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Saturday, August 13, 2022

Dog is best friend

Searching dog is best friend?  I am excited to share with you dog is best friend on this fine weekend.

Dog, man's best friend... yep, that is me!  I have a dog of two tales to share with you today... yep, I am all jokes.  Okay, I have to be on my best behavior, mom said I had to be.  

German Shepherd Beagle
Mom has learned a new way to take my pics because I am not so crazy about being photographed 

Well hello there... mom says I need to introduce myself since she said there may be folks out there who do not know who I am.  What?  People do not know me?  How is that even possible?  I thought everyone knew me.

Here goes... I am Bentley and I live with my parents for anyone who is not already well acquainted with me.  I am still flabbergasted there are folks who do not know me, but anyways... I am a German Shepherd Beagle.

My folks thought they were getting a Lab Mastiff which they call a Mastador these days, but guess what?  I surprised the heck out of them when they had my DNA tested!  It was great because I am all about surprises and I keep this household very lively on a daily basis!  Someone has to keep these people on their toes.

You can read more about me here on mom's blog, and I even have my own tab, see how great I am?  You can find me under It's a Dog's Life, yepsiree... it is a dog's life around here, because I have those two parents of mine wrapped around my little paw, but shh... we wouldn't want them to find out about that now would we?

Beagle German Shepherd
Occasionally I pout when I do not get my way

I have good stories, mom isn't the only one who can spin a story around here.  Mom calls me ornery, sometimes she calls me peanut, and then other times she calls me stinker when I may not be at my best.  What am I sayin', I am always at my best.    

Since mom spends more time at home these days, my visiting has been cut short, and can I tell you how much that stinks?  I love being around people and getting out and seeing folks, I sure do miss it, but this week?  Guess what?  I got to go for a visit to my grandma's house!

I am sure I do not need to tell you how wonderful grandma's are, but mine?  She is over the moon the bestest!  She lets me get into her flower beds, and I roam around freely, and I get to play with this HUGE ball that is about as big as me, and I run, and I run, and I run!

So I should first start by telling you that I have a cousin, and he stays with my grandma every week for several days.  My aunt works long hours and so he has to stay with grandma.  Do you know we know about each other, but we have never met?  I know, weird, right?  That's what I am always telling my parents!  

Mom says that since Frank, yep, that is his name, was attacked by a German Shepherd, he isn't so open to that breed anymore.  It was a really bad attack, I overheard mom and my aunt discussing it, and I felt really bad for him.  

Since I am made up of some German Shepherd, my mom and aunt have decided it may not be a good idea to get us together.  I guess they know best, but again, how can someone not love me the instant they meet me?  I think Frank and I would get along swimmingly!  

Black Lab named Frank
My cousin Frank 

I mean, I have a rocking personality!  When I go through the drive thru at the bank, the ladies just drool all over me, and I always get treats!  How can they say no to me?  Plus... they tell mom how cute I am so I try to be on my bestest behavior so I get lots of treats.   

When I was at grandma's house, I had to let Frank know I was there this week... so I went around and left my mark so he would know... it is secret code for hey, I was here, hope you have a nice week with my grandma, err, I mean our grandma.  Mom says I have to share her darn it.  

Mom has told me before I am not allowed to play with others toys, and I kept eyeing a ball that is Frank's.  It really reminded me of my own pointy donut, so I picked it up and I brought it to her asking um... mom, can I play with this?  She threw it out in the yard and so I knew that was the high sign it's okay for me to play with his ball.  I was super excited and I ran around with it until I was bored of that game and had to move on to another.

Then I stumbled upon a soft toy which I know I am not allowed to have unless I am supervised at home.  Mom says it's because I like to eat those toys.  I decided I liked Frank's toy so much I was going to hide it for when I visit next time.  

I went through a secret passage way into grandma's flower beds, and started digging.  I dropped the toy in the hole and covered it back up, only guess what?  Grandma and mom found me out, and so I had to move the toy.  I couldn't let anyone see me leave it in that spot, they may try to take it afterall, and I could not let that happen.

