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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Vintage Rehab

Are you ready to hear about an obsession of mine?  Yes, I have more than one, but this one I am going to share with you today.  Have you seen or heard of Vintage Rehab?  I am not one to really promote shows, but I was flipping through some of my pins on Pinterest and I saw Ally Mahon (seen below) and thought I had to share this show with y'all.  It originally aired on the DIY Network in 2017 so I may be late coming to the party...  

Although I was not aware of her show when it originally aired, I am a huge fan now.  I have tried to see if it will air again, but it says the show is on a break.  I just happened to come across her show on the DIY Network one day when I was home and I then recorded every episode so I could watch them all. 

Ally Mahon has some awesome ideas when it comes to rehabbing homes.  My favorite episode was a Victorian home where she completed the entire rehab project on $20,000.  Now, that may sound like a lot or not... depending on what your expectations are... but $3,000 only, went into the kitchen portion of this project. 

Yes, a kitchen rehab for $3,000!  In my opinion, sometimes the projects with little money really turn out the best because you have to get creative.  This episode proves you do not need $50,000 to remodel your kitchen.  I was in awe of how the kitchen came together.  

Here is Ally and behind her is "The Kitchen" that made me fall in love with her show on DIY Network.  The owners here basically had no kitchen when she was brought onto the scene and she made all of that happen behind her.  If you have the opportunity to watch any of her shows, but this one in particular, I recommend it!

The cabinet to the left of her was built just like the shelves behind her, the cabinet door is a lead glass window purchased from a salvage shop.  She also purchased another window that became the cabinet door to a cabinet above their refrigerator.  If memory serves, she purchased both windows for less than $70!

She also purchased a shop counter which was also painted the same green paint which sits to the right of the stove.  The only part I did not care about the shop counter was that it was wasted space.  Yes, they gained a countertop, but the cabinet could not be accessed, shelving faced the wall.  I also did not care for the white stove where she painted the dials gold, but other than that, this kitchen is aces!  

 The cabinets are actually matching dressers she found on the cheap.  I was amazed how an entire kitchen could be built on $3,000.  I did see recently where the couple who had the home sold it recently in the past year.  These are the only photos I can find of this home.  If I had this kitchen, I would be over the moon about it!  Have you seen this show?  If so, did you enjoy the episodes as much as I did?  Would you like to share any rehab shows with us?  I am a sucker for Home Town, and Rehab Addict too...   

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