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Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Peanut's spoiled ways

Searching for stories about one spoiled pup?  Look no further, he is certainly a spoiled rotten doggie.

German Shepherd Beagle pup playing with ball

This stinker puked in bed in the wee hours of the morning again on Sunday... we have established I do not sleep much, but when he does this and I was actually sleeping pretty decent... and I have to get up and strip the bed, and the mattress cover, and begin laundry all while walking around like a zombie... let's just say, the Sunday does not start out so wonderful... What happens when you strip the bed?  You have to make it all over again... and guess what you are not getting?  SLEEP!  

I had to sit him down and have a little chat with him about eating things he shouldn't again!  I will tell you he chewed up my satin sheets... yep, a big ole' huge chunk of material missing when I went to get into bed last week.  Thankfully, he passed that on Thursday.  I heard his tags wrestling and I went running because it is never good when you hear that tinkling sound of his tags... it means he is getting into trouble, or about to get into HUGE trouble anyway...

Beagle German Shepherd Pup playing with tire

I walk into the bedroom and he is chewing on a different set of sheets, in his defense, his ball was tangled up in the sheets and he was trying to free it, but come on!  Do not chew the sheets to get to the ball... why not cry like you do when we are in bed and want us to get out of bed to get the ball you dropped on the floor?  Yes, this has become an every night occurrence.  I told him he is too spoiled!  He just continues on with his antics of wanting one or both of us to jump at his every whim...

We cleaned out Mr. Vintage's closet and organized it this past weekend... it was a mess... and all good messes start with removing everything and then rebuilding, throwing away, and finding new places for things.... of course, we were searching for something specific... and this peanut was very excited and most interested in what we were doing... he kept taking off with items and running to the dining room... we closed that door so many times!  

pup making a mess tearing up paper

For some reason or other, we would go out to the dining room and the door would not get closed, I think it was mostly me forgetting to shut it... he took full advantage of our lack of attention to this matter.  Before we would know it, he was running away and when he picks up speed down the hallway, you just know he has something.  We finally learned our lesson after about three times of this happening.  I have shared before, once he makes it to the dining room, he is home free!  He does the army crawl shuffle on the floor and we have to pull all of the chairs out from under the table and crawl on the floor ourselves to get whatever he has taken off with... needless to say, he got put in his crate and he watched us sort, throw away, and put away items.  He was not happy to say the least... but we knew he was safe and we did not have to take out more time for hallway jaunts... 

Mr. Vintage and I had to leave the house to work on another project that has had our attention.... he was not able to go with us so we decided to crate him since he has been getting into too much mischief lately.  He barked and whined, and let the entire neighborhood know he was home alone and was extremely disappointed in his parents for abandoning him.  Yes, in his eyes a few hours was abandoning him and when we returned, most dogs are excited to see you.  Him?  He snubbed us... what are you doing home?  What do you want?  Oh yeah, he is spoiled rotten and has quite the attitude.  We are not sure how this happened?  We really do not spoil him... he just naturally thinks he is a prince of this palace...

pup chewing on his leash

Has anyone else watched American Idol this year?  This was not something I watched in the past, but Mr. Vintage likes it so we adopted it into our weekly shows.  We have been pulling for Willie Spence.  If you have been watching, have you heard him sing Glory by John Legend, if not, click the link, he is a powerful singer!  His voice is amazing and apparently peanut agrees!  Peanut here decided to chime in on this performance, he started singing along which he has NEVER done before.  He was so enraptured by his performance... just kept staring at the tv, and then he started making this noise like he was seriously singing along.  I wish I could have gotten it on video to share with you, but I do not always have a camera within reach... he has also learned when I grab it, he stops whatever he is doing, but we were both just in awe of this precious moment.  When the song was over, he went back to chewing on his ball, but for that entire song, he was enthralled with Willie Spence's performance.  I wish I could have shared this with you...  

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