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Thursday, January 7, 2021

Bathroom Built-in

Searching for built-in ideas?  Here you will find how we made over our built in for our cozy cottage.

Our bathroom has a built-in; I so love these in homes.  This one is original to our home, not one we installed like the kitchen.  This is what our built in looked like when we purchased our home.  Not bad, but it was pretty dark.  Most things here were dark.  

As you can see it goes from floor to ceiling.  I love that!  Do you see the duck wallpaper?  Quite lovely with the pinkish ceramic tile, huh?  The carpet is the best, right?

 Now, if you have followed me for any length of time, you know I love original features in a home.  I am thinking the tile is original, I could be wrong about this, but there were not many things updated in our home so it makes sense to me it is original.  No fretting here, the tile made the cut!  I actually like it, minus the ducks.  

Mr. Vintage made these knobs for me by taking two knobs and making them into one.  They both came from Hobby Lobby.  He drilled a hole down through the center of the knob and then was able to push the sparkly knob through the hole he created.  I love them!    

Here they are with the built-in painted white; I think it really makes the knobs pop!  The drawers were made out of plywood so I did not feel too guilty about painting them.  What do you think?  It makes the bathroom brighter.  The carpet is gone, and the ducks have flown out the door!  More pics to come on the bathroom soon.  

And just in case you needed a close up of those ducks, here you go....

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