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Friday, April 16, 2021

A heart felt gift for Mother's Day?

Searching for low cost do it yourself craft projects to decorate your home or gifts to give?  We have a project that is definitely an easy DIY and is also easy on your purse strings.

Can I just tell you how amazing you all are?  I am feeling the love with all of your comments, feedback, suggestions, and requests!  I am overjoyed that this blog I started just a few short months ago is growing and I get to share projects, crafts, decorating ideas, recipes, and of course peanut stories with you all each week!  I was so nervous to write that first post, I was not even sure what I wanted to say... at the same time, I was giddy like a school girl... and decided to begin with a DIY my husband and I worked on, the $1.00 table that was free for me!  

I wasn't sure if anyone would be interested... I wasn't sure how to start a blog, I had no idea how to do any of this, but it did not stop me from trying... I decided to jump in with both feet, give it a try, and I am so glad I did!  I have met so many wonderful people and I love all of your comments... I have met new folks on Facebook, Hometalk, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest... and everyone has been so welcoming, so thank you for that!  I appreciate it as I find my sea legs in this new world I am venturing into.  I love it!  I am excited to be doing it!  And I especially love being able to share new things with you.  

I decided when I started this journey, I would be posting the wins and the fails... I do not know how to do it any other way than to be myself... sometimes when I think up a project it works, and sometimes it does not.  I never know until I get into it and then see it through.  I thank you for still sticking by me.  We can at least enjoy the ride together, I hope you laugh, smile, and get inspired to do what makes your heart sing.  I know I am and it has made me so happy to be able to do this with you all.

So, I promised another bird napkin project since I have had many requests for one.  My love of birds began with my grandfather, they have always reminded me of him.  He used to bird watch when I was young and I was always so fascinated by my grandfather really anything he did I found myself liking as well.  He was a good Grandpa, larger than life to me and he is missed dearly... This is why I originally chose the napkin pattern in the first place.  Who knew these birds would be so popular and requested from so many of you?  

I thought about a project and then the other day something popped into my mind... something I came across in our basement when I was scouring through crafting supplies.  I came across this small boutique bag.  I tried to recall what I had purchased, but nothing came to mind, but I kept the little bag since I thought it was touching to make your customers feel like a million bucks when you make a purchase, no matter how big or small.  You can see, my purchase must have been small... this tiny bag inspired this little craft that I am sharing with you today.  I keep things like this for inspiration in case you were wondering why I would hang onto a bag... I have a whole storage case for decorative paper or things I hope to make something out of.  Am I the only strange one who does this?

dress on a boutique bag

Such a small gesture, but the impact to your customers?  HUGE!  I am venturing to say I made a purchase for our wedding, but I cannot say for sure.

Here is our napkin... I placed it over the 8 x 10 canvas (I bought a set of 10 so I can keep coming up with new projects for us-very affordable!) and kept repositioning until I achieved the balance of birds and flowers I was looking for.  I applied a strip of Mod Podge at the top of the canvas so I did not move the placing of the napkin on the canvas.  It was a little difficult to make sure the napkin did not move on me so that is why I came up with applying the Mod Podge in strips across the canvas.

Once it was in place and I knew it was not going anywhere I lifted the napkin and continuing to apply more Mod Podge in strips, flipping it back over to apply pressure so it would stick.

I continued to do this until I made my way down the canvas and the entire piece had the napkin applied to the front of it.  

Once the entire piece was covered, I began to add Mod Podge to the front of the canvas, covering it entirely.

I let it dry, then went back and wrapped the sides like a canvas painting one would purchase in a shop.  I like to make sure our projects look finished, it just makes me feel good, and perhaps elevate my home crafts...

Did you think I ended it there?  Nope... I kept going...

Back to my work space at the dining room table.  I grab whatever packing material I have around the house to work on in case you did not notice my lovely cardboard work space...

Do you see where I am going here?

I went in search of toothpicks and could not find any, so I used a dental pick as my high tech crafting tool.  I did this to apply the Mod Podge to the flower in the darker areas so I could add some pink glitter to our canvas.

I kept adding the glitter and would shake off the excess.... you can only work in small patches since the Mod Podge can dry quickly and then your glitter will not adhere to the canvas.

See where the excess goes?  A paper plate so I can use it on another project.  

Just keep working to fill in the darker areas of the flower.  

I started taking my crafting tweezers (I picked them up many years ago, I believe they came in a pack of 3) to take my excess glitter and sprinkle over the Mod Podge.

I decided if I did any more flowers it would be too overpowering so just the single lonely flower got a make over.  What do you think?  I thought it gave it a little sparkle and a new look.  This is a very budget friendly project that I think adds a little something to our china cabinet.

Here is our china cabinet styled for spring... 

These are all materials I had on hand so free project for us today!  

Birds again in our dining room... love them! 

The vase that inspired the napkin choice... click to read How to decoupage a vase if you missed that post. 

Our other decoupage projects: Spring decorating idea, and $15 backsplash make over.  

Interested in seeing into our china cabinet?  Click to read A peek inside my china cabinet

If you click this post Our Christmas Dining Room you will see more birds in our dining room.  

If you would like to give this project a try, here is a list of materials you will need:

Decorative napkins (the possibilities are endless)

With Mother's Day around the corner, this would make a nice gift... my Mom always seems to like those home made gifts.  I think when you get to our age, we really have everything we need, so those heart felt gifts are nice keepsakes...  

You could make one for all of the gals in your life too.  I am actually thinking family craft night may be in order here soon.  We used to do this, sitting around the dining room table, enjoying crafts, snacks, and good conversation... I am missing my social crafting projects... 

AND... if you add cost for just this project, you are sitting at less than $5.00 total cost!  WOW!  I do love those budget friendly DIY's... how about you?

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  1. Oh Cara, BRAVO girl, I love it! Thank you for the step by step instructions! I cannot wait to get moved and get my crafting area up and running! Lots of inspiration you provide to us, what an exceptional gift you give! Again, it's just stunning! Can't wait to see more of your creations!

    1. This is Becky Jo by the way LOL

    2. Hi Becky Jo! Thank you! I love being able to share these things with you... I am sure you are excited to get moved, working on our home has brought me a lot of happiness. I love being able to think up new things around here. Of course, when you start uncovering things in a home, that can bring you down too... we had some major stuff to work on around here and we still are. If this happens to you, keep your chin up, make it yours and enjoy the process! I am looking forward to seeing pictures of your projects! So happy for you!