Every darn time I would move the toy they would see me do it so I had to keep moving it around in those flower beds.  You see, grandma has a fence that goes around the flower beds to keep my cousin and I out, but like I said, I found a super secret passage way and made it in.  I thought I was undetected, but then boom, mom said Bentley!  

I was like oh crap!  I am found out... now what to do?  I just froze and stood there really still hoping maybe, just maybe she did not see me afterall.  No such luck, she walked over and saw what I was doing and then she laughed, and so did grandma.  I figured if they were laughing maybe I was not in as much trouble as I thought.  

So I spent the day hiding the same toy over and over again because I guess I was not as quiet as I thought I was?  If they would remove my collar, I would be in stealth mode, that is for sure because I am light on my feet like that.  I cannot wait to go back to grandma's house!  I know just where to find my toy, or umm.. I mean Frank's toy.

So the other night when dad came home from work, he let a fly in!  Do you know how much I despise flies?  So much!  I tried to catch the darn thing, and mom went and got the flyswatter and we waited patiently for it to materialize again.  Only guess what?  It started getting late, and I was tired so I fell asleep and I forgot all about that darn fly because I was too busy dreaming about running, and digging, and hiding toys.

Well, that is I forgot until the next morning anyway.  When I found it, I alerted mom!  Mom, hurry quick!  You need to get that flyswatter, and hurry up, stat!  Mom, mom, mom!  HURRY!!!  She finally caught on, and guess what?  She got it!  Mom gave me all sorts of praise for finding that rude stole away and I was feeling so good about myself I thought geesh, certainly one good deed can cancel a bad one out, right?

I keep my toys close to me so no one will take them

Mom let me out, and we walked around the back yard.  She mentioned something about a doctor appointment, and I only heard you will need to spend some time at home alone.  Well, guess what?  I am not so fond of spending time at home ALONE! 

So I decided since I was so good earlier, I could do a roll, only it may have been in some poo that was perhaps left by a cat?  Who knows?  Boy oh boy, was my momma mad!  She tried to clean me up as best as she could and then she had to run out the door.  Can you believe she had the audacity to keep me penned up in only a few rooms while she was gone?  

When she came home, I jumped up on her and basically said this is unacceptable, you need to do better lady.  First of all, I cannot be left at home to my own devices, we already know I do not always make the best decisions, and secondly, I stink, I need a bath, and you left me to smell myself.  Seriously?  That has never happened!

She did not seem to think my complaints were warranted and basically said tuff luck buster.  That woman has lost her mind!  She needed a wake up call, and fast, and so guess what I did next?  I found a piece of paper and I shredded it.  Talk about tuff luck, that is my lesson to her...  never leave me at home alone, and never leave me sticking like poo!  You will be the one to suffer the consequences.    

I got properly cleaned up when she got home, and then I decided she was not so bad afterall, so we are good now in case you were wondering.  I am no longer in the doghouse because dog is man's best friend, and we all know that lady could never live without me or stay mad at me for very long.  If she did not have me, she would be too sad, and we cannot have her being sad and crying all of the time, that is for sure!       

So, I will leave you this fine Saturday morning with I am happy I met you, and now you know who I am in case you did not before.  Hopefully she will let me make more appearances in the future.  I mean, I do have my own fan club, and I think this should be called All about Bentley instead of Vintage Style Gal.  What do you think?  Okay... maybe I overstepped, but it happens!  Enjoy the rest of your weekend!  TTFN!

By the way, this is what I bring mom when I want to be fed.  Yep, I no longer eat food from a bowl, because guess what?  This is so much funner!  Who wants to take dinner in a boring ole' bowl when I can run and knock this thing around and food drops out of it?  See... so much funner!  Okay, now I really have to go because she is calling me and saying something about a walk, and I really love those!  

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  1. What a sweet post about Bentley and what a cutie pie he is!! Thanks so much for linking up at #AThemedLinkup 145 for All About Pets. Shared.

    1. Thanks Dee, he is one ornery pup! We never know what he will be up to next.

  2. Cara, CONGRATS! Your post is FEATURED at #AThemedLinkup 146 for Genealogy from the previous linkup for All About Pets.

    1. Thank you so much Dee. He is an ornery one, that is for sure, but we will love whatever hair brained scheme he will come up with next.