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Friday, January 21, 2022

Our pup has been a busy boy

We've had inquires on how the kiddo is doing.  He is well.  The house has been feeling a little under the weather... and he has been busy keeping watch.

Do you recall Nanna in Peter Pan, you know, the St. Bernard who was the children's nanny?  Or at least the Disney version... well, that is our Bentley.  He has been running upstairs, downstairs, checking on his parents, making sure the house is secure.  He has been quite the busy boy. 

Do you know he has even been sleeping all through the night?  Yes!  Now we know it is possible, we might think it should continue?  Yeah right, happy thoughts parents!    

It snowed here quite a bit.  Sorry, I did not get any pictures.  I wish I had though, it was beautiful.  I love the snow and so does our peanut.  He absolutely loves walking around in it, snorkeling, and just plain being a wild child.    

The first morning after the snow, I took him out to do his business.  Now, if you do not want to know about his idiosyncrasies, you may want to skip this part.  He peed, and turned around and looked at the snow like where did it go?  He sniffed, then just as I thought he was going to bite into the snow and I was going to say NO!  He took his nose and flipped snow over it like he was trying to hide it.

My mom commented he must be cat now.  We have no idea what made him do this, if you know, please enlighten us.  We think he needs to take his show on the road!  

He is always doing the craziest things around here.  It makes us laugh and being a dog lover and owner all of my life, I have never seen these behaviors before in any of my dogs.  I love it since it always keeps us on our toes and in stitches since many chuckles have been had over his funny business.

I will spare you the details of number two, but let's just say the typical marching back and forth in the yard searching out the perfect spot took much longer than normal, and he was ticked at the snow for being so high.  It makes me laugh just thinking about his facial expressions.  He has many so you like to wonder what he is thinking.

I am pretty sure he was thinking darn snow, how am I supposed to do my business when I have such short legs and I do not want anything touching me?  He literally runs away when he is done.  Sometimes he stops and looks back like is it following me, but other times it is a hard run to get out of dodge.   

So there, now you know all about those behaviors, we will move on to better things.  LOL.

Bentley has been following his dad around like he thinks he holds all of the cookies in the world making sure he is feeling better.  Mr. VS has been suffering from a migraine.  It has been nice to see him bond with him like he has with me.  

Our kiddo usually follows me everywhere and lays at my feet, and goes to bed when I do.  I love that about him.  If you have read our other posts, you do not always get to hear that side of him.  He is quite ornery and does like things his way, but we have found he also can be loving when he desires.

What side do I prefer?  Oh, it doesn't matter to me, as long as he is healthy and enjoying life that is all that matters to me.  

We hope you have a wonderful Friday and weekend!  Take some time to smell the flowers... you may enjoy what you find.  As for us?  We will be burrowing down in the covers and staying warm this weekend.  As you can see, he does love his blankets.  


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