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Friday, September 9, 2022

Fab Friday Finds 011

Searching Fab Friday Finds?  We are happy to share our Fab Friday Find internet photos that inspired us this week... thrifty bedroom ideas on a budget! 

Fab Friday's are all about sharing those beautiful photos of homes or design styles that catch our eye during the week while browsing, it's where we stop the scroll.  This week we are bringing thrifty bedroom ideas on a budget.  I am all about unique bedroom ideas that also fit within a budget.  

In my opinion, I think bedrooms are the easiest room in the house to decorate.  It is all about you!  There are so many options these days, and you do not need to spend a lot of money when making over a bedroom either.  

I am working on our spare bedroom as we speak.  I have some furniture pieces I need help in moving, but once they are moved, I will be sharing snippets with you as I complete the room along the way.  So exciting!  

Can I tell you that I have not spent much money at all on this bedroom makeover.  I have reused so many items we had around the house, and many items have come from our basement!  I love those sorts of makeovers!  Finding uses for items that some do not know what to do with is kind of my jam.  You say tomato, I say toMAHto, and off I run making something into another item in our home!

If you took a look at the bedroom above, you will see they used luggage as a nightstand.  I know, I know... the name brand would so not be in our budget, but I could not resist the way this nightstand was styled.  Plus, we are all about dreaming up spaces on our Fab Friday's together, right?

If you need a bit of height using suitcases, you can place them on blocks of wood as they did above.  Those aged looking beams are a delightful to me.  Once upon a time I used suitcases as my end table in my apartment.  I picked up five suitcases for $10.00 at a yard sale and you would have thought I won the lottery!  See how affordable this option can be?  

I even love the fact it looks like they have used something that reminds me of a desk blotter to add a bit of stability to the top of their nightstand.  Hands down, I would love this look in our home... maybe I need to drag out my suitcases again and see what I can come up with?  Decisions, decisions...  

Good Housekeeping 

Create a small area to read or a place for your galfriend to sit when she visits and is helping you get ready for a big evening.  I remember in my younger years when us gals would get ready together and then go out for an evening on the town.  Sitting on on someone else's bed was always strange to me.  Call me an oddball... but it was a peculiar thing to me, sitting on another person's bed.  Let the gals have a seat while they help you get ready with a thrifted chair.

I love the idea of a basket as a side table, doubling as storage too.  I can imagine sitting here every evening before bed while I read my books.  Yep, bookworm that I am.  Do you enjoy reading before bed?  It is probably why I struggle to sleep, I cannot seem to put some of those thrillers down!  


How about a map on the wall of your bedroom?  There is something about a framed map that I love.  I have seen where you can pick up maps at the dollar store.  If you are searching for a vintage map, check out a thrift store, or pick up that dollar store map, and dye it with a bit of tea.  Yes, this works!  

Art does not need to be expensive in order to be beautiful.  You can also DIY your art by picking up a paint by number painting and doing it yourself.  I do this often and let me tell you, just because I cannot paint does not mean I do not love the outcome of my work.  There is a sense of satisfaction once it is completed and looking lovely hanging on the wall.

Why not create a brick wall in your bedroom?  Oh my goodness, there are so many ways to accomplish this look.  You can purchase brick wallpaper, yes, they have it available!  

Or you can take another approach.  You can pick up a sponge at the dollar store, and cut it to size, and paint your bricks right on the wall by applying paint to your sponge, and then pressing it to the wall.  Yes, it will take a while to complete this look, but the outcome is amazing!  Not to mention how easy it would be on your purse strings.  I love a brick wall in any room of the house.  Do you?

Isn't that bedroom dreamy?  I have seen one other way to get brick on your walls where you can pick up the faux brick laminate sheets and attach it to your walls.  Then you can age the bricks by painting a bit of white paint on each brick to give a similar look as above.

So many possibilities when you think about having an accent wall in your bedroom.  Your imagination is the only limit when you delve into the creativity pool to see what you can come up with on a budget.

I can tell you that I find Lauren with Bless'er House to be so inspiring.  I have followed her blog for many years.  Would you believe me if I told you that she accomplished these paneled walls by using a paint marker?  No?  Well, she did!  Check out her blog for the how to, and all of her other wonderful budget friendly projects!

So, there we have bedrooms on a budget for our Fab Friday Day... what do you think?  Think any of these possibilities are in your near future?  I will give a hint of what I am working on... think masculine bedroom.  Okay, that is the only hint I am giving.  We are going from light and airy with the mint green and gray for a baby's room to a more adult, masculine room.  I had to go in a completely different direction for this room since it will never be what we had once hoped it would be.

Well, another wrap for our Fab Friday Finds!  We hope you enjoy your weekend.  It has been a bit cooler, and I have to say, I am not hating it!  Let the fall come, I am ready for it! 

We love this brick wallpaper.  

This bed is similar to our bed, love it. 

I am still working on this paint by numbers.  Love the way it is turning out though! 

These paint markers have come in handy so often here lately.  

I love a classic vintage map like when I was in school.  Oh those school days.

How about a brass desk lamp?  

Crushing on this striped chair.  

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