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Thursday, January 19, 2023

Farm Fresh Eggs

My Experience Eating Farm Fresh Eggs for the First Time

Experience the deliciousness of fresh eggs for yourself!  Discover what I learned about farm fresh eggs after my first encounter with them.

I had never tasted fresh eggs before. But after my first experience, I learned a lot about the difference in taste, texture, and nutrition between fresh eggs and store-bought varieties. I share what I discovered—and why you should give fresh eggs a try.

Farm fresh eggs... yum!  I was recently presented with the opportunity to purchase farm fresh eggs, and can I tell you how yummy they were, plus not to mention all the things I have learned through this process?

I am sure some of you would figure out I have been a city gal my entire life.  Although, I never really thought of our small town as a city, I guess it is growing despite my thinking we are still small (wishful thinking on my part?).

When I was young, I had aspirations of being a big city career type gal, I think Working Girl with Melanie Griffith had a lot to do with those hopes and dreams.  She may have been an inspiration to many of us young gals growing up in the 80's.  The high heels, suits, and briefcase were a calling to me once upon a time.

Then as you get older and learn what real life is all about, all of the stress, and what Hollywood tried to portray as glamour doesn't seem so glamorous when you get into the thick of things.  

They never mentioned sitting behind a computer all day would affect my vision, struggling to see small typed print on bottles and the like were never a part of the plan.  

They also never mentioned the migraines of sitting behind said computer, or how our bodies do not benefit in the slightest sitting behind a desk, or how the dressing up is not really so much fun... like the day you decide to wear a dress to work, and of all days you need to crawl under the desk to change out cords when your computer goes on the fritz, and you hope your rear end is not hanging out for the world to see throughout the process.  

Yes, all true stories.  

So you see the life of working in an office is not really so much fun afterall is what you learn very quickly. 

I am a two sided coin kind of gal, while I loved the idea of working in an office, there were those days when I thought how wonderful would it be to live on a farm?  Oh I know... there are certain aspects of farm life I would not care for either, are we ever satisfied these days?   

My husband's family had a dairy farm, and he can tell some stories.  Especially when they involve all of the dairy products you would never want to consume again if you saw them being made.  I asked how about you never bring this up again?  I do admit, my dairy consumption is at an all time low since that discussion.

Which finally brings me back to eggs... farm fresh eggs.  There were so many things I did not know about those lovely hard shells of calcium carbonate surrounding those precious yolks, and liquid white center.  Those gems, now I can call them that since they are as precious as an actual gem these days, who could foresee that happening... were quite the treat for me.  

I also enjoyed learning more about fresh eggs from the person who I purchased my first dozen from.  Her chickens are free range chickens, consistently producing double yolks, and also produce eggs that are a mix of pink, brown, and green.  I do not think I have seen green eggs in the store, have you?

Each egg is marked in pencil the day they are laid to be sure the older eggs are consumed first.  

Here is what I learned through the process of purchasing fresh eggs and thought it would be selfish of me not to pass along.  Variety is the spice of life, and I plan to share new things in 2023 with y'all.

  • Eggs purchased at the store are already about 30 days old.  

Yikes!  I had no idea.  I guess I never really thought about it or researched this topic before.   

  • Eggs when purchased from the store have been washed, treated, and bleached.  

Interesting that they are bleached since when I read up on cleaning an egg, they indicate to not wash them with soap since it will penetrate the egg shell.  

Hmmm... that has me wondering a whole host of questions, does it make you question the same things?  
  • Unwashed eggs can sit out for up to 13 days at room temperature.  

Wow, and here I always thought they needed to be refrigerated at all times?  My mother harped about this when I would leave the eggs out on the counter while I made those wonderful chocolate chip cookies I so loved growing up.  Although, we had store bought eggs so she may have had a point there, huh. 

Farm fresh eggs shelf life... I did read somewhere they can sit out for up to 30 days and still be safe to consume, but I will trust the person I purchased my eggs from and stay with the 13 day rule given to me.  

When my husband came home, he freaked out.  He was not fond of the idea of them sitting at room temperature.  So to appease him, I put them in the fridge.    

  • When eggs are washed, it removes the bloom making them susceptible to bacteria.

I guess this would be the one time where not cleaning something would be acceptable, that is until you are ready to use them.  Being a gal who grew up in a city type environment, I am stunned with some of this information.  Goes to show you I have lived a sheltered life when it comes to some of these concepts and country life.  I love to learn new information all of the time, do you?

  • How to clean farm fresh eggs... simply wash them with warm water under the sink faucet being sure to remove any debris from the egg (dirt, straw, etc...).  Warm water will draw out any bacteria or dirt from the shell.  Cold water will allow bacteria to go below the surface of the egg shell and we wouldn't want that, now would we?    

Make sure those egg shells are all cleaned up before you use them.  I am leaving mine as is until I am ready to consume them, one at a time.  This way I know they will stay fresh longer.  Remember, once that bloom is removed, they are susceptible to bacteria.   

