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Friday, December 2, 2022

Troublesome pup during the holidays

You know Dasher,
and Dancer, 
and Prancer, 
and Vixen, 
and Commit, 
and Cupid, 
and Donner and Blitzen, 
But do you recall the most wonderful dog of all.... 
Bentley the ornery German Shepherd Beagle mix, 
That's me... and if you never saw me, 
I will tell you how cute I am... 
Just ask me!

She took my toy!

Mom says if you need a good laugh to brighten your day, then you should read on... 

So I asked mom the other day why I had not been allowed to say hello for so long, and she said well, she was busy with other things, and time got away from her.  Can you believe the nerve of that woman?  Forgetting to let me say hello for so long!  Well, hellloooo.... I missed you, did you miss me?

I can tell you I have been up to so many things... of course if you asked my mom, she would tell you I have not been the best pup lately, but I try, I really really do!

I know Santa Paws is coming to town, she reminds me on a daily basis, and how I need to be on my best behavior... only things come up, and well... sometimes I forget to be cordial to others, and well I bark my head off, or I am tried in other areas of life, and these people cannot expect me to be the dream child every day of the week.  It's not possible... 

So maybe she does have a point there... just the other day she had to run out and pick up something she needed and I got to ride along in the car.  I love riding in the backseat, it is so much fun!  I get to walk back and forth, and I get to see all the things, exploring anywhere we go.  How cool is that?

A lady was walking her pooch, and I went nuts!  I was barking, and then I may have scratched at the windows... okay, I know I did and mom hates it when I do it, dad does too for that matter, but darn it... well, I do not have an excuse for my behavior.  Mom tells me that this makes me look like a nutcase, but geez Louise, I was only too eager to say HI!!  The lady was trying to control her dog because I may have scared him.  Oops... so sorry lady.  Mom said that is it!  You are not riding in the car anymore.

Only guess what?  She forgot all about that stunt I pulled earlier in the week, and she let me go to the bank with her through the drive thru.  So.. I may have been a repeat offender, and actually, it may have even been the same lady and her pooch... only I took it too far because I ripped some of the material down on mom's car door.  Yikes!  Talk about her being so angry with me!  I think I am grounded for life and perhaps have gone on my last outing for a while.  

I felt bad, especially when I did not get my cookie from the nice ladies in the drive thry, mom withheld them!  Can you believe it?  I came home and went and did a pout all afternoon.  I said mom, you are not nice, I am going to my room and getting in your bed.  Yes, it is my room, and I would tell her it is also my bed, but I wasn't sure how that would go over so at that point in time so I told her just my room.

I mean, I watch over this place!  Night, day, it doesn't matter, I think I deserve more respect than I get around here!  Don't you?  Do you think she overreacted?  I am beginning to think she has lost her mind, withholding cookies.  Who does she think she is?

Getting into stuff... so fun!

Mom gets grouchy when she doesn't have any sleep, maybe that was what her problem was, it is not pretty when she lacks sleep.  I have been wanting to snuggle as close as I can at night, and may have encroached her spot on the bed so she doesn't exactly have enough room to stretch out her legs.  Geesh, I just want to snuggle, but she said I was cramping her style, literally.  She woke up and wasn't getting around so well that morning.

I've been going out at all hours of the night which she said she doesn't mind so much, but she has a hard time getting back to bed so then she only gets a few hours of sleep at night which I am beginning to think affects me not getting cookies when I totally deserve them, you know, like at the bank.  

Well, the other morning she had finally dozed off, and at bright and early 8 AM on the dot, the neighbors roof began coming down.  It startled me, and I was like MOM, the sky is falling, the sky is falling!  I woke her up, she was disoriented, and then she took me outside, she didn't know what all of the racket was for either!  

We found out real quick if was some folks removing and installing a new roof.  I just was not having any of that, and so I let them know... HEY, YOU!  You are causing quite the ruckus!  I did my usual barking like a banshee to let them know how displeased I was with them!  They ignored me and kept right on working.  Can you believe that?

