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Saturday, December 24, 2022

Merry Christmas 2022

From our home to yours, we wish you all a Merry Christmas.  We are so grateful for your shares, likes, your readership means the world to us, and encourages us to keep going from day to day.  Without you, we would not exist. 

We thank you for following along with our little site this past year, and look forward to more projects, recipes, stories, and idea sharing in 2023!   Someone would like to tell you more about this Christmas season, we hope you enjoy this ornery kiddo.  

Merry Christmas

Look whose back, back again, Bentley's back, tell a friend...

Beagle German Shepherd

I am so excited to tell you Merry Christmas, HO, HO, HO!  Can you believe it is finally here?  I feel like I have been waiting for so long for this day, plus it is my birfday too!  Mom and I had a lot of fun decorating our home this year, and baking Christmas cookies, and sharing it all with you.  

I gave a lot of input this year how things should be decorated, and can you believe she listened to me?

Bows on dining room chairs

She added bows to the dining room chairs, and I said mom, surely you know you do not want to leave those bows on the chairs... I mean, they are like a magnet pulling me towards them.  

I will definitely need to jump right up and pluck all of those ribbons off those chairs and run amuck, getting you to chase me, and it will probably end in disaster, like you may get hurt crawling army style under the dining room table, and I just may need to tell you that is my space... so stay out and remove those thingys!

Do you know that momma of mine said, oh... I see your point, let's take those down right away!  

Tartan plaid bows

Then she moved upstairs to the bathroom, and added bows to our shower curtain, and I said second verse, same as the first, mommy, moth to flame, remember... inviting a mischievous pup to wreak havoc on your Christmas decorations just waiting to happen.  

I am so sorry, but when things change around here, I am all too eager to get into the fun and see how these new things work.  I am a curious kiddo, and I have to pull items down to my level and see how they work.  So away the bows went, on to their next destination in our home.

Merry Christmas

We made this Merry Christmas sign, and she thought about painting it, but then I told her, nope... we need to be different, and we need to stain it.  Can you believe she listened to me again!  So we stained it and then added a bit of paint to the tree since a brown tree just wouldn't be Christmas.  She let me get right in there and stain with her.  

I jumped right up on her lap and said let's do this!  I am kind of a big boy and cannot totally fit in her lap, but I jump up with my front legs and stand on her lap.  I always nose my way into each and every project and give her my input.  I really think she would be lost without my opinions.

Victorian Santa

We added this Santa to the bathroom lantern.  She said it was so I knew Santa was watching over me and he has made appearances in every room.  He watches to see if I have been good or bad, and I cannot hide from him in any room of the house.  What luck, some days I feel like I am being stalked, but then I remember all the goodies this guy brings so I say okay, I can do this and he can stay! 

Victorian Santa

We use him as a nightlight in the bathroom.  I enjoy looking up at Santa and saying, I see you big guy, and I am behaving, I promise, or I try my darndest!  

Half lit tree

Then there was the mishap of the lights not working on the top of our tree, and so daddy had to fix that mess all up.  We even had the box of ornaments right there, open and ready to put up, and then Mr. Tree said sorry, no can do, I need new lights.  We had to wait forever for them to arrive, but when they came?  Well, let's just say Mr. Tree is my new favorite hang out with my blue and white blankie.  

Beagle German Shepherd

Do you know we watched Hallmark Christmas movies while we decorated the tree and throughout this Christmas season?  Mommy and I love those movies, we snuggle right up with each other under a blanket and say ahh... this is how life should be.  

Baked pinecones

My oh my... we baked so many pinecones that Grandma gave us.  It was a lot of fun for me since that meant she was in the kitchen and I tend to get treats when she is in there.  

Like for instance when she made these cookies!  They were so yummy!

Gluten free sugar cookies

I gobbled up each and every bite she gave me, and I begged for more... no shame in my game, I can assure you of that!  The vet says that is the Beagle in me, but I say nope, it is my momma's cooking and baking, it is yummy in my tummy!

German Shepherd Beagle

There were days when I would do a pout when mom did not listen to me, but I tried very hard to behave, I mean no lumps of coals coming to this pup.  Or at least I hope not!  Gosh, do you think I have been good enough?  I sure hope so!  

I think I did pretty good this year, and mommy said I did really well during my last vet appointment.  I did not even try to nip when they wanted to cut my darn toenails.  I stayed stoic and only yelped once!  See... I can be good.

Woolworth's Santa

We made this Santa, and I love him!  Mom shared her stories of Woolworth's with me and I enjoyed hearing each and every one of them!

Beagle German Shepherd

There were many naps with my toys this Christmas season... oohh, I wonder if Santa will bring me more balls?  I sure hope so!  I love them, and mommy threw away one this past week because I cracked it right open.  

German Shepherd Beagle

Then the weather got so cold, we experienced -28 degree weather with the windchill these past few days and I wanted to stay under the covers!  I said nope, you can do what you gotta do parents, and I will stay nice and toasty under the covers until I absolutely cannot wait any longer and only then will I even think about emerging from this warm cocoon!

Daddy kept trying to take me out, but he would open that door, and I would run behind him and say no thank you, it is too cold for me!  BRRRR... I told mommy I need a coat because I shiver when I go out.  I mean my feets were freezing, I hopped around like they were on fire.  I heard her tell daddy she ordered one for me.  I can't wait for it to get here so I stay warm when I have to go out and the weather is so cold.

Beagle German Shepherd

As you can see, I even helped mommy decorate in our entryway... I know I am so lucky I ended up with my parents after seeing all of those sad pup commercials, they make me sad that other pups do not have the life I do.  I am one lucky boy.

Beagle German Shepherd

They make sure I have what I need, and some extras too, okay lots of extras!  Grandma says I am spoiled.  

Well, I had better get to bed because mommy says Santa only comes when good boys and girls have sugar plums dancing in their heads, I guess that means I am supposed to be sleeping.  It is going to be so difficult to sleep tonight knowing Santa will be in our home, but I will do my bestest.

I hope Santa is good to you and that you enjoy your holidays with friends and family, near and far.  I will be back to see you, until next time, Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas

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