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Saturday, May 22, 2021

How to make custom kitchen towels

Searching for ideas on how to DIY custom towels for your kitchen?  We have a "how to" on making custom towels for your kitchen, and it is really very easy.  

Do you remember the stencil I purchased and used on the vintage suitcase?  Recall when I mentioned I had a few plans for this stencil?  Well, I decided to make a custom towel for our kitchen with this same stencil.  I am loving the design and I just knew this was going to be a wonderful stencil for me to use in our home when I made the purchase!  I have more plans for it too... once I start, I cannot stop, LOL!  

I love flour sack towels, also called bar towels... they are so affordable too!  I purchased a pack of 12, so now I have 11 more projects to come up with!  The flour sack towels are so absorbent and really clean up messes quickly.  In keeping with my waste not, want not path, using these towels, will also help save all those lovely paper towels, in turn saving trees... 

You know how I love this pattern and guess what?  It also matches our backsplash!  Gray and white... I love gray and white together... I had a vision of dove gray and white in our kitchen when we purchased this home... and it is slowly, slowly, s-l-o-w-l-y coming together... one of these days... it will be complete and exactly what we both want… I am patiently awaiting that day!  

I removed one towel from the pack and laid it out flat on my workspace.  I folded the towel in half and then decided how I wanted the stencil to be placed on the towel.  Once I had that figured out, I placed a piece of cardboard between the two layers so the paint did not bleed through on the back half of the towel.  

I folded the towel sides around the cardboard to prevent the towel from moving around while I stenciled.  I also taped the stencil down to provide more stability and less moving while I dabbed away.  I purchased a set of stencil daubers and I will never go back to the brushes after using them!  The daubers are so easy to work with and the sponge gave full coverage which I think was easier than the brushes to stencil with.

I started at the top of the stencil and worked my way down.  I am loving the silver metallic paint, it gives it that little bit of sparkle.  

Once the design was complete, I pulled back the stencil and guess what?  

I thought it looked pretty darn good!  

I ran downstairs to the basement and pulled out the iron I think I have used all but two times and ironed out all of the wrinkles... hung it up on our oven drawer pull and said to myself, hmm... I am liking this a lot in our kitchen.  

And as you can see, the iron does not help for very long... if you love perfectly ironed kitchen towels, then these are not for you... but I do love having this pattern, and items around our home I DIY.  And for $1.67 for a custom kitchen towel?  I am all IN!  

Ha!  You can see my legs reflecting back... how lovely... and below you can see peanut's toy reflecting back.  Of course, I sat down on the floor to get a close up of the towel and he laid down right beside me playing with this toy... I love that he follows me everywhere I go with a toy in tow.  

Do you have pups in your home?  Below is a little trick my mom uses in her home when she watches peanut's cousin... she unfolds her towels to cover the front of her stove (she has the exact same one we have)... the reason you ask?  Well, if you have pups then you know sometimes when they get a drink they will flip water everywhere... she unfolds her towels like so (below) to protect her stainless steel... you know by now how perfect she likes things from previous posts... these towels are very large and cover the large oven side of our 40" range.  

Our peanut is too short and he gets his drinks in his crate, but if you like to keep your stainless nice and not have drip marks or puppy marks...  then this trick is for you.  My mom started putting his bowls in his crate at her home and it just stuck with peanut.  I tried to have his bowls in the kitchen and he hated it.  We think it is because he wants to be with us at all times, so his bowls are in his crate.  It also helps in keeping his mess contained since it all stays in his crate.  Water drips?  In there... food spilled... in there... yep, she trained him well, huh?  Unfortunately, his cousin is huge and bowls plus him will not fit in an x-large crate… 

Do you love custom items for your home?  If so, do you enjoy making them yourself or do you like to purchase those items?  I love having these projects to keep me busy and I like to see how creative I can get with my design on a dime skills... I am all about being thrifty!

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