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Friday, June 10, 2022

Salmon on air fryer

Searching for salmon on air fryer?  We have a recipe to share of our salmon on air fryer with you today.  

I have been working on clearing out the freezer here lately.  In my quest to do so, I stumbled upon salmon and decided I would make them on our Ninja Foodie.  We already know if I give Mr. VS a heads up that we are having anything remotely close to fish for dinner he will somehow end up with something else, right?  

Sooo... since he said he was picking something up for himself, I decided salmon would be a nice dinner for me.  I found two pieces and decided I would air fry them both.  If I left the one piece in the freezer, chances are it would become encased in ice.  Not good, waste not, want not I hear my grandmother saying in my mind.  So, guess what, dinner and lunch the next day is what I made.

I love salmon, but was not a fan of it in the past when it still had the skin on the one side.  Unbeknownst to me I picked it up one time and nearly had a cow when I saw that skin.  I am not sure what my aversion is of the skin, but it creeps me out!  I just cannot bring myself to eat salmon with the skin still on it.

Well guess what?  This must have been THAT salmon... when I pulled it out of the freezer, I did not notice the skin on the other side.  I just laid them out to thaw and went about my business.

It was not until I went to put them on the air fryer and opened the package did I see the skin.  I did not let it freak me out this time around, I just said ok, you can do this... you will do this.  I laid the salmon skin side down since I did not want to really look at it and sprinkled paprika, garlic powder, salt, and pepper over it.  I cannot really tell you how much I used, I just went with sight and how I felt about the spices.

I was probably heavy on the garlic since I LOVE it and just sprinkled the paprika over both pieces of salmon.  I went ahead and set the Ninja Foodie at 390 degrees for 7 minutes since both pieces were already thawed out. 

I also found brussels sprouts in the freezer.  Now, I know so many do not like them, but I think I may be able to change your mind.  Maybe.  Well, I hope so.  Okay, here goes nothing... there was a time when I did not like them either, but you know what changed my mind?  Garlic powder of course, and perhaps some bacon too.  I will put garlic on pretty much anything, and the bacon was just an added bonus.

What you will need:

  1. Salmon, thawed
  2. Olive oil (2 sprays over salmon, you can find the sprayer here if you do not know what I am referencing) 
  3. Garlic powder
  4. Paprika
  5. Salt & Pepper
  6. Brussels sprouts
  7. Real bacon bits (optional) 

What you will need to do:

  1. Thaw salmon
  2. Thaw brussels sprouts
  3. Heat skillet to a medium heat on stove, drizzle about 1 T olive oil into pan to prevent sticking
  4. Place brussels sprouts into the pan
  5. Sprinkle about 1 T of garlic powder (I told you I love it) evenly over brussels sprouts
  6. Salt and pepper to taste
  7. You can also choose to add real bacon bits to your brussels sprouts, I did not this time, but it is pretty yummy if you decide to try them.  
  8. Place salmon onto air fryer, sprinkle garlic powder, paprika, salt, & pepper to taste (this is really to your liking and 2 spritzes of olive oil over the salmon)
  9. Set air fryer to 390 degrees, I set mine on 7 minutes since they were thawed
  10. While I was finishing up the brussels sprouts, the air fryer alerted me the salmon was finished, but I let it sit about another minute in the basket while I completed the rest of my dinner.  I think it needed that extra minute too because it was not dry in the slightest and was perfect when I plated it
  11. You can make mashed potatoes if you choose, we had some left over from the evening before and I decided they would round off this dinner nicely
  12. Let us know if you like this recipe

This dinner was so easy and just a matter of setting my items out, letting them thaw, opening a bag, dumping brussels sprouts in a pan, and the same for the salmon.  Could it get any easier?  

I sound like a broken record, but I am all about easy.  Dinner and prep has never been my thing.  Some days I get so caught up in a project than I forget to eat, and you know what?  I do not really care that I miss those meals.  I would rather be making something look pretty than cooking in the kitchen, unless that is, if it is something I really like.  You know, like chocolate.  Ha!  I do have another cookie recipe that will be coming out next week to share with you.  Y-U-M!  

For those folks who are gluten free, I am just happy to help.  I know when I first began my gluten free journey I had no idea where to begin.  It is kind of overwhelming... we are taught the food groups and how to make meals from those ingredients, but no one ever mentions hey, what if you have a food allergy or certain foods do not sit right with you what you can eat instead.  At least that was not a thing when I was growing up... maybe some things have changed?

It is like learning a whole new language and trying to decipher what is important.  I know with gluten free baking, many cookbooks recommend ingredients that are supposed to help, but for me?  If I have never heard of an ingredient, I am not going to use it.   Aside from the frills when decorating, I am just a simple gal, nothing more, nothing less.  I am finding I am becoming more so in life as I get older too.  

I like working with basic ingredients that I already have in my kitchen.  I like fancy pants, just not in the kitchen when making food.  I find I enjoy a meal most when I am working with the most basic of ingredients.  What are your thoughts?  Sometimes just salt & pepper work for me, but then there are those times when you need a little something extra.

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