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Friday, October 22, 2021

747 City Park Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43206

Searching for unique ideas to put into your own home?  This home has many unique features to share and maybe a surprise too.  

We have this lovely cottage to share with you today located at 747 City Park Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43206.  You guessed it, this home is located in German Village.  We have shared several homes in this area, this one is a bit different than my normal perusals, but I promise it will not disappoint either. 

All brick cottage located at 747 City Park Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43206

From the street, one would think this home is teeny tiny, but it packs a lot of punch and comes in at a whopping 2,650 square feet!  Much bigger than I was expecting at first glance.  I think this is why I love this area so much, you just never know what you will find, haha, kind of like our blog.  Who wants to be predictable all of the time?  

Granite waterfall kitchen island

Look at that waterfall island... and it is certainly nice that it seats four comfortably.  There appears to be plenty of storage in the kitchen, but I am not sure how I feel about the narrow sink.

Cleaning a turkey for Thanksgiving may prove to be difficult in that smallish sink.  I am glad there is plenty of lighting so I can see what I am cooking in the kitchen though.  

When we moved into our cottage, there was one overhead light.  They had put up a plastic light under one of the cabinets that plugged into the wall, yuck!  It came down when we moved in.  Can you believe they even stuck a push pin through the wire so they could keep the wire from hanging down?  Yikes!

Exposed brick wall in kitchen with island

I have a feeling we will be seeing more exposed brick in this home.  I have to say that is a feature I have fallen in love with when I look at homes.  It just says home to me.  

I hope to expose the brick around our fireplace one of these days when I have a free moment... well, if I wait for that, it may never happen.  Now you have me worried it may never happen!  Oh no, I think I really want that in our living room... 


Industrial kitchen

I am so curious about that barn door over yonder.  Do you see it?  What could possibly be behind that small door?  Inquiring minds want to know!  

Cozy family room with hardwood floors

Nice cozy family area to watch my late night infomercials.  Peanut and I would cozy up on the couch together and watch television till the wee hours of the morning adding to the no sleep I already get... we would watch home improvement shows and get even more ideas to share with y'all.    

French doors opening to patio area from family room

I see something I would love!  A patio area with a pergola over it.  Why yes, I would love to lounge on the outdoor sofa catching those rays of beautiful sun day in and day out.  Enjoy our dinners al fresco style... while our kiddo did his best begging tricks for food.  

Door in floor leading to wine room or bar below home

Oh, and here is where things get interesting.  I love secret rooms, passage ways... secret compartments!  I am all in, let's see what is down those lovely stairs!  Are you as excited as I am?

Wine or bar room with stone walls and bar

Is it weird I think this would make the coolest bedroom?  LOL.  A bar in your bedroom?  Oh why not... I love those stone walls... it kind of puts me in the mind of castle walls, and so it made me think of bedrooms, you know, because those two things go hand in hand...  seriously, you never know where my brain will go.

In all honesty, I think I would maybe make this a family room.  It would be nice to have a microwave down here to make popcorn and snuggle up and watch a good scary movie for upcoming Halloween!  

Another view of wine room with stone walls and stairs going upstairs

Hmm.. looking at those stairs, it may be difficult to get a couch to the basement after all.  Well, maybe a LoveSac sofa would be the ticket.  I can think of all sorts of different scenarios for this basement and since we do not drink none of them would be for the bar meant to be down here.  

It does not deter me from this home though, and I love the actual bar too.  I have thought about something similar in our basement.  You know, the project right behind exposing all of that lovely brick on our fireplace.

I wish there were more than 24 hours in a day!

Bedroom with exposed brick walls and fireplace

We all know I love the exposed brick, but I am also quite fond of that fireplace.  Makes me think I absolutely must have one in our bedroom now!  

Oh wait, that doesn't make sense in your house Cara.  What?  Well, we MUST make that happen!  You can see how I am constantly getting distracted by so many different things I am drawn to.  I spin my wheels trying to figure out the best lay out for our home.  

Owner suite bath gray tones and granite

What a lovely master bath, and that shower?  You would not hear me complain about the size of it.  How much easier would it be to give peanut a bath in the winter months in a shower like this?

Now if we are talking dreams here, I would love a mudroom where our kiddo can have his own bath.  Oh maybe one of these days!  See, big dreams here!  Well, I will be the first to tell you to chase your dreams, without them, what do we have to look forward or work towards.  FOLLOW THOSE DREAMS!  💕

2 person shower

Now you can really appreciate the size of this shower!  Dual showers in one.  I did not know I wanted that until I saw it.  Maybe Mr. VS just may get his wish afterall in taking out one of our bathtubs.  It does make me sad to remove original features in a home though.

It goes to show you searching the internet for ideas can get overwhelming.  I like to poke fun at myself because why does life have to be so serious?  I see a million things I like, but I also need to keep in mind we are working with a cozy cottage here too.

Stacked washer and dryer

How exactly does this work for a short gal like me?  I would need to get my ladder out to change out laundry and set the dials.  I think this is one thing I would need to pass on.  OR... Mr. VS could do all of the laundry since he is so tall... maybe that is not such a bad idea afterall!

Catwalk leading to treadmill

I think this is something I would also need to pass on.  A catwalk!  When we were searching for homes, we looked at a home that had a catwalk and I was so nervous to walk across it.  I am not a fan of heights.

My husband said do not look down and walk across.  Of course the first thing you do when someone says to not look down?  Yep, I looked down.  I said nope, this one is off the list.  

It was kind of sad too because it was a lovely cottage on top of a very steep hill surrounded by woods and a wrap around porch that literally went all the way around the home.  I envisioned rocking chairs, and watching the sunset, and sunrise, and wrapping up in blankets on chilly mornings.  The driveway alone would have killed me in the winter.  It went straight up!

Another view of catwalk

There is that lovely catwalk again from a different angle.

Large shower with gray with large subway tile

This home has quite large showers.  I am not complaining in the slightest about that though.  It looks like it is the perfect height for me.  Mr. VS?  Not so much, he may need to sit on the bench to shower in here lol.    

Patio area with brick lower patio

And this right here would be so nice to have.  Completely fenced in, our kiddo could be off leash and run around as he pleases, causing all sorts of havoc about the yard.  

Looking out into yard from patio couch

This home was built in 1900 and has 2 bedrooms and 3 baths, and is priced at $789,500.  

Do you enjoy looking at homes in German Village located in Columbus, Ohio as much as I do?  Interested in seeing more homes from this area that we have shared?  
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