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Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Peanut's corner of the world

In search of laughs, orneriness, and rebellious behavior from one pooch?  Look no further, we have it in spades... 

So we have already established what an ornery kid this one is... I purchased a set of Rae Dunn "Paws Off" bowls for him... (so fitting for him, huh) he hardly drinks out of them... while I am working upstairs, I have a cheap bowl on a boot tray so when he drools water, it catches it all...  do you know he will run to that darn bowl rather than go to his nice ceramic bowl?  

I have to laugh since in the middle of the night, he will sometimes go get a drink then hop back up in bed.  One day last week as I was beginning my work day, I looked down and chuckled when I saw that he had turned over the bowl letting me know he needed more water.  When I looked down, he was standing right beside me and I said oh, you need more water huh?  He took his paw and slapped the bottom of the bowl like hit me Mom!  I need water stat!  I flipped it over and poured water in it... then he walked away like yep, that's right you do what I tell ya...  that just made me laugh even harder.  

Peanut is a licker... he has been licking his paws lately and has moved on to the rug too.  I said oh, he is licking the rug!  He hurries up before hubby can look at him and rolls over to lay on his side like, nope, mom tells fibs!  I am doing no such thing... he is so sneaky!  These are all reasons why I really wonder if he is really a dog!  Have you ever met a pooch who does all of these things?  I have had dogs my ENTIRE life and I have never had a pup like this one... such a stinker with a capital S!  

Peanut woke Mr. Vintage the other night wanting to go outside.  We always flip on the porch light and the light over the garage when he goes out in the middle of the night.  There is a small triangle in the yard where either light does not cover the yard, but the rest is lit up.  Of course in that small triangle, peanut finds a "friend."  He kept sniffing the ground and hubby said he could see something dark on the concrete, but had no idea what it was.  

He bent down and touched it and it moved.  He was curious so he picked it up, it was a toad!  Peanut kept sniffing and sniffing, at least he did not try to eat or harm it in any way, he was just curious... I am thankful for that.  Mr. Vintage took the toad to the back of our yard and let it go. 

Many years ago, I had a black Lab... talk about a handful... she is the reason I will never have another female dog... she was a true hunter in every sense of the word.  During this particular event, I was staying with my mom since I had broken my ankle and was on complete bed rest.  Mom let Brie outside, when she came back in, mom noticed that she snuck past her and went into the house... of course, it was after dark... when she snuck by, she thought her behavior was odd... little did she know we were all in for a real treat that evening...

Brie brought a opossum in the house with her and let it loose...  she chased it around, I'm stuck in bed on my back, my mom is screaming... it was quite a thrill for a Saturday night... Brie traps the opossum in the bathroom, bites down and breaks it's neck and then takes it to my mom... she loved the chase, and was a giver at the same time... she was always dropping things at your feet, birds were her next favorite thing she liked to bring to you.  Let's just say after that ordeal, the lights were always on when she came back into the house after dark, no one wanted a repeat of that incident.  

I am so thankful that peanut is not like that!  I cannot imagine that happening now.  At least then, I could not see anything, I just heard the screams, the chase, more screaming when it was dead...  Are any of your pups this ornery or am I the magnet of mischievous pups? 

Peanut is the master of mischief... Friday evening we went to bed, it was actually kind of late for us.  I am a morning person, not a night owl.  I could feel peanut moving around at the bottom of the bed so I turned on the light to see what he was getting into... believe me when I turned on the light, I am not sure anything would prepare me for the mess I was about to come face to face with!

Have you ever seen what a mess a bean bag chair makes when opened?  Hubby purchased many years ago pillows that had the tiniest Styrofoam balls I have ever seen, and of course I know how tiny they are since they were everywhere in our bed!  He chewed a hole in the pillow... upstairs our home is extremely hot so we sleep with a fan on all spring, summer, and fall long... that darn fan spread the love of styrofoam balls everywhere!

This one was quite proud of himself... he was covered in these tiny balls!  He thought it was just great!  I groaned... we hurried up and turned the fan off to stop these darn balls from flying about the room more than they already were, and of course, you know static... they were sticking to peanut, his entire stomach, legs, and everywhere in between were covered!

I had to hold him on his back which he is not fond of anyway and Mr. Vintage took the sweeper attachment and was running it over his underside.  He was putting up quite a fight and I was hoping I would not get bit in the process... he likes to be in control of everything and the second he feels threatened, he rebels.  I had to take him downstairs to keep him out of the mess... went back upstairs, we had to be careful in removing all of our bedding to keep the balls contained.  

When I went back downstairs to launder the mess, he looked up at me like well, it was fun while it lasted and I am not sorry for the mess because it was the most fun we have had in a while!  When I looked at him, he had them in his eyes!  I had to sit down and help him get those darn things out.  I asked how do you get into so many pickles like this?  Why can't you be a good boy and not destroy things around here?  He just looked at me as if to say, mom, I am a boy and we are curious about things, I wanted to see how small those itty bitty beads were!

Mr. Vintage was upstairs taking the sweeper attachment to the bed, the bed skirt, our comforter, running it under the bed to get all of the microscopic beads cleaned up!  It was a huge ordeal and a big MESS!  We decided to throw the other pillow away since we did not want a repeat of this debacle.  After it was all cleaned up, we let him back in bed with us and he laid down and went sound to sleep like he had a long day or something... at this point, it was after midnight and we both commented, at least he can sleep... I was all wound up and wide awake.  Lovely start to the weekend it was...  I am hoping he calms down this week and we make it to the weekend unscathed.  I do not think I can handle another mess like that for a while... Happy Tuesday to you all!  

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