They. Ignored. Me!  Mom said not everyone bows to the prince, and I thought well, they darn tootin' should!  We went back inside and she said something about cleaning which I became bored with quite quickly and said see ya, later mommy.  I hurried up them steps and dove under the covers where it was still all nice and toasty for the rest of the morning.  

Yeah, I sure do pout when I do not get my way, but it works like a charm, every time!

I forgot to ask, did you have a good Thanksgiving?  I can tell you mine was not as pleasant as past holidays.  Do you believe those parents of mine left me at home?  Alone... all by my lonesome!  Mom said it was like an hour, but I was devasted, it seemed like they were gone for days, days people!  I even let them know when they shut the door what I thought about this situation they were leaving me in, and that did not work!  It usually does, it hits her in the feels every time, but this time?  Nope, she just said sorry...

Sorry?  I am thinking she was not sorry one little bit!  

You see, earlier in the week I went over to visit with my grandma and my great grandma.  Since it is cold, we had to stay inside which I love going to grandma's when I can be outside and explore.  She lets me go all over that backyard, every inch, and have all the fun I want.  It is the bestest time in the whole wide world.

This time?  I was cooped up inside, and I may have got to snooping around.  Then I discovered I smelled Frank's scent in the living room.  Well, what do you think I did?  I walked right over to her couch and did a hike.  I mean, I had to let him know I was there, and Grandma is OFF limits, she is MINE, not his!  

He is not allowed to claim her, I already did way before him!  Oh, I got in so much trouble!  Mom marched my rear end right outside!  I nearly did it again on Grandma's patio, but then I decided I feared for my life and then proceeded to run all over that yard and leave my mark so Frank knows this means war!  I am on to him, and I am going to cover each and every piece of his scent.  Mom told me I was BAD!  I never get told that, I was astounded!

So, I had to do hard time being pinned up in the kitchen under my mom's watchful eye for the remainder of our visit.  I wasn't allowed to visit with great grandma, and darn it, I was excited to go exploring.  Mom said if I would have behaved and not peed on the couch then I could have explored, and I had no one to blame but myself.  

I was kind of ticked because I did not feel like I did anything wrong, but I guess it was a big deal.  Do you know what else I did?  I grabbed up all of Frank's toys and played with them all in spite of him because he was the reason I was in trouble in the first place.  I wanted to make sure he knew I played with his toys too.  

Playing under the table at Grandma's with Frank's toys!

So now that you know what I have been up to, how are all you lovely people doing?  Are you ready for Santa Claus to come and visit your house?  Mom says if I am good he will come down the chimney and hopefully leave me a toy.  I have been getting pretty scared though, first, I am not sure how that guy will fit down my chimney, and second, I have been in trouble a lot lately.  Mom said I couldn't tell you everything I have been up to because the list was long, and she said I only have so much time on here to tell it.  

So since I need to go, I hope you enjoyed your holiday last weekend, and hopefully she lets me say hello more often, especially with Christmas coming.  I have all kinds of things to share with you.  Christmas is my favorite holiday because it is also my birfday!  I will be four!  Ok, TTFN!  I hear her calling my name.  Don't worry, I will sneak back if I have to.  Happy Friday!  

One more thing, if you enjoyed my story here, you can read more about me by looking at the menu, clicking It's a Dog's Life, or you can click that link, where you can read all things about ME!  I look forward to seeing you next time!  🙉

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  1. What a cute post! Aren't dogs just the best things ever? No one is as loyal or loving as your dog and so glad to see you when you've been gone. I've always wondered why they don't live long. They hold such a special place in our hearts but are not here with us near as long as some animals. That makes me sad. Thanks so much for linking up at the Unlimited Link Party 95. Shared.

    1. Thank you Dee, he is our four legged child, sleeps in bed with us, eats when we do, I admit, he is kind of spoiled! I wouldn't have it any other way though!