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Wednesday, August 9, 2023

What is Art?

Exploring the Boundless Realm of Art

Delve into the multifaceted world of art, where creativity knows no bounds.  Discover the diverse forms, from painting and sculptures to digital marvels and architectural wonders.  Join us in unraveling the essence of art, a subjective voyage of self-expression and perception. 

Paint by number painting
My Latest Paint by Numbers Painting 

Art is a fascinating term, evolving in meaning as we journey through life.  Our initial encounters with art occur in school, where our childhood creations embellish our homes, gradually replaced by newer expressions.    As we mature, our understanding deepens.  Art transcends mere painting and drawings; it encompasses sculptures, photography, digital creations, and a myriad of styles like abstract, realism, impressionism, and contemporary interpretations.  

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Childhood artwork
Drawing completed by a 10 year old

I recall enrolling in an Art History class during my college days.  Those long, dimly lit evenings, filled with slides of artistic wonders tested my endurance every Tuesday evening from 7:30-11:00 PM.  Yet, an unexpected revelation awaited me too.  Amid the dimness, I found myself captivated by architectural intricacies, an integral part of Art History.  My focus shifted from the slides of renowned artworks to the mesmerizing details of structures like the Sistine Chapel.  

The Towers Rhode Island
The Towers, Narragansett, Rhode Island

While paintings were enchanting, it was architecture that truly engaged me on those long Tuesday evenings.  I discovered the beauty of elements like flying buttresses, concepts that were foreign to me before.  This newfound fascination extended beyond class hours, as I started observing buildings, churches, and historical homes, absorbing every facet.  

Architectural details
Architectural details galore!  I fell in love with this building during our travels

In my hometown, The Village of Lancaster was founded in 1800, and harbors a unique story.  All records predating 1900 were consumed in a fire casting a shadow over the heritage of many homes and buildings.  Despite having no intention of buying or selling property, I monitor real estate listings, driven by an insatiable curiosity about the local architecture and origin of each home.  You just never know what you will discover if you look.

Architectural details on home
Private residence 

But how does this connect to the question of what is art?  The answer lies in the versatility of art.  It can manifest in various forms, from the paint-by-numbers pieces I lovingly create to the opulent $264,000 art collection recently auctioned in my humble hometown.  While some are drawn to high-value artworks, I find joy and contentment in displaying my modest creations on our walls.

Paint by numbers

Art extends its reach beyond canvases and sculptures.  It encompasses the very design of our homes, churches, and urban landscapes.  The allure of aged buildings, rich with character and unique details, holds a special place in my heart. 

Art found in buildings
Portland Co, Portland, Maine, Art through Historical Buildings

Architectural detail found on building
Architectural detail I found intriguing 

The age-old adage "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" strikes a chord, drawing a parallel to the vast expanse of art.  Beyond traditional forms, beauty unfurls in gardening, vintage advertising, and the art of transformation.  Through a discerning lens, one can uncover beauty and art woven into the fabric of everyday existence.      

Mountain Painting Art
Mountain Painting on Canvas, yep another one of mine 

Garden Art
Beautiful Landscaping Art

Advertising Art
Vintage Advertising Art

Cemetery Art
Art found on headstones

In the grand tapestry of life, art defies confinement to predefined boundaries.  It's a personal journey of perception and interpretation.  What constitutes art is a realm you, as an individual, have the privilege to define.  This fluidity is what makes the concept of art endlessly captivating to me.  

So, I ask you: what do you believe art truly is?  

Photography Art
Art through Photography During our Travels in Maine

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