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Friday, January 27, 2023

Heleena of the Mid Century

Experience a Relaxing Getaway in This Mid-Century Home Turned Air B&B

Ready to escape from it all? Treat yourself to a memorable getaway in this mid-century home turned Air B&B. You'll feel like you stepped back in time! 

Immerse yourself in nostalgia and take a trip to the past when you stay in this mid-century home turned Air B&B. Get away from it all and enjoy the beautiful views, charming characteristics of this home, and feel like you've stepped back to 1950 in this home.

All photos taken by Orry Webb

Are you a lover of all things Mid Century?  If so, boy, do I have a treat for you!  Let me introduce to you Heleena of the Mid Century!  When I saw my friend had completed what she is calling a "restovation" (a part renovation of this home) I knew I had to share it with you.  

You see, Marie is a lover of all things vintage like myself, only times one hundred!  She is a gal after my own heart, completing the majority of the work on her homes herself.  Wow, yes, I said she has the know how to fix so many things.  Did I mention she teaches historical home classes?  I wish I had her knowledge!  The things I could accomplish...

Marie also names each and every one of her works of art which I find so endearing.  While this is her first "restovation", she has has actually completed seven homes on her own, worked on multiple properties, and restored a salon for her daughter!  Wow!  I know... how does she have the time for all of these projects?  Inquiring minds what to know.  

She has another one in the works, one that she will actually be living in... we are hoping sooner, rather than later for her.  This home has been named Cornelius, I am patiently awaiting his completion since he's a a much older fella.    


Heleena of the Mid Century


Being Marie's first completed "restovation", I found myself looking forward to each update along the way. I kept an eye on her Facebook page, checking out the progress, and loving how she kept coming across items to bring back 1950 perfectly to this home.  You can check out her progress by taking a look at her Facebook page for Heleena.  

Marie shared the small finds, such as going to a local outdoor antique market, and a story of how a gentleman struck up a conversation with her and ended up giving her a needed door knob for this home to match it's mid century charm.  It was always so fascinating to me how she managed so many of the projects all by her lonesome.    

Take in every detail of the decor...

Heleena has been lovingly maintained with mid-century detail and flair. Each room is unique, but all are filled with the trappings of classic architecture from this era. From the original steel-cased windows to the linoleum floor in the kitchen, you won't be able to get enough of the decor and will feel completely transported back in time.

With each room boasting its own unique style, you will be spoiled for choice. From mid-century modern furniture to original vintage fabrics, the interior of this Air B&B is saturated with comforting touches that transport you to a simpler time. Delve into cozy bedrooms with inviting beds, as well as vintage coffee tables and sideboards. Everywhere you look, there’s retro decor to admire!

Heleena of the Mid Century

Look at those floors!  How about the walls?  Do you know I am a fan of electric conduit running on the outside of interior walls?  There is just something about it that makes me feel nostalgic, and probably makes me think of my grandfather, Jack of all trades and such.    

Every corner reveals a unique story, from the previous owners to original mid century furnishings while also discovering those original features that Marie began revealing. There is so much to learn about the past and appreciation of how this one-of-a-kind house has been carefully maintained over the years. Whether it's lingering by the hot tub or enjoying a vintage cocktail on the patio, you'll soon be lost in time!

Peeling back the layers is what Marie does, she enjoys showcasing the past and keeping her homes looking like they walked right out of whatever era they were built, only for modern times.  Personally, I am a HUGE fan of this way of thinking, sometimes others are not so much on board with those thoughts, but what is the point of purchasing an older home if not to enjoy it's character?    

Heleena of the Mid Century Air B&B

Of course, no stay would be complete without delicious meals and snacks. And that’s where the quality kitchen amenities come in. Whether you want to whip up a quick snack or a tasty dinner, you can find everything you need. Enjoy the vintage inspired refrigerator, built-in stovetop, and listen to tunes all while you recreate your favorite dishes at home during your stay!

Heleena of the Mid Century Air B&B

I love the original features of this mid century kitchen, reminds me of the original 1950 stove we still have in our basement.  Play a little music while you bake the day away.  

Do you know I think this would be the perfect place to visit for any holiday where you need a bit of downtime from the regular.  Bake up your Christmas cookies here, there is plenty of countertop space.  

You can tell Marie has put a lot of love into this property to be sure to fulfill your every mid century whim and need.

Heleena of the Mid Century Air B&B

Quite the view... imagine curling up with a good book, nestled down in a blanket, while perhaps listening to records playing on the record player... personally, I am okay with just staring out the window lost in my own thoughts perhaps watching those flakes fly about with Ohio's winter weather.   

If you visit during Christmas, she even decorates!  I feel like I stepped back into my Grandparents home in this photo, and I like it.  So many memories... are you getting all the feels seeing this home too? 

Marie thought of everything for folks who want to decompress, there are games from days gone by… you know the kind that make you interact with others, not ones most play these days, I am looking at you video games.  

Ahhh... this home sounds idyllic, doesn't it?

I know I would love a change of pace myself. Are you ready for one too?

Actually, stepping back to 1950 something may just be what the doctor ordered. Living as they did in 1950 sounds better and better to me everyday. Didn't life seem so simple then, not all of the tech we have, which in my opinion, brings more headaches.

Long for the days where when five o'clock finally made it's appearance, you were finished for the day? No emails to be read at home at the dinner table, or phone calls in the middle of the night. If you were not home to take an emergency call, then the next person was called in. None of this tracking folks down any time of day, or night, any day of the week.

I don't know about you, but doesn't 1950 something sound like a nice era to take a break from the daily grind of today?

Well, what are you waiting for, book today to experience all the feels Heleena has to offer! You just may never want to leave, in which case, I am not sure what to say... other than it definitely sounds appealing to me too.

Oh, and if you decide to stay, apparently you and I are not the only ones who may never want to leave. Check out this lovely note left by a guest recently.

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  • Visit Jack Pine Studio, Columbus Washboard Company Museum, Ohio Glass Museum & Glass Blowing Studio,
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