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Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Oh no, Mr. Bill

Searching for happy pup stories?  We have a funny and cute story for you about peanut and his buddy Mr. Bill.  

German Shepherd Beagle playing with Mr. Bill

We have shared so many stories with you about Peanut over the months.  He is truly an ornery kid and the light of our lives.  He has such a big personality for such a small pup.  He is small to us, my pups in the past always weighed in over 100 pounds.  

Mr. Vintage decided to give him Mr. Bill, remember the character from Saturday Night Live?  When we purchased them, we knew he was hard on toys so we picked up several of them (this was before we knew he ate everything).  The first one, he chewed off his arms, and legs.  The body was the only thing left.  

Peanut was super ecstatic to see Mr. Bill come out of hiding... after his last experience of losing all of his limbs, he was reluctant to make another appearance in this household.  

He played with him all day on Sunday.  There were no naps, no going outside, no eating, no playing with his NHL street hockey balls, he would not leave his side and if you even remotely went in the direction of Mr. Bill, then he picked him up and ran off with him.  He does not share his toys well, not one little bit! 

Pup chewing on Mr. Bill's head

Peanut tried to chew on his arm and I told him that he would need to go into hiding again if he chewed him up.  Do you believe he stopped, looked at me like do you mean business mom?  I felt like he was trying to read and test me at the same time.  He must have decided I meant business because he stopped and did not try to chew any more limbs off.  If you recall, he not only chews the arms off, but he will eat them too.

We have a friend who lost his pup when he ate a stuffed toy so that is why we do not allow him to have these sorts of toys.  He cannot even have a bed because he will also eat those too.  

He obviously loves the soft toys, but unsupervised?  Absolutely not!  My husband took him outside last night before we went to bed and I grabbed Mr. Bill and put him away.  OH NO, Mr. Bill went for an overnight stay at Motel 6!!    

Pup playing with Mr. Bill and chewing on his leg

Peanut came back in the house and searched high and low for him.  He went up and got in bed and went back down to look for him.  He would not let it go, up the stairs, down the stairs, all over the house in search of Mr. Bill.  We had to put our foot down and tell him no, time to go to sleep.  He finally laid down and went to sleep.  

This morning?  He pouted all morning... and then it lasted into the afternoon too.  When evening came, he was still pouting.  He just laid there and kept sighing over and over... would not even look at me.  

So, what do I do?  I get his furry bed out.  I did not even get to the tv room and he was trying to pull it out of my hand!  He wrapped his paws around the bed and pulled down with all his weight.  Can you believe the antics of this little one?

Pup laying on furry bed

He actually laid on his bed while I made dinner.  I was surprised he was so good.  Do you agree?  If you are familiar with his stories then you know this is improvement.   

When his daddy came home, he was super excited to show him that he had his bed.  We sat down and started to eat dinner and he just laid there, depressed... Mr. Vintage asked why is he being so sad.

I replied, "well, he is pouting".  His reply?  When you said he pouted, I did not know it was to this extreme.  I said oh yeah, it was... and do you know he laid with his back to me all day while I worked?  He said for crying out loud, go get Mr. Bill!

Dog standing beside the bed and Mr. Bill

I got Mr. Bill out and he had his bed and his best friend Mr. Bill... do you want to talk about a very happy pup, or what?  It was like night and day.  This kid was over the moon about having both items.  He did not know which one he wanted to play with first. 

Every time he bites his stomach and Mr. Bill says OH NO!  He drops him and looks at him, then goes back to biting him again.  He loves to hear that OH NO!  If we say OH NO, he turns his head and looks at us like why are you saying what Mr. Bill says mommy and daddy?

I finally had to take the bed away, but we will see how Mr. Bills goes.  I do not think we can trust him not to eat him while we sleep so he may have to go on a trip overnight, maybe a flight out of Ohio to Maine where the sea air is fresh and the lapping of the waves against the shore will finally put this pup to sleep for the night.  We can only hope we all get some sleep around here.       

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