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Saturday, February 13, 2021

How to create a vignette in your bedroom

Today I am going to share a vintage vibe vignette I created for our bedroom dresser.  I am sentimental and I love holding on to things that make me happy, smile, or something that brings back a memory... I am a sucker for a good story and will listen for hours to others retell stories from their past.  I believe your home should be a reflection of you... who you are, who you were in the past, and where you are heading... I especially love homes where bits of family are swirling around...

The day we got married, Mr. Vintage had two dozen roses waiting for me at the church, a brunch spread out, and a letter waiting for me when I got there.  I adored the fact that he went to all of the trouble to do this for me.  I wasn't hungry, I was nervous and could not eat a thing.  I teared up when I read his letter... I thought it was very sweet and charming that he would take the time to add such a personal touch to our day.

You see, the day started with slick roads... I almost ran off the side of the road when I went to get my hair done.  He went outside to get his surprise set up for me while I was getting made up and found he had a flat tire... he did not have time to change it since he was more worried about getting to the church before me.  He had his cousin pick him up and set up the bridal room for me.... it began to rain after it had snowed the night before... I was worried my hair would be a mess... my sister was sick with some sort of stomach virus and did not tell me because she was my Maid of Honor and was afraid she would ruin our day... but you know after all of these things that kept popping up before our wedding, the day was still beautiful... we still got married, had our reception... and nearly eight years later are still together... 

The point of this story is, I kept the flowers he had waiting for me at the church, I removed all of the stems from the roses and placed them in this covered vase to keep.  They have long since dried out, but they still keep their shape and color, are everlasting like our marriage.

Roses in apothecary jar

They are not the only thing within this vignette that holds memories for me.  

Milk glass bowl

See the photo off to the left?  My mom is the shorty and her sister is standing beside her in front of one of my grandfather's planes.  He has been gone over 20 years, but to this day, I still hold a soft place in my heart for planes... the stories I mentioned earlier?  I especially loved the holidays when we would gather as a family and he would describe in great detail his past and experiences he had lived through.  He served in the Army during WWII.  I would always listen to him with such fascination of the tales he would tell.

Antique wedding photo

I love old flower ads from the past.  This one is from the 1920's... my sister and I went antiquing and I found two prints that day, this being one where it sits on my dresser... we very much enjoyed that day.  

We used to drive around all over and look for new shops to explore on our weekends and vacations.  When I look at this picture, it reminds me of this day.  We spent an entire day from open to close at Heart of Ohio Antique Center located in Springfield, Ohio.  We literally went up and down every aisle and we still never made it all of the way through... "no stone unturned is our motto" but in the end we had to leave since they were closing... maybe we can make it a goal to return when this pandemic has ended...

Antique flower advertisement

Peonies in vase

As you can see, I have my arsenal of sleep products, lotions and sprays to help with falling asleep... 

Silver tray

Fenton milk glass pieces Mr. Vintage and I found one day in Marietta, Ohio while cruising antique and glass shops.

Antiques on dresser

Did you notice I even made changes as I was photographing this vignette?  The pearl piece is actually a Christmas ornament I purchased never intending to put on a tree.  

I use Christmas ornaments and decorations in our home all year long... because they usually have that "fancy pants" flair I so love and after Christmas it makes for affordable "fancy pants" d├ęcor.

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Hope you have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

Vignette in bedroom

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