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Thursday, December 8, 2022

How to make a wreath step by step with pictures

Searching how to make a wreath step by step?  We are sharing how to make a Christmas wreath step by step with pictures today. 

Making an extra large Christmas wreath is probably easier than you think.  I will show you step by step how to make big wreaths for your home on a budget, along with how to make a Christmas wreath with mesh bow.

how to make a Christmas wreath with mesh bow

Do you love those large wreaths you see when you are watching those Hallmark Christmas movies?  I think I fall in love with something new with every movie.  A kitchen here, the landscaping there, a Christmas wreath... isn't it too bad we cannot live in those movies?  I know, right?  

A lovely place where everything is always sugar and spice, and everything nice.  I think Hallmark enjoys spoiling us.  Only, I do not have a Hallmark movie budget to decorate my home, well, darn it anyway.  How can I get the look on my budget?  Maybe when we win the lottery, or is that just wishful thinking?  

Oh, I can go on and on about living in movies all day, but we will talk a teensy bit about reality and how items cost so much these days.  Puts a damper on my Christmas decorating sometimes.  Well, today I will share with you how to make an oversized pine wreath for $15.00!  Yes, you read that right.

This past summer, I saw a hula hoop, and I thought, I have always wanted to make a wreath from one!  I picked it right up for $3.00.  It sat in our dining room all summer and a little into fall before I moved to the basement for crafting.  

Of course, where am I writing this very post right now?  Well, the dining room of course, I somehow migrated back upstairs for a few projects.  The lighting is better upstairs, it is just too dark down there.  I can tell you the in process photos for this wreath did come from the basement so you can see how dark it is.

I kept waiting and waiting for the garland to appear, and finally the day came where I was able to add it to my grocery order, three garlands to be exact.  Nothing fancy, just plain garland, the garland was $3.79 a piece and 9 foot long.    

Now, when you go to any craft store and you begin looking at large sized wreaths, what prices do you see?  I know, terrifying isn't it?  I made this one for about $15.00, and all of the embellishments I already had on hand!

What do you need to make a homemade Christmas wreath?
  1. Hula hoop
  2. (3) 9 foot garlands
  3. Tulle of your choice
  4. Scissors
  5. 3 ornaments of your choice
  6. 1 pipe cleaner or ribbon or twine
  7. 2 sprays of your choice 
  8. 3 strings of microlights (optional) 
  9. Batteries for microlights 

how to make a Christmas wreath with mesh bow

I took the hula hoop outside and spray painted it black in case there was any part that was not totally covered by the garland, I did not want sparkles to show as our large wreath was hung on the wall.  

how to make a Christmas wreath with mesh bow

I began wrapping the 9 foot non lit branch garland around the hula hoop, and kept going until I had the entire hula hoop covered with plain pine branch garland.  

how to make a Christmas wreath with mesh bow

how to make a Christmas wreath with mesh bow

how to make a Christmas wreath with mesh bow

Yeah, we finally have the entire hula hoop covered!  I thought about it and wasn't exactly sure what I wanted to decorate our oversized wreath with.  Then I had an idea, and hoped I could pull it off.  

A tulle ribbon bow!  It had to be in the teal blue we have sprinkled all through our living room, of which I had on hand thank you to a lovely lady!  A friend's wife decided she no longer has time for crafting and was going to throw away her supplies.  She asked if I would be interested and I said yes, please!

I had no idea it would be an extra large tote full to the brim of supplies to craft for an entire lifetime!  She had every color in this tote imaginable so all of a sudden my crafting supplies quadrupled!  Thank you, you know who you are, that meant a lot to me! 

I wrapped the ribbon around my hand about 15 times.  

Then I tied more ribbon around the ball I had made over my hand and created a knot with it.  

Do you see how it is a circle now?  Also how it is tied off with a knot with the same teal tulle ribbon?

Then I cut the ribbon in half, but I did NOT cut the side that was knotted off, just the open side where it was NOT knotted off.   

