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Saturday, February 24, 2024

Beginner Painting Ideas

Easy and Inspiring Beginner Painting Ideas for Your Artistic Journey

Unleash your creativity with this beginner-friendly painting idea! Perfect for those starting out on their artistic adventure, this easy, beginner guide will ignite your passion and help you create beautiful artwork with confidence. Let the colors flow and embark on a creative exploration with our beginner painting.

canvas beginner painting ideas

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If someone were to ask me about the talent I wish I possessed, without a doubt, I'd choose the ability to paint. Both my mother and sister effortlessly create beautiful scenes on canvas, leaving me longing for that artistic superpower. I find myself surrounded by a lineage of talented family members, each gifted in their own unique way. Then there's me, discovering my creativity in my late twenties.

I enjoy watching others paint... Bob Ross anyone?  We have the Bob Ross channel included with our television package, and while I was sick with covid, Bentley and I would lay in bed and watch him paint the day away between naps.  

My grandpa found inspiration through Bob Ross, painting comes naturally to my mom, and then sis got that gene too.  Even my father showcases talent by crafting unique items from unconventional finds.

So, inspired by the calming strokes of Bob Ross, I thought when I am feeling up to it, I am going to give this one last shot.  AND... so I did... after watching a few YouTube videos that is.

Sometimes it amazes me what you can learn by watching a video. While I may not claim to be "video-worthy" ready to share, I captured the process of creating my lavender flowers scene to share with you today.   To create this painting, I went down several rabbit holes watching YouTube videos, all several days before I mustered up the courage to give this a try.

Here's a simple beginner DIY painting guide using readily available materials:

DIY Painting 


  1. 8x10 canvas
  2. Paint Brush
  3. Q-tips
  4. Bamboo Skewer
  5. Black Paint
  6. White Paint
  7. Green Paint
  8. Purple Paint
  9. 1 paper napkin or paper towel


  • Place dollops of white paint on the canvas.
  • Add two small dots of black paint on the long sides of the canvas.
  • Brush the paint vertically from top to bottom, starting on the right side, moving to the middle, and then the left side.
  • Use a paper napkin or towel to create texture on the canvas.
  • Paint green stems using a bamboo skewer; add green paint to skewer, roll from side to side, and slide the skewer in a downward motion from the canvas.
  • Add white paint to a textured napkin (mine had flowers embossed on it) for added texture to the painting.  You can do this by simply pressing the napkin to the canvas.
  • Mix green with white and green with black for varied hues of green stems.
  • Use a Q-tip dipped in purple paint to create flower dots along the green stems.
  • Mix white with purple paint and black with purple paint for depth on the flowers.

beginner painting ideas acrylic
A little too much black paint in my case... oops!

good beginner painting ideas

fun beginner painting ideas

beginner painting ideas
I used the flower indentations in the napkin as more texture to the painting

beginner painting canvas

easy canvas painting ideas

easy acrylic painting ideas for beginners on canvas
Hold the skewer in place as you pull it in a downward motion on the canvas

easy small canvas painting ideas for beginners

easy canvas painting flowers
Here I have added white to my green paint for lighter colored stems

simple easy canvas painting ideas for beginners
I have added black to green for darker colored stems

easy painting

flower painting DIY

DIY flower painting
I have added black to purple for more dimension to the flowers

easy painting ideas for beginners acrylic

flower field
Add white paint to purple to give a more realistic look to the flowers

This was my first attempt, and I must admit, I'm thrilled with the outcome! The right tools, the ease of creation, and the tutorial videos played a crucial role. Jasmine, with Feeling Nifty provided me with the most influence as I decided to give painting one more try. I am so glad I found her tutorial, or I may have given up.

I thoroughly enjoyed this beginner painting experience, and I foresee more Q-tip paintings in my future. Despite the nerves, I'm eager to create one without assistance. If, like me, you never thought you could paint, I encourage you to give it one last try. After struggling with a paint-by-numbers project last week due to worsening eyesight, I realized the joy of creating freehand art. Painting has become my newfound passion, and I intend to explore it further despite the challenges.

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  1. Your painting is beautiful, Cara! I've always wished I had that talent. Sadly I don't. I look forward to seeing your next creation!

    1. Thank you so much! This may have been a fluke, I painted something on my own, and wow... it is terrible. I may still share it here though, since I do not think we should give up, but keep trying at something we enjoy and want to learn.

  2. I'm so impressed, your painting turned out great! My hubby and middle son are wonderful artists but I stink at drawing and am afraid to paint! You have inspired me to give it a try sometime!! Enjoy your pretty art!!

    1. Don't give up Donna! I can draw stick people, and I doodle when I am on the phone... that said, I have always wanted to paint, but it just never seemed to work for me. I am going to keep working on it in my spare time though. Thank you, I just may try a larger version and see how it goes.

  3. This is amazing, Cara! I can't believe you're a beginnger. This looks like a seasoned pro. I'm excited to try your techniques too. I'm great with a paintbrush for funiture but not smaller peices like this at all. Thanks for the inspo lady! Hugs, CoCo

    1. Ahaaa, I wish I were a painting pro CoCo! You are too kind. I had a lot of fun with this one, I knew you would be a talented painter. I recently worked on another painting of my own making, and it was not as smooth as this one. I think I will share it soon so others can see painting and crafts may not always end up the way we anticipate, but we just need to keep trying.