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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

How to organize your make-up

Do you want to see something really embarrassing?  I have this cute little dressing area for my make-up and it looked like this...

What a mess!  And how did I let it get to this? I love glassware and we used to travel all over before Covid where I was always looking for items to store things in.  I would use my milk glass items and put my make-up in it, lip gloss, rings, etc... I thought it looked cute and I was using the items I purchased, so no harm, right?  I am afraid I let it get out of hand and it started to look like a real mess.  Too many items in this area!

I was cruising along the internet last weekend and came upon a make-up storage piece I thought could really clean up this area.  I kept looking at it and trying to decide how much I could fit in this one piece... I decided the heck with it, how much more damage could I do?  Right?  Plus it looked sort of vintage to me so it had to jump right in my (online) cart and come on home!

Boy, am I glad I decided to give this little wonder a try...  look at my dressing area now!  I love it, and it looks so clean now!  No more disorganization or looking like a tornado blew threw the bathroom! 

Look at everything I was able to fit in there!  I never liked my brushes sitting out on the counter anyway so everything can stay in there DUST FREE!  I will only need to wipe down this piece instead of every other piece I have out on the counter.  What a time saver and I just really love the look to boot!  

I have always had this mirror I placed under this storage piece, I thought it played up the vintage vibe I was going for.   

The area just looks so much nicer!  

As you can see, we have not changed out the countertop on this dressing table, but it is on the to do list.  I asked Mr. Vintage about slate... I do not think he was so crazy about that.  I keep looking for something that I will be happy about, but I really want to be frugal.  It is my mantra for 2021 since I did so well in 2020.   

How do you store your necessary items that get used everyday?  

Info about other items on the dressing table and similar items linked for you:  The magnifying mirror (similar one here) I purchased many years ago.  

To the far right is a desk organizer that was to hold stationary, pens, pencils, etc.... I started using it in here many years ago.  I have a make-up case where your stationary would be placed, I have put 1 bottle of body spray in each slot, or my brushes in there, lip and eye liners, etc... the list goes on.  It was on clearance at TJ Maxx again, several years ago.  Sometimes if you stray down the clearance aisles you will find items you can use for different uses if you are willing to get a little creative.  

The bandages labeled jar would have come out of a doctor office, I found it at my favorite place, yep, you guessed it, Hope Timber.  I have Q-tips in it.

The hand I found at Heritage Square Antique Mall.  It would have been used many years ago to display gloves.  I love cocktail rings and have one on the hand along with some other jewelry.  

The picture is of my mom and grandfather.  He used to own several planes and this picture is my favorite.  I love old black and white photos and display them all through our home.  

The mirror used to look much different, but I painted it white and used silver Rub-n-Buff on it to give it a more cottage look.  

The chair I purchased at an auction for $1.00!  There was only one so I think that was why no one was interested in it.  It was cherry, but I painted it white and then changed out the chair cover to this chevron pattern.  That was probably the best steal in the bathroom.    

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