Keep a hold of your ribbon, and do not let go, begin trimming your ribbon up a bit.

how to make a Christmas wreath with mesh bow

how to make a Christmas wreath with mesh bow

I continued to give my ribbon a hair cut until I liked the way it looked.  I have never made anything like this before so I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out.  You live, and you learn.  That day I was all about learning new things and how to make mesh ribbon bows.    

Then I corralled a few glass ornaments we use in the living room every year, and looped a pipe cleaner through the ornament twine that it hangs from the branches with.  

I made it so each glass ornament would hang at a different level from the wreath once attached.  

I attached the blue glass ornaments to the oversized wreath with the pipe cleaner I used to create the graduated look of the ornaments.  I moved the branches around a bit so the pipe cleaner would not be seen. 

I attached the ribbon to the wreath at the top over the blue ornaments.  I considered putting a broach at the top, but then I did not like how it looked when it was separated at the top.  My mesh bow did not turn out exactly how I thought it might, but I rolled with it.  I did not want to waste the mesh ribbon.

I still was not satisfied with how this large wreath looked so I added white sprays consisting of ornaments and white stems to each side.  I stuck the end of the picks through the ribbon so they would stay in place.  Looking better, but still not there.

Lights!  It was missing lights!  When I showed it to Mr. VS, he said where do you want it?  I decided in our living room would be the perfect place.  There was debate about which wall, but in the end I knew it would look good above our sofa table across from the mantel.  

I kept playing around with what should go on the sofa table which I will spare you from the details, it was long and painful.  My husband finally said our matching lanterns that usually sit in front of the fireplace would look great.  

I gave it a try, and you know what?  He was right.  In case you ever think he does not have input around here, that will tell you that he does.  He has a lot of input when it comes to decorating our home some days, and others he is like would you make a decision already?  

He will tell you, I will keep messing with something until the cow's come home, or  until I figure it out, sometimes he will speak up so we can get the project rolling and over with so we can move on to the next one.

I am so glad he did too, because I may still be fussing in there and not sharing with you if he would have never spoke up!

I was pretty pleased with how it turned out.  My ribbon mesh bow at the top could probably be improved, but I tried and that is what matters to me.  Another perfectly imperfect project coming from our home to yours during this Christmas season.  

Do you know other than the items I told you about purchasing for this wreath, there were no other purchases!  Goes along with what I was saying yesterday with ideas for cheap Christmas decorations.  You really do not need to spend a lot of money on your home when it comes to decorating, just use a little imagination and make those dreams come true.  

A few questions we thought may come up:

What is the best base for a Christmas wreath?
  • In order to make this large wreath, a hula hoop is the best base
  • Wire wreath bases are excellent for smaller wreaths since you can pick them up at Dollar Tree

Do bows on Christmas wreaths go on top or bottom?
  • You can put them on the top OR bottom, for this wreath, I chose the top since I had the ornaments at the top.
  • I think the style of bow I chose looks best on top, but if I went with a traditional bow, I think bottom would be cute too

How do you attach flowers to a wreath?
  • Not a fan of the mesh bow and sprays and want to attach flowers?
  • You can attach flowers to a wreath with pipe cleaners, wrap the pipe cleaner around the stem of the flower, and then wrap it around the wreath

Can I hang a wreath with a nail?
  • Yes, we had a nail in place for a picture that was previously on the wall
  • Since a hula hoop wreath is not as heavy as some other larger wreaths, we wrapped a pipe cleaner around the hula hoop and looped it over the nail, no more holes in our wall, and we can go back to the picture when we decide to take this wreath down

What can I use instead of a wreath hanger?
  • I love using Command Strips, they are easy to use, and you can peel them away when you no longer want something there in that place on the wall
  • You can also use a nail if you are planning to keep something in the wreath's place after the holidays
  • I have hung wreaths in our kitchen with ribbon and hot glue as well, the glue is easy to remove, and has not made a mark on my cabinets yet

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