army green just made me think of his dress greens.  I knew then I wanted the piece, and I did not think twice about it.

Dining Room Decor

I could have sworn Mr. VS said you could make a lantern, only when I mentioned it to him, he said he did not say that.  Subliminally I must want a another lantern, like I need more of those!  

I opted for a vase to hang on our wall between the two windows in our dining room.  Initially, the canister was not on this wall, but it looked so lonely there, so then I decided to change things up a bit.

Repurposed shell canister
So lonely...

I thought of the reason this item was made, and I thought flowers would spruce up an otherwise cold, metal canister.  I also thought about the reason it even existed and it seemed somewhat sad.  I decided to take this sad piece and turn it into a happy vase with cherry blossoms in it.

Repurposed WWII item

I have always loved the look of cherry blossoms, but never quite had the correct container for them, so I veered away from those lovely blooms.  When I considered placing flowers in this canister, I wondered what would look best?  There I go again, searching anything and everything offered.  

I have shared with you pink flowers are my favorite so that is what I chose.  Pink cherry blossoms for this itty bitty wall in our dining room, yet so vivacious blooming in pink, and let's not forget the green leaves.   

I am beginning to think I can make a vase out of just about anything around here.  Whether they are faux or real flowers, they always make me smile.  I enjoy seeing the blooms and when I look at the dining room bursting with so many flowers it sure makes me grin from ear to ear.  

Do you smile when you see flowers too?  If I could have real plants and actually keep them alive, I would, but that does not seem to be in the cards for us.  I will share with you though that I do have some blooms in the backyard.  Can you believe it?  If they cannot survive on their own, then they will not make it in this household.  

Once I placed the cherry blossoms in the canister, they seemed to need a lift.  I went to my packing supplies and I added some small pieces of styrofoam to the canister to boost those blooms up.  You can see when they were feeling a bit lonely on the other wall, they were also in need of a boost.  I fixed that and added some packing paper to the bottom and then the styrofoam to the middle which gave our flowers the perfect lift!

I so enjoy using unique pieces in our home.  I doubt many will have a shell canister hanging on their wall with cherry blossoms peeking out greeting you with a howdy to you.  It's the small things in life I find that just light up my face like a child going to the carnival for the first time.  I hope to never lose that childlike fascination with life.  

I know sometimes it seems things are not going our way, but sometimes we just have to dig in and make the best of it.  Adding this to our dining room was a new way to make me smile.  I find myself gravitating to the dining room since I have removed all of my crafting "junk" from it and it now serves as a true dining room.  I have even finished my paint by numbers while enjoying the view of our spring dining room.  I will share it with you soon.  I have found the paint by numbers is truly a way to destress.  Who knew?  

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