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Friday, July 30, 2021

Gluten Free Haddock Fish Recipe

Searching for gluten free fried haddock fish recipes?  We are sharing how to make gluten free fried haddock fish this week, and it was so yummy!

Fried haddock with green beans on stoneware plate

Do you ever get a hankerin' for fried fish?  On occasion, I do... I have not been able to have it in years, but I found something I thought I would share with y'all that makes it so I can have it.  Plus, we are sharing our green bean recipe to boot, nothing to it, really.

Kentucky Kernel gluten free flour

So I found Kentucky Kernel gluten free seasoned flour to use on chicken, fish, really just about anything.  It turned out pretty yummy too if I do say so myself!  

Green beans in skillet

Do you love green beans as much as we do?  We prefer fresh, which we had this week.  I forgot to snap a picture of them.  Boo!  We liked them so much, I decided to try it with frozen green beans to see if they would be comparable.

So frozen is better than canned, but nothing compares to fresh green beans, just sayin'...

Mr. Vintage made a request this last grocery order, he wanted real bacon bits for his salads.  I obliged since I am all about him wanting to eat more veggies.  

Me?  I am a HUGE veggie lover!  I use them often to substitute for those things I cannot have and others I shouldn't have.

My mom, sweetheart that she is, shared her fresh green beans with us, and do you know she snapped the ends, and cleaned them too?  I was only too thankful for that, time saver for me!  Dinner around here is typically a rush right after work and who wants to make dinner after you have worked all day anyway?  Yuck, it is why I like quick and easy dinners.  

I threw the green beans into a skillet coated with olive oil.  I then seasoned the green beans with Lawry's seasoning salt and lots of pepper, gotta have that peppa, yum!  I also cut up an onion and threw it in with a sprinkle of bacon bits.  

Green beans in skillet with onion and bacon bits

I covered the skillet with the silicone splatter covers Mr. Vintage got me for Christmas one year, the ones I shared are similar to the ones we have.  They are a life savor, and make cleaning up the glass top simple when the cooking is all said and done.

Boom!  Done, moving on to our main entrĂ©e, the fish!

All natural wild caught haddock

This size bag comes with 3 pieces of haddock in it.  Perfect for us, one piece for me, two for hubby.  Not so nice if you have a family of 4 though.  I chose this name brand since it was all natural, and wild caught.  I have read a lot of literature about fish, I try to purchase wild caught any time it is available.  

Red truck with tree in bed platter

Awww... there is my Christmas in July!  I do love my red truck platters, I use them for all sorts of things.  Who cares it is July, besides, who said they are only for Christmas?  Not I said the fly...

Egg in container with eggs in carton container

With the fish being a little longer than a bowl, I cracked an egg in our lock n lock container then mixed in some almond milk with the egg.  Do you ever get cracked eggs in your fridge.  Oh no, I am the only one who over stuffs the fridge?  Well, these egg cartons keep my eggs from getting cracked and I appreciate that!    

Flour on red truck platter

Sprinkle your flour on the platter.  You can see I had already dipped my fish in the egg mixture and then the flour here before I remembered to take a pic.  You get the idea though... just make sure your piece of fish is completely covered in egg and flour.  

1 piece of haddock in skillet with olive oil

First piece in the skillet... let's see how this turns out. Fingers crossed it is good.  I did not need to salt and pepper the fish since all of the seasoning was in the flour mix I purchased.  

3 pieces of haddock in skillet

There we go... all three pieces in the skillet.  I let them all cook for 4 minutes on one side, then flipped them and cooked for another 4 minutes on the other side.  I removed them from the skillet and plated them.

store flour in lock n lock container

And to keep with my storage ideas this week...  I thought I would throw in a bonus for you on how I store our open flour bags or really any open packaging.   

Do you put yours back in the box and put it in the cupboard?  I used to do this, but then, things do not stay fresh.  The package always opens over time... my mom put me on to these lock n lock storage containers.  I love them!  

They are air tight, you can throw your lunch into your purse and no worries about spills or seepage.  Do you know how many times I have ruined a good purse doing just that?  Not to mention the contents of your purse.    

flour in container

Not sure what you have stored in your containers?  Cut the back of the box off so you have directions and you will also know what is inside of the lock n lock container.  

Food stays fresh and it does help me keep things organized in the fridge too.  They nest inside each other so you do not need to store a million of them singly.  How great is that? 

fried haddock plated with green beans

And there you have dinner.  It was mighty tasty, we will be making more with this flour soon.  The green beans were fabulous too, but the fresh were a tad better than the frozen.  Guess what?  I made so much, lunch tomorrow.  Win, win!   

I have one more thing to share with you.  Did you get into the Scentsy scene?  If so, I have a share for you.  We have several burners around here, but when the light bulbs burned out we did not have a way to have the house smell lovely again with the scented waxes.  

I found replacement bulbs for the large Scentsy burners, and guess what?  They actually work!  I read all of the reviews and made sure I was purchasing ones that would actually melt the wax.  After a week, I can tell you, this find was an excellent one!  Now you can have your Scentsy wax scenting your home again too!  The price is pretty great too!  

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