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Thursday, June 17, 2021

How to paint a light fixture without taking it down

Wanting to paint an existing light fixture?  Here we paint an existing fixture without taking it down. 

I’ve been running myself ragged here of late. Working on the other house, doing projects here, keeping up with peanut, all while working my full time gig. It’s been a lot, but I’m hoping light is at the end of the tunnel, or at least the tunnel is shortening some. I have not had a lot of time for crafting, but I did have some time to make a quick change in the upstairs bath.

The upstairs, for the most part was untouched, or so we think anyway.  In our opinion, the woman who owned the home prior to us purchased it, and was only interested in what her guests would see. We’ve wondered if the majority of the upstairs was original? We know wallpaper was changed up, we found some pieces of what we would assume was original wallpaper when we removed all of it in one of the bedrooms.

Do you know one of the neighbors told us that she purchased the home, moved in, stayed one night, just one night, cried...  called the movers back and moved back to her home across the alley from this house.  When she passed, her estate had 5 homes included.  We have wondered if she moved into each home and moved back each time?  

Me, being me, found the story interesting... why would you go to the trouble of having so much work done on a home to live in it one night?  She and her sister never married or had children... she let her sister move in here and she lived here until she passed.  Then the home was rented to a couple who lived here 20 years.  I ate up the story that was shared with me... my over active imagination came up with all sorts of reason she stayed one night, included ghosts?  BOO!  Sorry, had to...  

So the bath? Still had, and to this day has the plastic tiles used in the 1950’s. Do you know when we came to see the house, the realtor commented it had charm and I said obviously, this is all coming out. I think I told you before there were deal breakers for me that needed to be changed before we moved in. In the end, the carpet in the bathrooms was the only thing that had to be removed…. My imagination ran wild what could be on those carpets... 

The rest I knew I could live with while we started making changes. Do you know we owned our home for a year before we moved in? We purchased it about half way through the year in 2013, married at the end of the year, and moved in at the end of spring in 2014.  Talk about drawn out... 

I have to say I am glad that we have lived here a while and then started making changes to our home.  I would strongly recommend doing this, you get a feel for the home and you see what works and what does not for you before you start making major changes. 

Some of those things I thought had to go... they have grown on me... the yellow tiles?  I actually like them.  Do I think they will stay forever?  I doubt it, Mr. Vintage feels pretty strongly about them, but I never thought I would be a fan of yellow in our home.  I have found I love white, gray, and yellow all together.

Those sconces I was not so happy about?  I am liking them... I was not crazy about the gold and silver accented paint on them.  I actually like them all white now that I painted them this week.  I keep looking at them and I am trying to decide should I keep them all white, or should I add a little black rub n buff here and there, nothing over the top, just accents.  I decided to open this up to everyone and take input and make a decision at a later date. 

I even thought about painting the detail on the sconce black and having them black and white, but I have not permanently made up my mind about that either.  I also considered only painting the "leaves" under the glass sconce black and leaving the rest white.  I am planning to leave the backplate all white this time around though, I have made a decision about that part.   

What do you think?  Like the all white?  I am still contemplating where we go from here... I get ready in this bathroom everyday so I keep looking at it and deciding.  Off to the right is the medicine cabinet, it is getting a make over soon too.  I am looking forward to giving it a change.  Maybe we will do a reveal with the light sconces with what we decide when it gets it's makeover too. 

Do you know I did not remove the light sconces from the wall?  You should probably tape around your area and then paint the sconce.  For some reason when it comes to painting on the wall, I can paint with both my right and left hand.  My left hand is more steady despite the fact I am right handed.  

I did not tape off the area... yikes!  I know, I know, but I was in a hurry and I decided I would be just fine. I used a mild cleaner to clean around and on the sconce, removed any dust lurking around here, and then got to work painting away.  I actually enjoy painting small areas, it makes me concentrate and I get to forget about everything else going on for a while.  

As it turns out, I think I did a pretty good job.  I was happy to get that aged gold and silver off of the light fixture.  I think it was making it look kind of dirty looking.  I think the same thing about the medicine cabinet off to the left.   

Hope you are ready for the weekend.  I know I am!  Come on Friday, I have never been so happy to see you... 

One more look in case you forgot what they looked like... digging the all white?  One thing is for sure, I am not afraid to paint anything for a new look.  😉  

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