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Saturday, May 29, 2021

How to style a buffet

Searching for ways to style your buffet in the dining room?  Here we show you how to use unique items around your home.   

How is your holiday weekend getting started? I had to go and renew my license... how lovely, huh?  I arrived promptly at 7:30 this morning and was the fifth person in line!  I thought I would definitely be early and maybe the first person in line, but nope... fifth... 

Do you know how freezing cold it was outside this morning?  It was in the 40's and it is almost June!  What is going on with that?  I am glad I wore two long sleeve shirts, and my clogs with a liner in them... I was somewhat warm, but my fingers?  Like ice cubes!  

As I am standing in line, I receive a text from Mr. Vintage... it reads peanut is searching for his mommy... he did not understand why I was standing outside in the cold, and who all of the people were that were surrounding me... but I guess he kept his cool and no crazy barking thankfully... he can get people pretty excited when he begins his barking fit... not in the good way either... 

The overall experience was not too bad, but guess what I forgot?  My car tags to renew!  Good grief, how ticked was I when I figured this out... did you know in the state of Ohio you can renew your tags online?  Well, I discovered this and did it today!  

No more waiting in line or making sure it gets mailed in on time... kind of convenient for people like me... you know, the ones who always think I will mail it as soon as it comes and then time gets away from me and the next thing you know, time has run out and you need to go to the actual BMV to get your tags.  

Oh and my picture that I have to look at for the next four years?  Horrible!  I am making a weird face... I laughed out loud when I looked at it.  Oh well, it is a license picture, who cares... on to bigger and better things like giving our buffet a new style...  yes, because that is what I love to talk about!

I moved my beloved silver tray over to the buffet and I decided on moving over one of our unique finds to the buffet too.  I still have the ornament in it with green leaves... the vase?  Ohhh... Mr. Vintage and I made it before our wedding... we had planned on making one for each table and having a large bouquet made up for each vase, but for whatever reason, we decided it wasn't what we wanted.  

You know, I am not sure why we decided that because I love this vase!  We started with a thrifted vase, painted it white and then painted Mod Podge over it and sprinkled glitter over the entire thing.  All these years later, the glitter is still there and it sparkles so in the light... it is usually housed in our china cabinet, but this week, I pulled it out.  I love the tulips sprouting out of the mouth of the vase too!  I took one of my Christmas ornaments and placed it on a bed of eucalyptus leaves beside the vase... 

Here is a close up of the ornament and leaves... I love these silver pieces, so versatile for any season and I think they add a touch of elegance to this vignette... I also love the ornaments I added to my milk glass hobnail candlesticks... I get so giddy over the small things in life!  

Do you see how the vase sparkles and shimmers?  I would like to make a set for our mantel for Christmas this year... I always have so many ideas, but not enough space for all of the ideas I have... my brain needs to slow down, but it gets in overdrive mode... and keeps rolling...

Here is a close up of the vintage looking piece which is actually an ashtray... do you know when my mom last visited, she commented she loved the antique... I chuckled, she asked what's so funny?  I said well, it is actually an ashtray and not an antique at all... she said hey, that is a pretty good piece, it fooled me!  

Do you see I still have my winter scene above the buffet?  Sometimes I leave it up all year long, but I actually have a plan for a change up there that I will show you next week.  I was just excited to share the vase today.  Sometimes I forget what I actually do have around here... I know you might find that hard to believe... 😉  decorating for me is like playing dress up when we were kids, I get to try new things, see what works and what doesn't work.  Well, we are off to our other project we have been working on... enjoy your holiday weekend!  

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