I can tell you when I cracked the egg, I noticed the shell was much thicker than store bought, and the membrane surrounding the egg was also thicker.  I wasn't expecting to need to crack the egg harder to penetrate through so I could get that lovely egg out of it's shell.  Another crack and we were home free and into our skillet it went.  

The egg shell did not break like a store bought shell does.  I have found when you tap the egg on a surface, it will break away right from the start.  I tapped the surface, and then again.  I noticed the egg shell stayed together by the membrane despite cracks in it's shell; no stray shells ended up in my skillet.  It doesn't always happen, but there are times it does with store bought.    

Also, with farm fresh eggs I was instructed there are times where you may see a small bit of blood, no worries it is perfectly fine and safe.  I am not sure what your experience has been, but I have seen this with store bought eggs too.  

I did experience a small bit of blood with the eggs above.  Me being me, I pulled out a spoon, waited for that area of the egg to harden up a bit and scooped it right out.  Into the trash it went.  

What I Thought When Eating Fresh Eggs 

My fresh eggs were full of flavor, I am not sure I can do those eggs justice when describing their flavor.  What comes to mind is wholesome?  Does that make sense?  That was my first thought, their flavor burst across my tongue and I thought wow, I have been missing out having store bought eggs my entire life.  I am thinking it may be difficult to go back to store bought now that I have experienced the exquisiteness of farm fresh eggs.   

I was amazed at just how different fresh eggs were compared to store-bought eggs. The fresh egg had a deep yellow yolk, it wasn't watery like the store bought variety. It also had a nice earthy aroma unlike anything I have smelled before. The texture was smooth and creamy but with a thinner consistency that allowed for easy cooking.

Benefits of Farm Fresh Eggs

Are farm fresh eggs better for you? Eating fresh eggs offers a plethora of benefits. Not only do they provide a higher nutritional value than store-bought eggs, but I thought they also tasted much better. Fresh eggs contain more essential vitamins and minerals like Vitamin A, B, and E along with magnesium, phosphorus and other nutrients needed for our bodies. Plus, their firmer texture ensures that every dish you cook will have perfect results!

Here is a little more information I found below while poking around and being my curious self:

  • Farm fresh eggs contain less saturated fats and cholesterol.  Now of course, I had to know why this is.  Conventional farms feed chickens mostly grains which results in more saturated fats and cholesterol.  My allergies aside, I knew those pesky grains were not so good for us.  
  • The eggs are fresh, no worries about shipping, processing, or shelf life while they sit in a store waiting to be whisked away to your kitchen at home.  
  • Farm fresh eggs have Vitamin D, store bought do not.  The reason is the chickens never see the sun.  I find this fact sad.  Anyone feel the same way?    
  • Fresh eggs are also full of omega-3 fatty acids, beta carotene, and vitamins A, E, and D.  Of course, I had to know the whys.... free range chickens have exposure to bugs, plants, and the sun which we already discussed above.  Commercial chickens do not have access to such things.  Are you feeling more and more sad for these chickens?  I know I am.

Anyone else thinking about raising their own chickens so they can have fresh eggs everyday all year long?  There are certainly many benefits to farm fresh eggs.  It is something I would seriously consider if we did not have a hunting dog who I would never want to see have a run in with a chicken.  With the price of eggs on the rise, was it really over $14.00 for 36 eggs when I ordered groceries last?  Anyone else want to be a self made fresh egg farmer in their backyard too? 

Now you may wonder why a city gal like myself would even think to try farm fresh eggs?  Well, I will tell you a secret, I was never one much for social media until I began writing this little ole' blog.  I had very little extra time for it.

Now, I tune in and see what folks who I am friends with are up to.  I saw a post from a friend who indicated she had farm fresh eggs for sale, and I thought hmm... I am going to give those a try.  I am so glad I did now, or else I would still have this void in my life where those fresh eggs lay (teehee).  Thank you so much for sharing your eggs with me, instructions, and for the brief chat we exchanged in a grocery store parking lot!  These days I do not get out with people in person much and I appreciated catching up!

So there you go, my account of farm fresh eggs... the long and the short of it... my manifesto... of course all opinions are my own, but I was wooed by these farm fresh eggs, and have a feeling I will be coming back for more time and again if they are available.  Have you had the pleasant experience of fresh eggs?  If so, what are your thoughts?  Inquiring minds want to know...

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  1. Lots of good info about eggs!! My son has chickens and he and hubby love fresh eggs. They are so colorful too! Hubby's grandparents had a farm and I've asked him before how could he raise an animal then take it to the slaughter house. I just can't comprehend that one, not yet anyway :)

    1. I am not sure I could either. I would think of their kind eyes and would not be able to do it. I do like eggs though...

  2. Visiting again to say thanks so much for linking up at the #UnlimitedLinkParty 101. Shared.

  3. Cara, CONGRATS! Your post is FEATURED at the #UnlimitedLinkParty 102!

    1. Thank you so much Dee! I stopped purchasing eggs from the store and only buy farm fresh eggs now, it is so nice knowing how fresh they are!