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Monday, June 6, 2022

German Shepherd Beagle Mix

Searching German Shepherd Beagle Mix?  We have so many stories to share about our German Shepherd Beagle Mix pup.  

German Shepherd Beagle Mix

No need to worry about our kiddo losing his sparkle for orneriness since we have been receiving many questions about him lately.  Truthfully, I really do not think that will ever happen.  Although he has been good for the most part, although he has these streaks of, you know, I am not even sure what to call it.  Playfulness?  Orneriness?  Oh, how about just being himself.

The other day I was searching online for a how to and I kept hearing his tags jingle.  That sound is how I gauge whether I need to get up immediately to investigate.  Repeated jingles warrant a must look now approach.

I turned around as he entered the spare bedroom with a plush toy Mr. VS had purchased for me one year for Valentine's Day.  When I said no, he began marching to the other side of the house, knowing full well I was on his coattails.  He ignored me and picked up the pace a bit so he was jogging over to the other bedroom.

I guess he wanted that furry soft red and white plush dog.  When he knew he would not be able to get under the bed, he stopped and dropped the dog.  I also know not to put my fingers in front of him so I took hold of his collar and then picked up the dog.

As I was turning around to walk away with the dog in tow, he decides it is a good idea to try to take it from me.  I was not having any part of that and put the toy up out of reach.  

He began letting out little woofs... like oh come on mom, I want that toy.  I am pretty sure I saw him first so that means he is mine.  Yeah, along with everything else in this house.  Do you know my husband and I just live here, this is Bentley's house for sure... at least he thinks so.

The new thing of late?

I picked up this toy for him where you put food in the top and as he plays with it, the food will trickle down to the holes at the bottom and release.  

What has he done?  

Well, now he refuses to eat his dog food from a bowl.  Apparently this prince believes all meals must come from this toy, a bowl is beneath him since that is for regular folks.  Princes get to be entertained and eat from a toy.

I guess eating from a bowl is just too ordinary for him.  I always say he keeps things interesting around here.  So when he is hungry, he will retrieve this toy and place it at your feet.  I feel like he is saying okay my servant, you can now feed me, roll out the royal carpet at my feet.

I am not sure where this royal attitude comes from?  We have never treated him any differently than my other pooches, but for some reason, he believes he is prince of this cottage.

Today I took him for a tour of the backyard.  Our neighbor across the alley behind us must have a new dog, and this one here decided to welcome him to the neighborhood.  He begins barking, I so wish I could get a video of him doing this thing he does.  When he barks, he gets his whole body into it and takes his front paws and slides them across the ground and jumps like Tigger.  It is quite comical.

We have said we should have cameras on him 24/7 because of his antics.  

The other day we decided to hide all of his toys to see if he would miss them.  When he walked in and saw none of his things on the floor, his eyes got really big and he began running around sniffing.  I felt bad and gave them all back.

Since this incident, he now hoards all of his toys in the dining room.  His logic?  If the door is shut then they cannot get my toys either, right?  When I go to the dining room to paint, he has like 25 toys all under the dining room table.  We just shake our heads and laugh.  

We just never know what he will come up with next.  This past weekend we were doing a deep clean where we removed the mattresses and box springs from the bed frames and cleaned everything from top to bottom.   

This must have been too much for him since he followed us around from bedroom to bedroom and jumped on the beds when we were trying to put sheets back on.  He refused to move, since you got it,  he thinks the beds are his!  He was so tuckered out on Saturday night he did not move from his spot and there were no extra trips outside in the middle of the night to see what may be lurking in the backyard.  He was tired.

Do you know we had to make him get up on Sunday morning?  He did not want to get out of bed.  No worries we were not able to have children, we have a teenager living right here under roof with us.  He may sleep at the bottom of the bed, but do you know he has his own pillow too?  Oh, and he lays his head on it and sleeps like we do.  

I have shared before, I have had dogs my entire life and I have never met one like him.  He just never stops with the fun and games around here.  

I had kept an empty roll of wrapping paper because I had an idea I wanted to use it for.  I decided this weekend that I am not going to be able to do the idea so I put the roll in a pile to be discarded.  He ran off with it.  At the time I thought oh well, it will keep him entertained while we work.  

When I finally went downstairs, he ran off to the dining room and had shredded it to pieces under our dining room table.  I was not looking for it when we first went downstairs, but I noticed he ran off to the dining room first before any other room.  When he realized we were not chasing him, he followed us.  

That was the tip off to me.  I waited until he was relaxed and walked to the kitchen, then made a sharp left turn into the dining room and closed the door.  Yep, found it!  I had to crawl under the table to pick up all of those tiny pieces.  Fun, fun... one would think I would learn my lesson and put everything on lock down, but sometimes my guard is down when I am working on other projects.

So, as you can see... he is still being ornery and up to no good, just a little more more quiet and not so much in our face.  Mr. VS asked me the other night if I had to do it over again would I still bring him home with us.  I did not even hesitate, I replied absolutely!  Even though I was not ready for his shenanigans, I could not imagine our life the same without him.  

He also opened up our world to another breed.  I have always had Labs in the past and I never thought I would stray, Mr. VS had never had a pup before so this world was a new one for him all together.  This little guy being a German Shepherd Beagle mix has been so much fun.  

His Shepherd comes out when he thinks he needs to protect, and his Beagle is so stubborn and playful.  My mother hit the nail on the head when she said, it is like he has an angel sitting on one shoulder, and a devil on the other.  She made that comment when he was a puppy.  It was like he knew he should not do something, but he would do it anyway.  

You know how most dogs are regretful when they do something bad?  Not this kid, he owned it every time.  Oh well mom, I chewed up your carpet.  Not my problem, you should not have put a runner on the steps.  Oh I nipped you?  You should not have put your fingers out there for me to do it.  Yep, attitude to boot!  You know what?  I would never have him any other way.  He is my little sidekick and is with me every step of the way no matter what life throws our way.

As you can see, house cleaning is not his favorite thing around here... he does what he wants when he wants.  Good thing I am old and let him, LOL. 

Later this week, we will begin sharing our series how you can use items you may already have around your home.  Some of our ideas may be a little different, and others are just reusing what we have in a new light.  I love doing this in our home, and with the costs of well, everything on the rise, we thought this may allow you some different ideas to decorate your home.

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  1. He sounds like quite a character! My girly also likes to sleep with her head on a pillow. How boring would our lives be without them, eh?

    1. Marieza, yes he is! I completely agree with you 100%! Life would be boring without our kiddos!

  2. Oh, goodness. Him and his antics ♥ What an adventure it must be having him. Loved the video and I can tell you, he thought you were joking about changing the sheets. Thanks so much for linking up at #AThemedLinkup 145 for All About Pets. Shared.

    1. He likes to think you are just kidding when he doesn't want to do things... he keep us on our toes that is for sure. We have a LOT of videos of him doing all sorts of things around the house.