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Wednesday, January 5, 2022

German Village in Columbus, Ohio

Searching German Village in Columbus, Ohio?  We have another lovely home to share with you in German Village in Columbus, Ohio.  

All photos sourced from Zillow.  

I have been searching high and low for a home for my sister closer to family... can I tell you how difficult it is to find "the home" for her? 

One, the pickin's are slim these days!  I realize winter is upon us and not many want to make a move through winter, but wow!  The availability seemed to be shrinking, but now it seems it has all but dried up!  

If you are searching for a home, then you know what I am talking about!  I thought I found a cute little cape cod for her, but she said meh... what is meh?  Oh come on, it is adorable!   Granted needs a little updating, but still cute as a button.

I finally got a, ok I like the exterior, but the interior, not so much... I said well, we can change all of that!  Yep, I said we... I am offering her my services.  LOL!  Ok, well the things I know how to do anyway, but I still think it could be a lot of fun for sisters to work on a home together.  Stay tuned if she ever picks "the home".

I am not sure I have seen the prices of home this high ever.  It blows my mind, and of course everyone wants to purchase a home with all of the bells and whistles already in place.  Or at least this is what the sis wants.

She wants an older home... hey, can you believe that we have that in common too?

I explained if an older home is what you are after, maybe wait on making a purchase when prices go down a bit?  Or... buy an older home with a little bit of work.  Buy low and then make it what you want it to be, it will totally be your creation.

I knew when we purchased our home all those years ago, I wanted to make it ours.  I never even questioned all of the work I knew it would need here.  We purchased at a decent price then, and have made upgrades along the way. 

In order for something like this to work, you have to make that decision buy low with updates to be made, or go in at your higher price point and have it move in ready when you take that jump. 

Now this is just me talking, but even at the high price point, how often does the home look exactly to a tee how you want that home to be for the rest of your life there?  There are always things you decide to change, so why move in and make it work until you have the money to upgrade?  

All this talk and searching out new homes brought me to my favorite old house area, German Village in Columbus, Ohio.  Do you know as of today, there are exactly six homes available in that market?  What, six?  My goodness, where did all of the for sale homes run off to?  I am asking that same question, but it is the same where we live and the surrounding areas too!

Since we are friends and I have shared other homes from this area, you know the price of those homes tend to be higher than what most are willing to pay or can afford.  I decided to share with you today an As Is property that needs a little TLC, but I think could still be a wonderful home located at 1007 City Park Avenue Columbus, Ohio 43206.  

Do not discount As Is properties.  Sometimes folks just run out of motivation or funds, just make sure you get a home inspection even if it is an as is property.  That is an important piece to making that sort of purchase.  Our own home was an as is that we scooped up from an estate that needed to be settled.  

I love when we find these homes that have a garage, not always the case in this area.  Look at all of that brick work.  I would love to have a brick patio off of our back porch, but I have not decided on another garage or not yet.  See, so many decisions to make and deciding what to do when you are making a home truly what you desire.

This home would be perfect for a family who is wanting little maintenance or someone who does not want the upkeep of a large yard.  For me?  I am totally fine with this space, but the kiddo may want a place to relive himself and I am not seeing any grass around here. 

So mustard yellow is not your style, no problem, paint will take care of that.  I am so in love with those pine floors though.  Have I mentioned I am a huge fan of them?  Yes, Cara many times, move on already, will ya?

That molding is at the top of my list!  I fall in love with those homes when you walk in and see molding galore!  The taller, the better for me.  The molding around the frame in the hallway, yes, please!  I want to see more!

This fireplace kind of draws you in and makes you want to sit a spell, doesn't it?  I can still see a painting of Bentley above the fireplace in a suit, as I giggle to myself. 

Have I also told you how much I really like large chunky curtain rods?  I am not a fan of the small flimsy ones, it is the reason I decided to keep the ones that came with our home.  I just really like those sorts of things, I know traditional d├ęcor, but that is me with a bit of cottage and Frenchie thrown in.  

I am assuming this is the dining room.  Looks a bit tight, but wait until you see what is on the opposite side of this room!  

I can see a round dining room table here under the light fixture.  

Look at all of that storage... and the corbels?  Oh my!  I love details like that.  I failed to mention all of the wall trim molding.  I would love to add this to our own home.  It really just takes an oh hum room and turns it up a notch or 12.

Exposed brick, be still my heart!  More wall molding galore.  Those baseboards are quite lovely too.  

So the kitchen is smallish, but look at that ceiling.  There has really been a lot of attention to detail put into this home.  This cabinet is my favorite, going to the ceiling to boot.

I believe this is one of the bedrooms, lots of natural light coming into this room and there are those lovely pine floors again.  

Here is where things get interesting.  I would say they lost a bedroom upstairs creating this bath, but it has a luxurious feel to it.  

Do you see the shower?  Painted brick wall?  I wonder if when you sing in the shower it echoes?  Kidding of course, but this is a huge bathroom considering the bathrooms in our own home.  

I am not so sure I would want to give up a bedroom for a bath of this size though?  I am just not sure, kind of torn on this one.  What are your thoughts?

The bathtub is kind of all by it's lonesome, unless you consider your neighbor right next door.  Yep, darn tooting those blinds would be down all of the time if I lived here!  

Well, what do you think of this as is home located in German Village, Columbus, Ohio?  

You can tell a lot of work has been done on this home, but I can see some things I would still change to make it perfect for me.  Do you enjoy dreaming up homes and what you would do to them?  It is one of my favorite pass times... goes along with me walking with my head in the clouds in my spare time.

If perusing old homes is a favorite for you, you're in the right place.  I could do this all day long, seriously.  A friend mentioned I should have been a realtor... nah, I am not so much into sales, but I could talk houses all day long.  

This home can be found at 1007 City Park Avenue, Columbus, Ohio.  The home was recently reduced $50,000 in price and is now listed at $599,900.  This brick home was built in 1900 and has two bedrooms, two baths, and has a total of 1,598 square feet.  

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